5 Gift Ideas for Little Girls Who Love Glitz and Glamour

5 Gift Ideas for Little Girls Who Love Glitz and Glamour

Your adorable baby has quickly grown into an adventurous six-year-old and her beloved bunny no longer excites her. 

Instead, she’s attracted to all things shiny, loves to play dress-up, and has ruined a couple of your designer makeup kits trying to look like mommy.

It’s time to get her age-appropriate, kid-friendly, glamorous gifts that are not only fun to play with but will also:

  • Stoke her creativity and unleash her imagination
  •  Encourage independence
  •  Foster cognitive and motor skills
  • Help her develop social interaction skills
  • Boost her confidence and sense of accomplishment

We’ve rounded up five thoughtful gifts from Purple Ladybug that will dazzle your little one on her upcoming birthday, Christmas, or any other special occasion you have in mind. 

Table of Contents

Gift 1 - Hair Chalk & Glitter Style Set

Gift 2 - Mermaid Glamour Make Up Kit

Gift 3 - Two Water Bottles (Glitter Gem & Color-In) for Girls

Gift 4 - Color In Messenger Bag For Girls

Gift 5 - Glow in the Dark

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Gift 1 — Hair Chalk & Glitter Style Set

a creative, temporary way to dye your kid’s hair with our hair chalk

It’s summer and your tween daughter is begging for rainbow streaks in her hair. Your answer is an adamant no.

We get it.

You don’t want permanent color change, strong dyes that might irritate her sensitive skin and damage her delicate hair.

That’s why we made our Hair Chalk & Glitter Style Set— a safe, gentle, and hypoallergenic set that gives your little Katy Perry the hair of her dreams.

This glamorous set comes with:

  • 12x colorful chalk pens in hues of blue, green, orange, pink, red, purple, yellow, gold, and white
  • An applicator wand to make application clean and easy
  • A small comb to smoothen hair and remove excess hair chalk
  • 1x sheet of temporary glitter tattoos, a glitter pot, and an applicator brush
  • An extra pot of skin-friendly body glitter

You’ll love that the hair chalk:

  • Works on all hair colors: Pops on lighter colored hair and brightens darker hair
  • Has a smooth consistency that makes it easy to apply and mix colors
  • Doesn’t stain the hair and washes off easily with shampoo and water

Expert Tip: Help your kids apply this hair chalk. Start with a small hidden patch of hair to test for sensitivity. 

Also, wash off the chalk before bed to avoid staining pillows and clothes.

Gift 2 — Mermaid Glamour Make Up Kit

Mermaid Glamour Make-Up kit for girls

Your little one’s birthday is around the corner and you want to throw a memorable party for her. You’re thinking of an under the sea theme on a summer afternoon.

Sounds like a great idea!

Even better, we have the perfect gift to make sure your daughter and her girlfriends are feeling festive for their party.

Our Mermaid Glamour Makeup Kit comes with:

  • 2x lipsticks in pink and red shades
  • 1x shimmery lip gloss
  • 2x blush compacts with 4 shades of blush to give her rosy cheeks
  • 2x nail polishes
  • 1x seashell-shaped eye-shadow (compact with 4 colors and two applicators)
  • 1x large beautiful hair bow
  • 2x mermaid real makeup brushes with durable, sturdy plastic 
  • 1x sparkly wristlet carrying pouch to store all her makeup in

You can let the little ones go all out and explore their imagination as they play dress-up. We’ve made all the products in the kit with kid-friendly, non-toxic ingredients so you don’t have to worry about allergic reactions.

In addition, the makeup colors are soft and subtle and will not look too grown-up for the kids. 

After a long day of fun and candy, you’ll be pleased to find that the makeup easily washes off, leaving no stains or pigments on your daughter’s skin.

Testimonial for Mermaid Glamour Make Up Kit’s safety and value for money

Gift 3 - Two Water Bottles (Glitter Gem & Color-In) for Girls

Two-pack water bottle gift set for girls

Right from when they wake until bedtime, your child probably enjoys many fun-filled activities. It can be easy for them to get dehydrated if they don’t drink water throughout the day.

Now, some kids drink water without a fuss. Others, you have to constantly remind and motivate.

If you’re looking for an easy way to motivate your little one to drink water, our two-pack water bottle kit with eye-catching designs and inviting bling will do the trick.

The kit comes with:

  • A sparkly blank aluminum bottle
  • 5 sheets of glitter gemstone stickers to decorate the bottle with (with enough gems leftover to bedazzle her favorite accessories)
  • A color-in water bottle with cute pre-printed designs, including a mermaid
  • 10 colorful permanent markers to customize the bottle’s color. She can even redecorate the bottle with new designs if the colorings wash off
  • 2 durable carabiner clips that make carrying the water bottles on a backpack easy

You’ll especially love that:

  • The bottles are made with BPA-free aluminum, making them a healthy and eco-friendly option for your kid.
  • The flip-top lid is spill-proof, opens easily, and closes tightly.
  • The wide opening makes drinking a pleasure with no splatter, and also refilling and cleaning easy.

Expert Tip: Hand wash the bottles with soap and water before first use. In addition, don’t put hot liquids inside the bottles. This ensures they last longer and remain safe to use.

See how it’s easy and fun to decorate the water bottles:


Gift 4 - Color In Messenger Bag For Girls

Color-in messenger bag with tens of images for your girl to design

This Color In Messenger Bag is both a charming and super creative accessory to add to your daughter’s glam collection.

The stylish bag with glitter accents comes with:

  • A pre-printed front design with fun pictures, including mermaids and unicorns
  • A set of 10 bright-colored permanent markers to decorate the bag
  • A bonus color-in pencil case to store the markers in

Besides letting your creative kid see enchanting brain-boosting drawings, this messenger bag is quite functional for everyday use.

You’ll love that:

  • It’s the perfect kiddie size. It measures 11x11x3 inches. This is enough to fit common everyday items in (like books, a water bottle, and snacks).
  • It’s sturdy and comfortable with an adjustable shoulder strap to ensure it fits well without hanging on your girl’s small frame.
  • It has a velcro closure that keeps your girl’s possessions intact while making it easy to open and close the bag.

Testimonial for color-in messenger bag as a thoughtful gift to boost creativity

Gift 5 - Glow in the Dark Room Decor

132 pieces of glow in the dark stickers to decorate your girl’s bedroom

If your daughter fears sleeping in the dark and you have to leave the night light on to comfort her, these Glow in The Dark Fairy and Unicorn Room Decor will help her look forward to bedtime.

The gift set comes with an incredible 132 hard wall stickers. They’ll give your child’s bedroom a celestial glow. 

Besides stars, the sticker designs also include unicorns, fairies, clouds, butterflies, hearts, and moons to bring a unique and enchanting twist to the classic starry sky.

The stickers emit a soft, luminous glow that provides a comforting light source without disrupting your kid’s sleep.

You’ll also love that:

  • The decor pieces are easy to install—the package includes adhesive putty that sticks well to flat surfaces such as ceilings and walls.
  • You can easily remove the stickers from the surface and reposition them without peeling off paint.
  • It’s super-fast to recharge them—just keep the lights on for a few minutes or let natural light in during the day.
  • They’re made from durable plastic that’s barely visible during the day and light up the room in the dark.

It’ll be fun to stick the designs on your walls, alongside your little ones, and watch them explore their creativity. 


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You’ll also get:

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