21 Creative Summertime Craft Ideas for Kids – Beat the Boredom with DIY Fun

21 Creative Summertime Craft Ideas for Kids – Beat the Boredom with DIY Fun

Summer is here! The kids are out of school, and the days are long and hot. It’s the perfect time to get creative and have fun with easy DIY crafts!  

There are endless possibilities when it comes to summer craft ideas for kids. You can make anything from simple materials like paper and cardboard or get more elaborate with paints, beads, and glitter.  

No matter your skill level or budget, there’s a craft out there that’s perfect for you and your kids! So, gather your supplies and get ready to have fun! 

The Best Summertime Craft Ideas for Kids 

Here are a few summer craft ideas for kids to help you get started: 

summer activities for kids

Colored Sand Art Bottles

Sand Art Bottles are a fun and creative way to bring the beach indoors. They’re also a great way to use leftover sand from your last trip to the beach!  

Here are some materials you’ll need to make a Sand Art Bottle: sand, food coloring, a container, and a skewer. You can use any type of sand you like, but beach sand is the most traditional.  

Mix food coloring with water in a small bowl to dye the sand. Then, add the sand to the bowl and stir until it’s evenly colored.  

Once your sand is dyed, you can start layering it in the container. Use the skewer to help move the sand around and create designs. After layering the sand, fill the container with water and screw on the lid.  

Here are some tips for making sand art bottles: 

  • Use clear containers so you can see the different layers of sand.  
  • Use different types of sand for different effects.  
  • Add small objects to the bottles, like shells or beads.  
  • Mix the sand with glitter.  

Learn how to make Colored Sand Art Bottles. 

Kid-Friendly Glue Batik 

Glue Batik is a fun and easy way to create beautiful fabric art. It’s an excellent project for kids, and it’s also a lot of fun for adults.  

Making Glue Batik helps your kids develop fine motor skills as they carefully apply glue to create unique patterns on the fabric. They’ll be amazed to see how the glue resists the fabric paint, resulting in vibrant designs with beautiful colors.  

This activity is a great chance for parents and teachers to introduce cultural artistry and discuss the cultural history of the batik technique.  

Learn how to make Glue Batik. 


purple ladybug sungemmers

SunGemmers is a fun and creative activity that helps kids develop fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and problem-solving skills.  

With each kit, they create beautiful suncatcher gem window art, making it easy for them to express their imagination and have fun. Placing the sparkling gems one by one also helps improve their focus and patience.  

When your SunGemmers reflect the sunlight, it creates a pretty sparkle that catches your eye. You and your kids will be amazed by the enchanting light and colors, making SunGemmers a special and fun experience for everyone! 

Get your SunGemmers here.  

Bean Mosaic Art  

Bean Mosaic Art is an educational craft your kids will love. Using different types of beans, they can create colorful mosaics on paper, which helps foster fine motor skills, creativity, and color exploration.  

It’s a fun way for kids to learn about shapes, patterns, and textures while promoting patience and concentration. Arranging the beans also offers a hands-on understanding of visual elements and enhances problem-solving skills.  

Once they finish their mosaics, they can display their colorful masterpieces in your home! 

Learn how to make Bean Mosaic Art. 

Style Your Own Headbands 

flower headbands

Style Your Own Headbands is a unique craft kit that sparks creativity in kids. Your little girls and their friends can decorate six headbands using the beautiful and sparkly charms that come with every pack.  

This fun activity lets them express their unique styles and personalities while improving their hand-eye coordination and social skills. 

It’s perfect for playdates, parties, or quiet afternoons – it’s a delightful way for kids to have fun, bond with friends, and unleash their inner artists! 

Get your Style-Your-Own Headbands here.  

Glitter Bracelets

Purple Ladybug’s Glitter Bracelets are perfect for summer fun! Kids will love expressing their creativity and staying entertained during school vacations.  

They can craft beautiful bracelets indoors or outdoors, making them ideal for playdates or family gatherings. With easy-to-follow instructions and six dazzling bracelet options, it’s great for all skill levels.  

Working with glitter and gemstones adds a sensory thrill and enhances fine motor skills. Best of all, they can proudly wear their unique creations as cute summer accessories or heartfelt gifts for loved ones!  

Get your Glitter Bracelets here. 

Pressed Flower Lanterns

Pressed flower lanterns are an enchanting summer activity your kids will love. It’s all about using the beauty of nature to create stunning lanterns that add a touch of magic to warm summer nights.  

Your kids can explore and collect different flowers, then learn how to press them to preserve their beauty. Arranging the pressed flowers on the lanterns encourages creativity and artistic expression, and they can take their time to create a unique design.  

Learn how to make Pressed Flower Lanterns. 

Scratchy Scratch Notes

scratchy scratch notes 

Scratchy Scratch Notes are super fun for kids to play with this summer!  

Each pack comes with 150 matte black notecards, and when you scratch it with the special pens, a gold, rainbow, rainbow holographic, or silver holographic design shows underneath! 

You or your kids can use them to draw or write messages to your friends and family, jot down to-do lists, or share them with others as thoughtful gifts.  

Get your Scratchy Scratch Notes here.  

Toilet Paper Roll Insects

Who doesn’t love to do fun and easy crafts this summer? For our Toilet Paper Roll Insects, you only need empty toilet paper rolls, paint, and googly eyes to make cute bees and ladybugs! 

These cute little insects can help your kids practice their fine motor skills when they paint and glue. They also learn about recycling and reusing things at home.  

Once they finish making the bees and ladybugs, they can use them for pretend play or decorate their rooms or your garden! 

Learn how to make Toilet Paper Roll Bee and Toilet Paper Roll Ladybug. 

Sidewalk Chalk Pops

Making sidewalk chalk pops for kids is easier than you think! You only need chalk powder, water, sticks, and molds.  

Your kids can mix the ingredients and pour them into the mold. Once the chalk pops are ready, they can use them to draw and play outside.  

It’s a great way to be creative and have fun in the sun! The chalk pops are safe to use, and your kiddos can make beautiful artwork on sidewalks and driveways with them. 

Learn how to make Sidewalk Chalk Pops.  

Color-In Messenger Bag

color-in messenger bag purple ladybug 

Purple Ladybug’s Color-In Messenger Bag lets your kids decorate their very own bag with a fun mermaid design using colorful markers. The bag is sturdy and has an adjustable strap, making it easy for kids to wear their artistic creations proudly.  

After they color their bag, they can use it for school, travel, crafts, or as a day bag. With so many uses, it’s a fun and practical arts and crafts kit for endless summer fun! 

Get your Color-In Messenger Bag here. 

Watermelon Soaps

Doesn’t this DIY Watermelon Soap remind you of pool days and sunny adventures? With this DIY craft idea, your kids can make their own fruity soap bars that look like refreshing watermelons!  

Melt the soap, add colors and watermelon scent, and pour into molds. After it cools, your kids will have cute watermelon-shaped soaps for bath time fun! 

Learn how to make DIY Watermelon Soaps. 

Summer Pencil Holders

These Summer Pencil Holders spark creativity and encourage kids to keep their school supplies organized and tidy.  

Your kids can have fun decorating pencil holders with summer-themed designs like sunshine, fruits, flowers, and beach scenes, bringing sunny vibes to their study area.  

It’s the perfect craft for kids to stay entertained during the summer. They can proudly display their handcrafted pencil holders on their desks or use them as thoughtful gifts for friends and family.  

Learn how to make Summer Pencil Holders. 

Fish in a Bag Slime

Fish in a Bag Slime allows your kids to make their own slime that looks like colorful fish swimming in the bluest waters.  

You’ll need plastic fish (mermaids, sharks, or turtles work, too!), liquid starch, glue, treat bags (preferably clear ones so it looks like a fishbowl!), and twine.  

Once they’re done, they can play with the squishy bag or pretend they have a real fish in a bag, adding a playful touch to the long summer days.  

It’s a fun and creative way for kids to spend their summer exploring and using their imagination! 

Learn how to make Fish in a Bag Slime.  

Wax Craft Sticks

purple ladybug wax craft sticks 

Purple Ladybug’s Wax Craft Sticks is a no-mess craft that allows kids to build 3D or 2D creations using the wax sticks that stick to themselves.  

The colorful wax is made of yarn and wax, offering a sensory and tactile experience, promoting creativity and imagination as kids bring their ideas to life.  

Whether they build colorful sculptures or make beautiful designs, these Wax Craft Sticks give your kids hours of creative fun and artistic joy without any mess. It’s the perfect craft for kids to explore their creativity and keep busy during summer! 

Get your Wax Craft Sticks here. 

Sidewalk Chalk Paint

Sidewalk Chalk Paint is a fun summer activity where kids can turn sidewalks and driveways into colorful masterpieces.  

The paint is super simple to make, and you probably already have these in your pantry! You’ll only need a muffin tin, cornstarch, water, and liquid food coloring.  

Your kiddos can mix their favorite colors and let their creativity run wild as they paint fun designs, patterns, and even games like hopscotch. The best part? It washes away easily with water, so cleanup is a breeze.  

Sidewalk Chalk Paint is a fantastic way for kids to enjoy the outdoors, stay active, and express their imagination all summer long.  

Learn how to make Sidewalk Chalk Paint here. 

Paper Eyeglasses

Your kids can make their own sunglasses using their art materials, cardstock, cellophane, scissors, and glue. They can get creative by designing unique frames and adding fun stickers, glitter, or colors.  

After making the sunglasses, they can wear them while playing outside, going to the beach, or simply enjoying sunny days.  

It’s a great way to have fun and show off their creations all summer! 

Learn how to make Paper Eyeglasses here. 

Watermelon Sugar Lip Scrub

DIY Watermelon Sugar Lip Scrub is a refreshing summer activity for your kiddos!  

Using simple ingredients like coconut oil, sugar, flavoring, and food coloring, your kids can create the perfect scrub with a delicious watermelon scent. This lip scrub keeps their lips soft and smooth during the sunny summer days.  

Kids can enjoy this pampering activity or share it with friends for a fun spa day. It’s an excellent way for your kids to indulge in self-care and have a blast during the summer season!  

Learn how to make Watermelon Sugar Lip Scrub here. 

Ice Cream Cone Craft

Ice Cream Cone Craft is a fun and easy craft that allows kids to express their creativity and design their own ice cream. They can add colorful sprinkles, fake chocolate syrup, and even a cherry on top! 

The Ice Cream Cone Craft brings summer fun indoors, and your kids can proudly display their creations as cute decorations in their rooms or around the house.  

It’s a great way for kids to celebrate the joy of summer and indulge in their love for ice cream without the melting mess! 

Learn how to make Ice Cream Cone Crafts here. 

Stained Glass Bunting

With wax paper, a cheese grater, crayons, and an iron, your kids can create unique buntings that look like stained glass windows.  

The process involves grating crayons onto wax paper and then melting the crayon shavings with an iron to create vibrant and colorful designs. It’s a fun and creative craft that allows kids to explore their imagination and create stunning decorations for their rooms or outdoor spaces.  

Just remember, adult supervision is required when using the iron for safety! 

Learn how to make Stained Glass Bunting here.  

Fruit Fans

Your kids can make fun and functional fans shaped like their favorite fruits using paper, popsicle sticks, glue, and art materials.  

These Fruit Fans are cute and practical for keeping cool during hot summer days. You and your kids can use them while playing outside, at picnics, or at the beach to stay refreshed.  

It’s a wonderful way for kids to get creative and have a handy tool for beating the heat.  

Learn how to make DIY Fruit Fans here.  

Enjoy exploring these easy and exciting craft ideas for kids! If you decide to try any of them, share your creations with us on social media @PLBfun on Facebook and Instagram. We can’t wait to see their amazing creations come to life! 

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