8 Simple and Easy Fourth of July Crafts for Kids [FREE Printables]

8 Simple and Easy Fourth of July Crafts for Kids [FREE Printables]

The Fourth of July is just around the corner, bringing the warmth of summer and the spirit of patriotism. This historic holiday commemorates the signing of the Declaration of Independence on July 4th, 1776, marking the birth of the United States of America. It’s a day to celebrate our freedoms and remember those who fought for them.

But beyond the historical significance, the Fourth of July is also a time for fun! From parades and fireworks to backyard barbecues, there are endless ways to celebrate with family and friends. Keep your kids entertained while you prepare for the festivities, but we’ve got you covered!

Here are some of our favorite 4th of July crafts for kids that will keep them busy and excited about the holiday:

Fireworks Ring Craft

Image from Fantastic Fun and Learning

Keep your kids busy without the mess with this Fireworks Ring Craft from Fantastic Fun and Learning! Your kids can easily bend the tinsel stems to create all sorts of firework designs, allowing them to express their creativity and celebrate the holiday in a fun way.

For a fun alternative, try using Wax Craft Sticks instead of tinsel stems! These colorful sticks offer as much flexibility as tinsel stems but are easier for younger children to manipulate. Since they’re wax-based, they add a unique texture to the craft. And aside from a fireworks ring, your kids can use the Wax Craft Sticks to make 2D or 3D creations of anything they want – a flag, stars, and more!

No matter which material you choose, this Fireworks Ring Craft is going to be a hit with your kids!

Cupcake Liner Centerpieces


Image from Fireflies and Mudpies

These Cupcake Liner Centerpieces from Fireflies and Mudpies make great 4th of July crafts for kids of all ages! Your kids can create adorable and festive decorations using red, blue, and white mini and standard-sized cupcake liners, buttons, paper straws, tape, and glue!

It’s a fun way to keep them occupied, and the finished product makes a delightful centerpiece for your party table or backyard barbecue, giving your kids a sense of pride and accomplishment. There’s no greater reward than seeing their creations take the center stage at the festivities!

Patriotic Popsicle Stick Garland

Image from Project Kid

Using red, white, and blue popsicle sticks and some twine, your kids can create star-shaped garlands to decorate tables, chairs, and more. This craft is simple and fun, so it’s great for preschoolers and older kids to stay involved in the holiday preparations. It’s a fun and affordable activity the whole family can do together! Here’s how:

  1. You’ll need red, white, and blue popsicle sticks, twine, glue, and scissors.
  2. Arrange and glue five popsicle sticks in a star shape. Let them dry.
  3. Once the stars are dry, you can decorate them with additional designs or leave them as is.
  4. Cut a length of twine and glue the stars along the twine, spacing them out evenly.
  5. Once everything is dry, hang your garland on tables, doors, chairs, or anywhere that needs a festive touch!

4th of July Printable Activities

Fourth of July printable activities are a lifesaver for keeping kids entertained during the holiday. They are a classic choice for good reasons: portable, endlessly entertaining, and not to mention – free! Purple Ladybug’s 4th of July printables are perfect to throw in a tote bag and take anywhere your holiday takes you, from picnics in the park to barbecue parties at friends’ houses. They also come in handy for keeping your kids occupied while they wait for the burgers and hotdogs to cook on the grill.

Click to download your FREE 4th of July printables.

Fourth-of-July-Themed Painted Rocks

Image from Green Owl Craft

Fourth-of-July-Themed Painted Rocks Craft lets your kids celebrate Independence Day by painting rocks with patriotic designs. With this fun and simple craft, your kids can show off their creativity and artistic skills. You’ll need red, white, and blue paint, paintbrushes, and smooth, clean rocks.

Once the rocks are painted, you can hide them around the neighborhood or backyard for kids to find. And the kid who finds the most rocks can win a special prize! This activity keeps your kids engaged, encourages outdoor play, and creates a memorable and exciting 4th of July celebration!

DIY Patriotic Necklaces

Image from Buggy and Buddy

Your kiddo’s 4th of July outfit won’t be complete without personalized baubles! This DIY Patriotic Necklace from Buggy and Buddy involves stringing cut-up pieces of patriotic drinking draws onto the thread to make adorable necklaces. All you need are some string or yarn, scissors, beads, tape (or washi tape if you have it!), and patriotic straws from your local craft store.

When your kids make these necklaces, it helps improve their fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination, making it both fun and educational. It’s a win-win: cute accessories and a crafty activity to keep them engaged and excited!

Sparkless Sparklers

Image from Merriment Design

Sparkless Sparklers from Merriment Design offers a safer option with the same kind of fun as traditional sparklers. While some of us might miss the real sparklers, the 21st-century parent in us is glad to have a risk-free alternative.

To make Sparkless Sparklers, you only need chopsticks, ribbon, and party garland to create safe and festive sparklers. Your kids will love making them, and parents can relax knowing there’s no fire involved – everyone will have a great time!

Stars and Stripes Sensory Bin

Image from Paper and Glue

If you’re looking for more 4th of July crafts for toddlers, this Stars and Stripes Sensory Bin from Paper and Glue is a fantastic activity for the youngest partygoers. This easy-to-assemble sensory bin offers hours of fun for little hands!

Fill the bin with red, white, and blue items like rice, pompoms, or pasta. You can also include tongs, scoopers, and chopsticks for added excitement. It’s an engaging way to keep toddlers and preschoolers happily occupied, making sure they have a blast just like the older kids and adults.

With these eight festive crafts, your kids can celebrate Independence Day with creativity and fun. So grab your supplies and get ready for a star-spangled celebration!

Enjoy the festivities and have a wonderful 4th of July with your loved ones!

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