Advent Calendar 2022 Kids: A Gift Guide for Cool Grandmas

Advent Calendar 2022 Kids: A Gift Guide for Cool Grandmas

Christmas is the most exciting and memorable holiday for kids.

Maybe it’s because it comes with gifts and traditions such as meeting Santa, or perhaps it’s just the magic of family celebrating together. Whatever it is, it sure does arouse joy and cheerful spirits.

As a grandma, creating meaningful family traditions can make this season even more exciting since traditions:

  • Help create lasting memories for children
  • Can help nurture your relationship with your grandkids
  • Gives kids a sense of identity and belonging in the family

One family tradition your grandkids will love is an amazing Advent Calendar.

Today, we’ll guide you through how to pick an Advent calendar and discuss how your granddaughter will benefit from having one this holiday.

What’s an Advent Calendar?

24-day Advent calendar

An Advent calendar is a chart used to count down the number of days left until Christmas.

Its origins can be traced back to German protestants who used to mark off the four weeks before Christmas (known as Advent) by drawing a chalk line on the calendar.

During the Advent period, Christian converts would prepare for baptism, to be performed on Christmas day. Christians now view it as the time to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ and anticipate his second coming.

The first Advent calendar was introduced by Gerhard Lang in the 1920s, as a rectangular sheet of cardboard that had small “doors.” Behind each small door was a Bible verse or image that told part of the story of the birth of Jesus.

Gerhard’s business was unfortunately shut down during World War II, but the production of Advent calendars (based on his idea) picked up commercially after the war.

Today, Advent calendars are an enjoyable tradition during the Christmas holiday and help mark the 24 days in December leading up to Christmas day.

The gifts contained in Advent calendars have changed from Bible verses and images to items such as:

  • Chocolate
  • Toys
  • Jewelry
  • Socks
  • Beauty supplies
  • And many more!

Factors to Consider When Buying a 2022 Advent Calendar

When it comes to picking an Advent calendar for your granddaughter, don’t just pick the first one that comes into your line of vision. Make sure it contains gifts that’ll excite her and get her doing fun activities. Many girls love beauty-themed and colorful gifts, like suncatchers, hair bows, and bracelets.

Here are four factors to consider:


The age of your granddaughter will determine the kind of gifts that will excite her.

For instance, six-year-olds are more imaginative and creative than children under this age. They require gifts that will engage their imaginative minds and grab their attention for more than a few seconds.

Pick an Advent calendar that’ll spark curiosity, wonder, and excitement in your granddaughter if she’s between the ages of six and 12 years old. An Advent calendar of this sort must include meaningful and thoughtful gifts, such as crafts or accessories, that will engage kids in fun and imaginative play.

The Number of Gifts and Days

Traditional Advent calendars have 24 days, beginning on the first day of December and ending on Christmas Eve.

Some Advent calendars have 10 or 12 days, which doesn’t build up enthusiasm for Christmas as much as a 24-day calendar does. The more “tease” gifts your granddaughter opens, the more excited she’ll be about the big reveal of gifts on Christmas.

Besides, Christmas only comes once a year, so why not build anticipation and excitement with a full 24-day calendar?

Ensure that every day on the calendar has a little surprise for your grandchild to reveal. The surprise gift can be a decorative accessory or a fun craft your little one can take part in.


Advent calendars are available as cards and gift boxes. Card calendars feature windows that reveal images or memories when opened, while boxed designs contain tiny gifts hidden behind the calendar doors.

Kids are thrilled with boxed versions since they’re big and impressive, and they hold the promise of many gifts during the Advent season.


Pick an Advent calendar that appeals to the interests of your granddaughter, since it’ll make her feel loved and cared for. Selecting a gift that suits the recipient's interests proves that you are familiar with their individual style, preferences, and desires. Plus, it shows you care!

For example, if your granddaughter loves glitter, choose an Advent calendar that contains glitter gifts and bright, appealing colors.

Why You Should Buy a Purple Ladybug Advent Calendar for Your Granddaughter


Purple Ladybug is an award-winning craft and toy brand that specializes in selling unique and creative crafts for children.

Our unique Advent Calendar 2022 Kids features a box design containing 24 beauty-centered and fun gifts for girls for each Advent day.

Important Features of the Advent Calendar 2022 Kids

  • Big boxed design: The large, high-quality, purple and pink box will impress both you and your granddaughter! It’s sealed with a protective flap to ensure gifts don’t fall out or get inadvertently opened during shipping.
  • Recommended for kids over age 6: Contains crafts and toys that have all been tested for toy safety, all suitable for kids over six years.
  • 24 fun accessories and crafts: Contains 24 colorful gifts, including a suncatcher craft kit, shrink crafts, hair clips, other hair accessories, jewelry and makeup, that will delight and engage your little girl in fun, imaginative, and mess-free play.
  • High-quality products: Contains over $80 worth of meaningful gifts that will outlast the month of December unlike chocolate and some other advent calendars!
  • Full instructions included: Comes with a full set of instructions for parents (includes gift details and how-to instructions for craft activities).

photo snippet Advent Calendar 2022 Kids

How Purple Ladybug’s Advent Calendar 2022 Kids Compares With Others

The table below compares the Advent Calendar 2022 Kids with chocolate-themed options. 

Purple Ladybug Advent Calendar 2022 Kids Chocolate-Themed Advent Calendars
New gift every day - no repeats! No novelty - repeated gifts of either chocolate or candy
Gifts last longer than the Advent period Chocolate gifts are consumed and finished during the Advent period
Crafts that will enrich their imagination and stimulate creativity No value is added to playtime activities

With the Purple Ladybug Advent calendar, you won’t just get 24 unique gifts for your granddaughter either; you'll also keep her busy during the Advent season with many hours of fun.


Advantages of the Advent Calendar 2022 Kids

the 24 gifts in the Advent Calendar 2022 Kids

The Advent Calendar 2022 Kids will contribute to your granddaughter's creativity. There are other advantages as well!

Strengthening the Bond With Your Granddaughter

This calendar contains thoughtful gifts, such as lip balms, bracelets, and mood rings, that'll remind your granddaughter of her grandma every time she sees them. Little girls love using these stylish and trendy products to express themselves and express their individuality.

The constant reminder of grandma that arises every time she uses these gifts will help her build an emotional connection with you.

Encouraging Creativity

Gifts such as shrink crafts and SunGemmer stickers will promote your granddaughter’s creativity and encourage self-expression.

Making the crafts from scratch with an end vision in mind will require your granddaughter to use her fine motor skills. Plus, she’ll figure out which colors work best together and will practice her pincer grip while placing gemstones on sticker sheets to create a certain shape or design.

Your granddaughter will be drawn to these crafts because of the vibrant colors, styles and instructions that break down the process into manageable steps.

Building Fine Motor Skills

Craft activities, like coloring and sticker foil transfers, require concentration and fine motor skills. These are the skills that require coordination of small muscles in the fingers, wrists, and hands.

Such skills will help in your granddaughter’s development since they contribute to efficiency in everyday activities such as writing, shirt buttoning, and tying shoelaces.

Some gifts in the Purple Ladybug Advent Calendar 2022 Kids that’ll build fine motor skills include:

  • Shrink crafts
  • SunGemmers mini-crafts
  • Sticker foil transfers
  • Ornamental clay

Promoting Critical Thinking

A great way to encourage problem-solving skills is by getting kids involved in fun craft activities.

Craft activities encourage children to use available materials and push them to not only envision designs, but also bring them to life.

The following gifts in our Advent Calendar 2022 Kids will encourage them to participate in such craft activities:

  • Scented markers
  • Shrink crafts
  • Clay ornament crafts

In addition, behind each door, there is a riddle or trivia which she’ll look forward to sharing!

What Customers Love About Purple Ladybug Advent Calendars

Every year, Purple Ladybug introduces a brand-new and exciting Advent calendar packed with goodies. We scour the marketplace for high-quality products that’ll excite your little princess and put together a collection of the most unique and entertaining toys.

Here’s what our customers have loved about our previous calendars:

  • High-quality and impressive gifts
  • Fast delivery
  • Large and beautiful box design
  • Fun and exciting gifts and crafts

Customers who enjoyed the 2021 Advent Calendar shared these thoughts:

“I can’t praise this item enough. It’s absolutely fantastic. Super value for money and the items on each Advent day are very high quality and really good! I would highly recommend this.” - Donna Morrison
“I bought the Ladybug Advent Calendar for my 8-year-old granddaughter. It arrived on time, well packed, and the outside looks lovely—it's quite big too, so I’m sure my granddaughter will be thrilled.” - Verified Customer on Amazon
“I got this for my daughter … and it is SO much fun! Every day has been a cool new exciting item, from crafts to hair accessories to stickers and glitter. I look forward to the next Advent season and getting the 2022 version.” - Symphony

Get the Best 2022 Advent Calendar for Your Granddaughter From Purple Ladybug

The Purple Ladybug Advent Calendar 2022 Kids is more than just a collection of items. It’s a valuable gift that encourages creativity, builds cognitive skills, and promotes critical thinking.

What’s more, all 24 gifts are fun, trendy and include items such as craft supplies and beauty products and accessories.

Buy the Advent Calendar 2022 Kids and reward your granddaughter with a gift that keeps on giving.



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