Genius Craft Advent Calendar Ideas

4 Genius Craft Advent Calendar Ideas to Boost Your Child’s Creativity

Did you know that gifting experiences (as opposed to pricey gifts) create lasting memories for recipients?

The experiences are often more thoughtful and prove you considered the recipients’ personality and interests.

This applies when giving gifts to adults, and to young ones too! The gifting experiences are especially important for the young ones since they’ll most likely forget about the gifts they received in their childhood but not how they felt in those particular moments.

A great way to create lasting holiday memories with your children is by gifting them craft Advent calendars to countdown to Christmas.

The countdown will create memorable experiences and boost their imagination and creativity.

If you want to assemble your own craft Advent calendar, we’ve got some ideas to share. We’ll also talk about how they can boost your child's:

  • Creativity
  • Self-expression
  • Organizational skills
  • Confidence and self-esteem

1 - Have Sparkly Fun With Suncatchers

rainbow SunGemmers hung up on a window

Suncatchers are fun decorative pieces of art that capture the sun’s rays and reflect them as colorful patterns on surfaces.

These brilliant crafts encourage independent play, creativity, and imagination while keeping your kids entertained for hours.

There are different DIY suncatcher designs you can use to complete a 24-day craft Advent calendar with different shapes and inspiration. For instance, your kids can craft holiday-themed suncatchers like Christmas trees, Santa Claus, or a Christmas wreath.

The following table lists four homemade suncatcher designs to include in your kids’ craft Advent calendar and the supplies required.

Suncatcher Design Craft Supplies
Colored tissue suncatchers
  • Colored tissues
  • Scissors
  • Double-sided tape
Colored wax paper suncatchers
  • Clear wax paper
  • Colored wax paper
  • Scissors
  • Double-sided tape
Upcycled suncatchers
  • Bottles or paper plates
  • Paint
  • String
Faux glass suncatchers
  • Old CDs
  • Duct tape
  • Permanent markers
  • Scissors
  • String

As shown in the above table, most of these DIY crafts will require the use of scissors, which teaches coordination skills and concentration.

To boost your child’s creativity, add a picture of the suncatcher design your child should create using the craft supplies to each Advent day. This will motivate your child to think outside the box in order to achieve the provided suncatcher design.

If you'd prefer a mess-free activity for them, with all components included, consider buying the SunGemmers kits from Purple Ladybug.

They’re award-winning, complete suncatcher craft kits that are safe and suitable for kids (recommended for ages 6+). Though they come with full instructions on how to make the SunGemmers, your little artist can get their creative juices flowing by making their own unique design.

Each SunGemmers set contains 2–3 window designs that, when placed separately, can create up to 13 different suncatcher crafts. The table below lists some of the many SunGemmers crafts available on the Purple Ladybug online store.

SunGemmers Number Of WIndow Designs
Wolf, Eagle, and Cactus SunGemmers 3
Mermaid, Dolphin, & Turtle SunGemmers 3
Tree, Flower, and Flamingo SunGemmers 3
Heart and Flower SunGemmers 2
Sun and Rainbow SunGemmers 2

making crafts will boost their imagination

2 - Model Holiday-Themed Crafts With Air Dry Clay

candy cane modeled clay craft

Clay modeling is a brilliant way to keep your children away from screens and nurture their creative skills.

It’s therapeutic and can be used to teach kids new things. It’s also suitable for kids of all ages and encourages trial and error since it’s easy to correct a mistake when modeling with a lump of clay.

Clay is soft and flexible, making it easy to work different shapes.

Air dry or polymer clay’s versatility boosts creativity since your child can explore making different objects using a small amount of clay.

For young kids, encourage play-based learning by guiding them to craft objects they’re learning about in school. Such objects include:

  • Flowers and trees
  • Animals
  • Fruits

Exercise the minds of your kids over 6 years old by encouraging them to craft more detailed designs. Your little girls, for instance, will be thrilled to add embellishments to modeled clay, like in this Jewelry Box design from Purple Ladybug.

Purple Ladybug’s craft jewelry box
Source: | Purple Ladybug

Spread the Christmas cheer this season by adding different colors of air dry or polymer clay in your Advent calendar to make the following holiday-themed crafts:

  • Candy canes
  • A gingerbread house
  • Christmas trees
  • Christmas tree ornaments like stars

3 - Make Lovely Beaded Accessories

Beaded crafts are a smart way to keep your kids entertained and engaged for over an hour during the Advent season. What's more, you can lengthen the playtime by encouraging your children to make their own beads or embellish plain beads with glitter or nail polish.

Encourage them to make their own beads by providing supplies such as:

  • Straws
  • Pasta
  • Contact paper
  • Glitter

These readily available supplies will inspire your kids to think creatively about what other materials can be used to make beads.

For your craft Advent calendar:

  1. Add supplies such as straws, scissors, glitter, glue, and string to one box.
  2. Include full instructions on how to make a beaded bracelet.
  3. Let them work on the project on their own while keeping tabs on their progress.

Letting your children work on their own will help them gain confidence and improve their self-esteem and also:

  • Help them express themselves better
  • Encourage patience and persistence
  • Teach them to cope with their failures and encourage them to try again after failing
  • Help them build better social relationships with other children

4 - Spark Artistry With Sewing Projects

different fashion designs on tiny mannequins

Sewing is a clever craft idea since it's not only a practical life skill but also one that promotes creative thinking and hand-eye coordination.

Threading a needle improves your kids hand-eye coordination since they're required to look through the eye of a needle and get a tiny thread to slip through it.

This simple task requires a steady hand, concentration, and patience, which are all skills your little munchkin needs to learn.

Sewing will also inspire creativity since your kids need to first come up with a design to sew.

They’ll develop stronger planning and organization skills as they must put together the necessities like thread, needle, and fabrics before they can begin sewing. They'll also learn to be responsible as they're required to store their supplies safely for their next sewing projects once they're through.

These skills (hand-eye coordination, organization, and concentration) will help them stay on track with everyday activities like:

  • Tidying up their rooms
  • Brushing their hair
  • Writing

Teach your children basic hand stitches and entice them to sew by adding sewing supplies in your DIY craft Advent calendar. You’ll only need colorful fabrics, threads, and needles for these kid-friendly easy sewing projects:

  • Stuffed reindeer
  • Scrunchies
  • Doll skirts
  • Drawstring bags

Get a Complete Craft Advent Calendar From Purple Ladybug

Life sometimes gets so busy that you’re robbed of the chance to put together your own DIY craft Advent calendar for your kids. Then, it’s already November and you don't have an Advent Calendar for your kids.

That’s where Purple Ladybug comes in.

We’re an online store that specializes in creating unique and creative craft kits for kids. As per our custom every year, we’ve scoured the marketplace and found high-quality, entertaining, and fun gifts and crafts to help build anticipation of Christmas in your little princess.

Some clever crafts included in our Advent Calendar 2022 are:

  • SunGemmers mini sun catcher craft kits
  • Shrink crafts
  • Air dry clay ornament kit
  • Polymer clay ornament kit
  • Sticker foil transfers

Our Advent Calendar 2022 also includes very practical and exciting gifts your little girl will love, like lip balms, bracelets, hair clips, and scented markers. It’s not tied down to a singular theme—just hours of fun for girls over the age of 6.

But don’t just take our word for it; check out what some customers who bought the 2021 Advent Calendar had to say:

“I got this for my daughter to avoid the chocolate Advent calendar and it is SO much fun! Everyday has been a cool new exciting item, from crafts to hair accessories to stickers and glitter!” - Symphony

“Every product has been lovely. My daughter is 5. We are hugely crafty and the gifts in here were a surprise and something we hadn't seen or used before.” - AW

Boost your young girls’ creativity and imagination this holiday season with the Purple Ladybug Advent Calendar 2022.


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