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Perfect Girls Crafts for Imaginative Minds

Is your daughter’s special day approaching? Or are you just looking for a toy to delight her?

In either case, craft gifts are sure to make your girl a happy camper.

It’s best to nourish a creative mind from a young age and crafts are one way of encouraging any girl in your life to exercise her creativity to the uppermost limits.

What’s So Special About Crafts Gifts?

As your child ages, how they choose to devote their time is a vital part of their development.

While immediate stimulation from phones or video game consoles is becoming more popular, forms of entertainment that promote delayed gratification become increasingly obsolete.

This shift away from craft toys can stunt your child’s attention span.

But one way to alleviate this is by imbuing the tasks you give your child with creativity. Fostering fun ways to finish mundane tasks is a proven way to increase your child’s attention span.

So if you want to give your child an avenue for creativity while still carrying over all the fun — stick around! We’ve got some neat craft art ideas that will help you get started.

7 Perfect Girls Crafts for Your Daughter and Her Imaginative Mind

1) 12 Color Hair Chalk for Girls

Purple Ladybug 12 Colors Hair Chalk
Source: Amazon | 12 Colors Hair Chalk

What it includes:

  • 12 Hair Chalk pens that can be used on hair or as face paint
  • 1 Applicator Wand to make Hair Chalk easier to apply
  • 1 Mini Comb to ensure Hair Chalk is evenly applied
  • 1 Sheet of Glitter Tattoo designs
  • 1 pot Glitter to decorate Glitter Tattoos
  • 1 Glitter Applicator Brush for tattoos
  • 1 pot Body Glitter to safely use on skin

Grow your little girl’s self-expression and fine motor skills with this 12-color hair chalk kit!

Recommended for girls ages 8 and up, this hair chalk kit is a dream for kids who possess an artistic flair.

It’s both washable and easy to apply, making all the color combinations on your little girl’s hair shine spectacularly.

Alongside the hairstyling, sheets of temporary skin tattoos are also included to foster your child’s creativity.

There are so many designs packed into this one kit!

This craft also comes with a sturdy, ready-to-pack box — making it perfect for gift-giving during Christmas, Easter, or for her birthday.

No matter your kid’s hair color or style preference, this hair craft kit offers hours of fun for you and your child.

Check out 12 Colors Hair Chalk now!

2) Wax Craft Sticks

Purple Ladybug Wax Craft Sticks
Source: Amazon | Wax Craft Sticks

What it includes:

  • 10x 15 colors of 6" sticks 
  • 10x 15 colors of 12" sticks 

Made out of bright rainbow-colored yarn and wax, these wax crafts for girls are great if you want a mess-free toy while still promoting heaps of creativity.

The crafts kit comes with 15 different colors; 10 of each in the 6" length and another 10 of each in the 12" length — providing excellent variety.

Easy to make and safe for girls ages 4 and up, you can turn these craft sticks into all sorts of things like paper dolls, friendship bracelets, or even wall art. 

These high-quality wax craft sticks also have some sticky properties, they will stick to many smooth, clean surfaces.  

The creative potential is endless. You can sculpt these wax sticks, shape them, stick them, form them, and even cut them. The end product is something truly magical and unique for your girl.

Check out Wax Craft Sticks for Kids right now!

3) Glitter Tattoo Kit With 9 Glitter Colors

Purple Ladybug 175 Glitter Tattoo Kit
Source: Amazon | Glitter Tattoo Kit

What it includes:

  • 175 Designs
  • 9 Bright Colored Glitter
  • 2 Brushes

Looking to rock your daughter’s world with a dizzying array of glitz and glamour?

Purple Ladybug’s Glitter Tattoo craft kit may be just the gift you’re looking for to bring your tween’s imagination to the next level.

This glitter tattoo crafts kit has over 9 sparkly colors! It doesn't need any glue, water, and, best of all, no messy stencils.

Some of the designs include mermaids, unicorns, mandalas, stars, bracelets, armbands, letters, positive sayings, encouragements, and a ladybug!

With such a plethora of tattoo designs, your child won’t be short on self-expression and nurturing creativity.

So if you want crafts for girls ages 8 and up that can be shared on Instagram or make her look like a glitter tattoo-covered CEO — this crafts kit is an amazing find!

Check out 175 Glitter Tattoo Kit with 9 Glitter Colors!

4) Mermaid Makeup Kit

Mermaid Glamour Make Up Kit
Mermaid Glamour Make Up Kit

What it includes:

  • 2 lipsticks
  • 1 lip gloss
  • 1 shell compact with 4 eyeshadow colors and 1 applicator + 1 extra applicator
  • 2 nail polish colors
  • 2 blush compacts with 4 shades of blush
  • 2 mermaid makeup brushes
  • 1 mermaid wristlet carrying pouch
  • 1 large hair bow

If your daughter enjoys playing dress-up and looking like a Disney princess, businesswoman or a fairy, this mermaid makeup crafts kit may just be up her alley.

Jam-packed with makeup in a compact mermaid pouch, your girl will have loads of fun trying out all the different makeup gear available in the crafts kit. Superb to encourage imaginative play.

And don’t fret — this makeup crafts kit is lab-tested and meets safety standards  for kids. It's recommended for kids ages 8 and up.

Your child is also free to experiment with all the different styles and palettes without running the risk of staining shirts. That’s because all the makeup essentials found in the craft kit are washable with soap and water.

If your kid wants to feel like an A-lister celebrity for even just a day, she’ll love this mermaid craft kit.

Check out Purple Ladybug Mermaid Makeup Kit for Little Girls today!

5) Stickers for Kids Mega Value Pack

Purple Ladybug Teacher Stickers For Kids Mega Value Pack
Source: Amazon | Teacher Stickers

What it includes:

  • 18 individually wrapped sticker sleeves
  • 10 sheets full of stickers in each sleeve

This sticker mega pack has an enormous number of stickers in its arsenal — over 4960 individual arts stickers packed into a single brimming megapack.

The stickers can be used just about anywhere — from gamifying tasks to scrapbooking.

For instance, you can award your child with the star-shaped stickers, or simply give her access to freely grab and stick the rainbow stickers to all of her belongings. If she shares some with other kids, even better.

Your kid won’t be short on choice with this sticker megapack. If you're looking for more variety, check out our 3D Puffy stickers. There are thousands of mixed stickers with no repeat sheets in those packs.

Check out Purple Ladybug Teacher Stickers For Kids Mega Value Pack today!

6) Jigsaw Puzzles for Girls Craft Kit

Purple Ladybug Jigsaw Puzzles for Girls
Source: Amazon | Jigsaw Puzzles Craft Kit

What it includes:

  • Two puzzles with cute designs — 1 mermaid scene and 1 unicorn scene 
  • 48-piece puzzles that measures 12" x 8.75"
  • One pencil case, pre-printed with mermaid and unicorn designs and ready to color in
  • Ten vibrant, concentrated coloring markers

Get your daughter’s head churning with ideas when she sees this ages 3+ friendly puzzle crafts kit.

With two different puzzles in one pack, your child can sharpen her problem-solving and logical thinking skills as early as age 3!

This 48-piece puzzle pack consists of a unicorn and mermaid arts set, which is sure to captivate your little one’s attention.

Not only that, but she can also color it in once the puzzle has been put together — then solve it all over again!

And the best part is, once your daughter solves the puzzle without the instructions, her self-confidence will soar along with her puzzling skills.

If you want a high-quality, brain-building craft, this puzzle kit makes a great gift.

Check out Purple Ladybug Jigsaw Puzzles for Girls today! 

7) Create Your Own Personalized Tumbler With Cute Stickers

Create Your Own Personalized Tumbler With Cute Stickers
Source: Amazon | Personalized Tumbler Stickers

What it includes:

  • One 16 ounce tumbler with a locking lid
  • One flexible straw
  • Two swappable liner sheets 
  • Six sheets of fun trendy stickers

If you want a craft kit that can be used outside the crafting table, this personalized tumbler is a great fit.

It not only enriches creativity — but it also doubles as a water container for both boys and girls.

What makes this tumbler so special is that it comes with its very own set of personalizable stickers. Also packed in the kit is a lid and a straw.

Not only that, but there are also swappable plastic liners in case your daughter wants different style options.

Pack this along to your daughter’s friend’s house and you’ve got yourself a party!

Create Your Own Personalized Tumbler today!

Where to Find More Crafts for Girls and Other Craft Ideas

Instead of temporary gifts like bath bombs or pom poms, crafts gifts are lasting ways to foster and stimulate your girl’s developing imagination.

Here at Purple Ladybug, we provide safe, high-quality, and innovative kids’ toys, craft kits, and gift bags to unleash your child’s potential creativity.

Purple Ladybug offers award-winning toys and crafts that tailor to your child’s needs and challenges their creativity in a fun and educational way.

There’s more. We’re also giving away FREE  Printable Activity and Coloring E-Booklets to promote your child’s creativity without spending a single dime (suitable for ages 3 and up).

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