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What is a Suncatcher: Gemstones, Love and Patience

You know the rewarding feeling of accomplishment you get once you complete a project?

It’s a sense of pride and achievement in having completed the project after devoting your time and energy to it. It’s especially worthwhile when you can show off your project to others.

You can cultivate these feelings of accomplishment in your grandkids by encouraging them to take part in creative art projects.

Crafting creative projects builds a sense of achievement in children by:

  • Giving them an achievable goal to work towards i.e. creating the art
  • Developing their self-worth by allowing them to work on their own
  • Rewarding their hard work when you allow them to display the art they’ve made

Let’s explore one of the best creative art projects your grandchild can take part in.

Suncatchers: Fun, Easy, and Colorful

rainbow SunGemmers displayed on a window

Suncatchers are decorative pieces of artwork made of a reflective material that is hung up near light sources like windows. Once light shines through the window, the art pieces capture and disperse it into a room creating beautiful bursts of color.

Originally believed to have been invented by Southwest American Indigenous people, suncatchers were traditionally made of reflective glass and used as dream catchers.

The Native Americans believed that as soon as morning light hit them, they would capture all kinds of dreams. The bad dreams would be destroyed, and the good ones would descend and soothe the sleeper. Thus, they hung them above beds to protect children from unpleasant dreams.

Today, suncatchers are mostly used as decorative items that energize an area with flecks of light.

You’ve most probably seen stained-glass patterns in religious places of worship but suncatchers can also be made using readily available supplies. Some materials that can be used to make DIY suncatchers are:

  • Plastic bottles and lids
  • Faux colored glass
  • Paper and tissues
  • Transparent film paper

However, for a child to make a DIY suncatcher from scratch, they'll need quite a number of supplies like paint, scissors, and mounting tape or string to hang up the suncatchers.

Purple Ladybug offers a complete craft kit to make suncatchers from scratch called SunGemmers.

The craft kit includes:

  • Over 700 gemstones stickers
  • Pre-printed window design(s)
  • Color guides for each design
  • Double-sided mounting tape
  • A guide on how to make the SunGemmers

SunGemmers can keep your grandchildren busy for quite a while crafting beautiful and decorative artwork. Better yet, hanging up the sparkly suncatchers will certainly fill them with a sense of achievement and pride once they’ve completed the craftwork.

Your grandchild will especially be delighted when the sun shines through the SunGemmers and fills their whole room with the reflective colors of the gemstones.

Teach Your Children New Skills With Suncatchers

SunGemmers are not only entertaining and easy to make, but they can also teach and sharpen life skills in your grandkids.

Let’s look at some life skills your grandchildren will learn.

1 - Suncatchers Improve Art Skills

girl making a heart suncatcher

The art of bringing a suncatcher to life will help your child realize beautiful things can be made from everyday mundane things.

Supplies such as gemstones and plastic sheets will inspire your grandchild to be innovative and create suncatchers using similar materials.

The design provided by the color guide makes it easier for your child to envision the finished product. It'll motivate them to keep working on crafts by allowing them to see how the little steps they're making contribute to creating the beautiful finished design.

With differently colored gemstones, your child will learn how different colors combined influence the design produced.

2 - Suncatchers Enhance Creativity

Craft kits encourage creativity in your grandchild by allowing them to experiment with different designs.

craft kits creativity in your grandchild

SunGemmers have 1, 2, or 3 designs, depending on the kit, which can help your child make unique designs using the same supplies. Though the kits come with color guides, your grandchild doesn’t have to follow the guides exactly.

They can make their own creation other than what the color guide shows, which fosters their creativity.

Encouraging creativity in children will:

  • Allow them to express themselves better
  • Prepare them to be good problem solvers
  • Enable them to be more open-minded to change

Creativity while crafting suncatchers will also improve your grandchild's mood and encourage them to work on other suncatcher designs, resulting in a happy and fulfilling playtime.

3 - Suncatchers Improve Fine Motor Skills

Fine motor skills are the ability to coordinate small muscles in the hands and fingers to grip items and make precise movements. Such skills are required in everyday activities like writing, painting, tying shoelaces, and using cutlery while eating.

While making the SunGemmers, your child will peel off gemstone stickers and stick them on the window design improving their fine motor skills.

Picking the gemstones will require concentration and coordination as the child places the gemstones in the required design. Repeatedly making these movements will:

  • Enhance their patience and persistence
  • Improve their hand-eye coordination 
  • Increase their efficiency in everyday activities

Better fine motor skills will in turn improve your grandchild’s self-esteem and build their confidence to work alone.

4 - Suncatchers Inspire Love of Light and Color

suncatchers displayed on window

Once a suncatcher ‘catches light’, it disperses it leaving an array of colors in the room. The color of the light dispersed depends on the color of the material that makes the suncatcher.

SunGemmers refract light through the colored gemstones. This means that the light that passes through tiny gemstone stickers is spread in the room.

The gemstones are colored from the rainbow palette, leaving a rainbow spectrum in the room that gives a sense of warmth and positivity.

Colored light has been found to:

The suncatchers will not only decorate the house but also uplift the spirit of your grandkids while they're in the room.

Do Suncatchers Make Good Gifts?

Suncatchers are a wonderful gift for your granddaughter who loves crafts, creativity, glitz and glamor. They'll serve as a constant reminder of your love all year round and also brighten up their lives with the beautiful flecks of light.

Crafting SunGemmers is also a safe and mess-free play activity your granddaughter will enjoy and learn new skills from.

In the following table are some ideas for SunGemmers to gift your granddaughter.

Craft Kit Name Size Of SunGemmers Ideal Option For
Sun and Rainbow 8 x 8 inches Kids who are learning rainbow colors
Wolf, Eagle, and Cactus 6 x 6 inches Introducing kids to wilderness features
Heart and Flower 8 x 8 inches Kids who love to express their emotions
Mermaid, Dolphin, and Turtle 6 x 6 inches Kids who love ocean creatures
Tree, Flower, and Flamingo 6 x 6 inches Kids that are inspired by nature
Extra Large Rainbow 12 x 10 inches Kids who are fascinated by rainbows

“My granddaughter loved this. She was able to make her suncatcher with very little assistance, and she enjoyed doing so.” - SunGemmers Verified Purchaser

Gift Your Granddaughter With Sparkles From Purple Ladybug

Are you looking for a fun and creative art project that your granddaughter will love? Purple Ladybug offers just that in our SunGemmers kits. Our award-winning SunGemmers are beautiful and sparkly, making them perfect for girls.

Best of all, they're safe and easy to make using the full instructions included in the craft kits.

If you’re looking for a fun gift that'll entertain your grandkids while keeping them away from screens, look no more. Our SunGemmers craft kits will hone their creativity skills and provide a lovely art they can be proud to display.

Follow our Purple Ladybug blog for more creative craft ideas to engage your children in.

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