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54 Suncatcher Ideas Your Children Will Love

Suncatchers are fun.

They flood the room with colorful specks of light when the sun shines, which boosts positive energy and delights your children.

Creating suncatchers with your children is a fun way to spend your afternoon and activate their creative juices. To that end, we’ve rounded up some colorful, easy-to-make suncatchers that will inspire your young artist to start crafting.

Beautiful and Sparkly SunGemmers

Purple Ladybug has amazing SunGemmers craft kits for your youngsters that are safe and mess-free.

sungemmers craft kits are safe and mess-free

The complete craft kit includes: 

  • More than 700 gemstone stickers that your child will love
  • Window and color designs to get your child started
  • Full instructions that will help your child create the printed designs
  • Double-sided mounting tape for hanging up the window art 
Heart & Flower SunGemmers Wolf, Eagle, & Cactus SunGemmers Sun & Rainbow SunGemmers
Mermaid, Dolphin, & Turtle SunGemmers Tree, Flamingo, & Flower SunGemmers Extra Large Rainbow SunGemmers

Creative Animal Suncatchers

If your child loves animals, they’ll love crafting decorative suncatchers inspired by their favorite creatures.

These suncatchers can be made using translucent paper or tissue paper, which will capture the light from the sun and turn it into vibrant colors within your home.

colored paper frog suncatcher glue dots colorful caterpillar suncatcher by Fireflies and Mudpies ransparency film butterfly suncatcher by Kids & Glitter
colored tissue paper jellyfish suncatcher DIY ocean-themed suncatchers made on coffee filter hummingbird suncatcher on contact paper

Holiday-Themed Suncatchers

Let your children create suncatchers inspired by their favorite holidays. Here are some ideas to start with using paper and colored tissues.

valentine-inspired heart suncatcher by Darcy and Brian American flag suncatcher by Mariah Moon Easter egg suncatcher by Amanda

Make these additional suncatchers based on seasons.

transparency film fall leaves suncatchers spring flowers suncatchers rain drops suncatcher made with crayons

Stunning Nature Suncatcher Art

Nature is full of beautiful moments that your child can draw inspiration from to make decorative suncatchers.

Take a look at these flower-inspired suncatchers.

plastic container flower suncatcher gold flower suncatcher purple origami flower

Your little girl will also love these rainbow-inspired suncatchers.

chenille stems and plastic beads rainbow suncatcher butterfly suncatcher crayon colored suncatcher rainbow star suncatcher
window mosaic suncatcher art liquid color paint suncatcher by Mombrite colored crayon rainbow suncatcher on contact paper

These star suncatchers will look amazing on your window.

gold star suncatcher summer window star suncatcher blue and green suncatcher
multicolor star suncatcher blue and navy sun and star suncatcher cardboard flower colored suncatcher

Take a nature walk with your kids and collect dry flowers to make the following suncatchers.

DIY colored flower suncatcher on contact flower DIY fall leaves suncatcher on contact flower fall leaves suncatcher on paper plate frame

Create suncatchers from recycled items, such as bottles, old CDs, and plastic lids.

recycled water bottles suncatchers moon and star suncatchers made from old CDs CD pieces on black craft paper suncatcher
puff paint plastic lid container by Chocolate Muffin Tree plastic bottle wind spinner suncatcher aluminum foil on black chart paper suncatcher

Sparkly Glitter Suncatchers

Girls love glitter, especially when it’s pink. Craft these DIY suncatchers using glitter and glue.

cookie cutter shaped glitter suncatcher pink glitter and gemstones on yogurt lid suncatcher earth day glitter suncatcher on contact paper
glittered fall leaves suncatcher glitter and glue snowflakes suncatchers by Dear Crissy glitter glue spider web by thrifty fun

Colorful Beaded Suncatchers

These DIY suncatchers are easy to make and only require beads and string. Spend time with your children as you help them melt plastic beads required for some of these projects.

melted beads fall-inspired suncatchers plastic beads on wire strings suncatchers melted beads in cake tin suncatchers
crystal beads hung on string suncatchers crystal beads on wire suncatcher crystal circle of love suncatcher

Capture the Rays of Sunshine With SunGemmers From Purple Ladybug

Creating DIY suncatchers is a fun activity for your kids but can be quite a hassle since you’ll need to get different supplies to make crafts. Some projects also involve dangerous activities like melting beads, which will require your supervision to ensure your child’s safety.

Our award-winning SunGemmers are perfect gifts for your child since they’re:

  • Complete kits with all the supplies you need
  • Safe for your child to work on alone
  • Mess-free crafts that encourage creativity

“I love that absolutely everything is included in this package, even the double-sided tape to hang the SunGemmers with!” - Sun & Rainbow SunGemmers Verified Reviewer

Here’s an easy-to-follow guide on how to make SunGemmers.

Follow our Purple Ladybug blog for more buying guides, SunGemmers collections, and craft kits that promote your child’s creativity and imagination.

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