Suncatcher Designs

51 Suncatcher Designs You've Never Seen Before

Kids love suncatchers. They enjoy putting together the bits and pieces and creating colorful window art. Ask any kid and they’ll tell you the highlight is when the sun shines and the suncatchers fill the room with sparkly rainbow speckles....

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feature image 54 suncatcher ideas children will love

54 Suncatcher Ideas Your Children Will Love

Suncatchers are fun. They flood the room with colorful specks of light when the sun shines, which boosts positive energy and delights your children. Creating suncatchers with your children is a fun way to spend your afternoon and activate their...

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feature image suncatcher gemstones

What is a Suncatcher: Gemstones, Love and Patience

You know the rewarding feeling of accomplishment you get once you complete a project? It’s a sense of pride and achievement in having completed the project after devoting your time and energy to it. It’s especially worthwhile when you can...

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Gemstone Suncatcher Craft Kits

6 Gemstone Suncatcher Craft Kits for Little Girls

Your little girl is growing fast.  She’s mastered coloring perfectly within the lines, stacking blocks in minutes, and even gone through all the paper craft ideas you had.  Now she’s bored, and you know it’s only a matter of time...

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