Our Awesome Non-Messy Craft Just Won 2 Awards!

Our Awesome Non-Messy Craft Just Won 2 Awards!

We’re excited to announce Purple Ladybug has won two awards! 

We carefully craft our toys with lots of love, and we’re honored our SunGemmers Suncatcher crafts have received two awards from family-focused companies NAPPA (The National Parenting Product Awards) and The Toy Insider

At Purple Ladybug, we craft our products with families in mind. Our goal is to create toys and crafts your kids will love, but we focus on more than just fun designs. Your child’s safety is our top priority. 

These values are essential for our family, so we know they’re important for yours too. That’s why we’re excited to be awarded for our dedication to creating fun (and safe) crafts to share from our family to yours. 

How Does NAPPA Choose Award-Winning Products?

For over 32 years, NAPPA has been committed to ensuring parents purchase the highest quality products for their families. Products that help families connect through quality fun. NAPPA goes above and beyond to ensure they have a reliable, year-round team to evaluate and test products. 

NAPPA’s team is made up of more than just evaluators — they also have parent and child testers. These teams select products ranging from baby gear to apps, games to toys, and more. They then decide which family must-haves should be awarded. And this year, they chose Sungemmers!

“This is a nice quiet craft that can keep kids busy for long periods of time, depending on your kids’ attention span. It is very good for honing fine motor skills. My kids were very proud of their finished products.” – NAPPA Evaluation Comment

NAPPA is respected by the industry and trusted by thousands of parents. We’re thrilled they chose SunGemmers as a best choice for families. You can read more of their review here.

How Does the Toy Insider Choose Award-Winning Products?

The Toy Insider is all about children’s toys, tech, and entertainment. They work year-round to gather reviews, videos, and product listings to help families get to know a craft or toy better before purchasing. They also curate gift guides to align with the holidays throughout the year! 

The Toy Insider has a team of toy experts with over 100 years of combined experience within the toy industry. It’s no wonder they’re trusted by so many. We’re honored they chose our SunGemmers Suncatcher crafts as an “excellent gift” for kiddos. 

“Purple Ladybug's SunGemmers kits are the perfect summer activity for kids. Kids get to explore their creativity and keep busy with a fun activity while they are making the SunGemmers, and then have something beautiful to display or gift when they're finished! Whether adults are looking for a rainy day activity or a group craft for a birthday party, SunGemmers is a great bet!” – Ali Mierzejewski, editor-in-chief, the Toy Insider

Making sure your child is provided with the best toys and crafts is something Purple Ladybug and The Toy Insider have in common. To read more of their review, click here.

What Makes SunGemmers So Amazing?

SunGemmers are the perfect independent craft for children of all ages. This craft develops and enhances your child’s fine motor skills. And once complete, they beautifully catch the rays of the sun, displaying a rainbow of colors in any room. 

And bonus — SunGemmers are easy to create. This craft is a great way to keep your child busy while creating sparkly window art they’ll be proud to display. 

Each SunGemmers kit includes color guides, colorful gemstones, double-sided mounting tape, and full instructions for your kiddo. SunGemmers are perfect for moments like: 

  • Independent playtime
  • A play date
  • Crafting a gift for a loved one
  • A picnic 
  • Bonding with family 
  • Long car rides
  • Airplane trips 
  • Sleepover crafts 

The options are endless! The best part is that it’s not only fun to make (while helping your child stay focused) but the colors it displays in your home are an awesome (and beautiful) science lesson. 

What Makes Purple Ladybug a Great Choice?

As parents, we often find ourselves running out of hours in the day to complete our long list of things to do. We try our best to look for solutions that’ll keep our children busy, without the parent guilt, so we can at least finish a handful of tasks. Most times, we end up resorting to screen time. Hey, no judgment here — we get it!

That’s why, at Purple Ladybug, we’re committed to helping you (and your children) in the best way we can. As a family-run business, we’re inspired to make things fun and easy for the entire family — without the guilt! 

Purple Ladybug creates toys and crafts that are perfect for independent play. Great for those moments when you just need to get things done! And we also create crafts that are ideal for family bonding time, helping you strengthen your connection with your child. And we never compromise quality and safety. 

Your child loves to create — and we love to keep that creativity and imagination nourished with our fun and unique crafts. 

So, when you need some time to yourself, need to get things done, or want to spend more time with your kiddo, reach for one of our affordable crafts. 

Parenting is the greatest challenge and adventure. And at times, it all can become a bit overwhelming. But it doesn’t have to be that way. We’re here to help you. Because, as we all know, “it takes a village,” right? 😉 

Start Crafting Your SunGemmers Suncatchers Today! 

We have various affordable SunGemmer kits to ensure your child gets a design they love. Our kits include: 

We love creating crafts and toys your family will enjoy. These award-winning, affordable, exciting, and creative crafts are just what your child needs to welcome summer. School’s out, but crafts are always in! 

Ready to give your kiddo their new SunGemmer kit? You can purchase it right here and start crafting in no time (thanks Amazon)! 

And don’t forget to follow us on Instagram or Facebook @plbfun for more innovative ideas!

Happy Crafting! 

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Your SunGemmers are amazing and definitely worth winning both awards because your non -messy craft includes everything you need to make a sun catcher


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