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4 Last Minute Christmas Gifts That Spread the Holiday Cheer

Are you someone who gets caught up with hosting dinners, attending parties, and planning vacations during the holiday season? If so, we understand how easy it can be to put off the responsibility of being the family’s Santa until the last minute!

The clock is ticking and you've yet to check off the most significant Christmas tradition off of your list. Breathe! We know just how to make your child’s face light up with joy, surprise, and delight as they unwrap the gifts they've waited for all year long.

We've compiled a list of amazing last-minute gifts that are thoughtful, meaningful, and will arrive in time to spread Christmas cheer.

The Christmas gift ideas we’ll share with you include:

  • Gifts that keep giving
  • Craft kits that’ll keep your child busy
  • Books that your kids will enjoy reading and others that include fun activities
  • Tech gadgets that’ll make you the coolest gifter

1 - The Advent Calendar: The Gift That Keeps On Giving


An Advent calendar is the perfect gift for building excitement and anticipation during the month of December. For the 24 days leading up to Christmas, your kids will receive a new gift each and every day.

Given enough time, it is possible to DIY an Advent calendar and curate all the goodies. However, it'll take you some time to make the calendar and a few more to pick out the perfect gift for each little box.

And since time always seems to be tight, Purple Ladybug has you covered.

We have a big and impressive ready-to-wrap 2022 Advent calendar for little girls aged 6 and over with 24 incredible surprises inside, ranging from toys and accessories to creative crafts.

Our 2022 Advent calendar is a trendy one, designed to encourage creativity and guided or independent play. The calendar comes with:

  • Two sets of instructions—one for kids (behind the doors) and another for parents
  • Parents-only instructions that include details of the gifts as well as tips for use
  • Daily holiday trivia inside every door with answers so kids can share the excitement by quizzing their friends!
  • Daily holiday riddles
  • Toys that are collectively worth over $80

As a last minute gift, we make sure everything arrives in perfect condition.

We shrink wrap our calendars to prevent the toys inside from moving around while in transit and also add a protective flap that keeps all the doors closed during shipping.

"I got this for my daughter to avoid the chocolate Advent calendar and it is SO much fun!! Every day has been a cool, new exciting item from crafts to hair accessories to stickers and glitter." - Symphony

You can opt for either our standard shipping option, or priority shipping, depending on how much time you have!

2 - SunGemmers Craft Kits: A Brilliant Craft They Didn’t Know They’d Love!

Suncatchers make an incredible present, no matter the season, because they spread light and joy.

Purple Ladybug's SunGemmers are an incredible suncatcher craft kit that allows little kids and tweens to create sparkly window art in a few easy steps.

It's a craft that’ll help develop your child's motor skills by giving them the opportunity to practice using the small muscles in their hands and fingers.

Our various SunGemmers designs appeal to many interests, so they’re sure to be a hit since you can choose one that aligns with your child’s preferences.

The table below highlights four SunGemmers designs that will make your favorite little one feel loved and treasured.  

SunGemmers Kit What's In The Box

Flower Garden

SunGemmers Flower Garden

  • Over 700 SunGemmers sun catching stickers
  • 5 pre-printed window designs
  • 5 color guides
  • Double-sided mounting tape
  • Full instructions

Mermaid, Dolphin, & Turtle

SunGemmers Mermaid, Dolphin, & Turtle

  • Over 700 SunGemmers sun catching stickers
  • 3 pre-printed window designs, each measuring 6 × 6 inches
  • 3 color guides
  • Double-sided mounting tape
  • Full instructions

Heart & Flower

SunGemmers Heart & Flower

  • Over 700 SunGemmers sun catching stickers
  • 2 pre-printed window designs, each measuring 8 × 8 inches
  • 2 color guides
  • Double-sided mounting tape
  • Full instructions

Extra Large Rainbow

SunGemmers Extra Large Rainbow

  • Over 700 SunGemmers sun catching stickers
  • An extra large rainbow-shaped design measuring 12 × 10 inches
  • Color guides
  • Double-sided mounting tape
  • Full instructions

Your package will arrive in an attractive ready-to-wrap box.

Order it together with our Kraft Paper Gift Bags to save on wrapping time—simply place the gift in the bag and sign it with a cute personalized message.

Here’s a brief overview of the Purple Ladybug SunGemmers craft kits.

3 - Novels and Activity Books: Thoughtful and Thought-Provoking Gifts

smiling little girl holding a book

Books make great presents for children of all ages.

Books are great last-minute Christmas gifts because they convey your thoughtfulness and are thought-provoking.

A book can convey your emotions and sentiments in the same way a card would, saying what you may find hard to put in words yourself.

You can also use books to help teach your kids valuable lessons about people, places, their environment, and events. For instance, a book on kindness will teach them about sharing. A book on the history of Christmas will teach them about the significance of the season.

You’ll never run out of options when it comes to books, and there’s something for every age group. For instance, picture books are perfect for toddlers and young kids under six, whereas complex novels and comic books are ideal for tweens.

Activity books are great for kids of all ages as they’re diverse and include all manner of activities, including puzzles, drawings, coloring, and handwriting.

Books are also available everywhere—you’ll find them in bookstores, convenience stores, toy stores, and online. Of course, you’re helping your child with the incredibly important skill of literacy and contributing to a love of reading and storytelling.

At Purple Ladybug, we want to ensure you get the perfect gift even if you're pressed for time. You’ll love our free printables and activity e-booklets, which are just a few clicks away - access them on the menu bar at the top of this site!

Choose to download the entire multi-page booklet or select the pages you like best. Here are a few titles your little one will enjoy during this holiday season:

photo snippet last minute Christmas gifts

4 - Tech Toys and Gadgets: Cool, Fun and Educational Gifts

In this day and age, you can’t go wrong with a tech gift—they’re fun, cool, and educational. Tech gadgets help to stimulate children creatively and are available for kids of all ages.

They’re a great last-minute gift idea; walk into any store and pick out something you know your little techie will love. The difficult part might actually be deciding which book to pick! Here are a few ideas:

  • Home-based learning gadgets, such as drawing pads and tablets
  • A smart speaker with parental controls that gives kid-friendly responses, filters explicit songs, and blocks shopping
  • A smartwatch to enable safety tracking and provide them with a way to keep in touch, especially for kids who are too young to own smartphones
  • An e-book reader that allows kids to carry and read unlimited books without the distraction of apps, games, or videos
  • A mini-camera so they can make memories of their latest adventures

Any of these gifts will ensure your mask stays on and nobody finds out you’ve left your Christmas shopping to the eleventh hour.

Expert Tip: There’s a benefit to achieving a healthy balance between screen-free creative time and judicious access to technology, preferably tech with educational or other learning benefits.

Purple Ladybug Has You Covered At the Last Minute

Purple Ladybug is a family-owned and run business inspired by our kids. We’re committed to creating products that will make your family happy. Everything we produce is high quality, safe, and simple to use.

We understand the pressure that comes with finding last-minute Christmas gifts. That's why we have an easy-to-navigate website where you can find all you need in just a few clicks.

Our craft kits and Advent calendar are tested for safety and will keep them busy, spreading holiday cheer while ensuring their safety at all times.

Our team is dedicated to making our customers happy! We offer free standard shipping for all USA orders over $30.

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