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51 Suncatcher Designs You've Never Seen Before

Kids love suncatchers. They enjoy putting together the bits and pieces and creating colorful window art. Ask any kid and they’ll tell you the highlight is when the sun shines and the suncatchers fill the room with sparkly rainbow speckles.

If you’re looking for a fun indoor activity that your child will love, have them make suncatchers. We’ve scoured the internet and compiled easy-to-make and unique suncatcher designs that will excite your tiny artist.

photo snippet easy to make suncatcher designs

You’ll see that the suncatchers can be as basic as coloring tissue paper or as ornate as making dazzling designs with gemstone SunGemmers.

SunGemmers - Gemstone Suncatchers

These SunGemmers craft kits from Purple Ladybug come with creative pre-printed designs and hundreds of little, sparkly gems that will impress your little one!

The beautiful craft kit package also includes:

  • Guides that help your kid follow a color scheme when making the SunGemmers
  • Strong double-sided mounting tape for hanging the window art
  • Written instructions on how to make the peel-and-stick SunGemmers
Sun & Rainbow SunGemmers Heart & Flower SunGemmers Mermaid, Dolphin, & Turtle SunGemmers
Tree, Flower, & Flamingo SunGemmers Extra Large Rainbow SunGemmers Wolf, Eagle,& Cactus SunGemmerss

Paper Suncatchers

If you’re looking for paper suncatcher crafts to fill your kid's summer afternoons, you’ll love these easy DIY projects. The idea is to use colored translucent paper that will reflect vibrant colors when the sun shines through it.

Here are some creative suncatcher designs made with colored tissue paper:

Waldorf-inspired window star suncatcher suncatcher with vibrant flowers bold navy blue sun with a star suncatcher
colorful trio of red and pink window stars simple gold window star suncatcher

No tissue or kite paper? Try wax paper, or construction paper!

Valentine-themed suncatcher by First Palette suncatcher to celebrate July 4th by Crafts by Amanda suncatcher made from black construction paper and tissue paper
wax paper and melted crayons suncatcher from The Maternal Hobbist eye-catching tissue and contact paper suncatcher from Three Little Ferns tie-dye coffee filter suncatcher from Sunshine and Munchkins

Upcycled Suncatchers

Teach your kids the importance of recycling by using items salvaged from your bin to make these unique DIY suncatcher crafts.

bright-colored straw suncatcher from Having Fun At Home vibrant plastic lid suncatcher from Babble Dabble Do burnt light bulb suncatchers from Suzys Sitcom
spiral suncatcher made from recycled plastic bottle rainbow suncatcher made from melted plastic cups candy wrappers glued to cling film heart-shaped suncatcher
plastic food container suncatcher from Pink Stripey Socks Earth Day recycled plastic suncatcher from Books and Giggles plastic lid and colored tissue paper suncatcher from Pop Sugar

Faux Glass Suncatchers

Glass suncatchers are fragile and can easily break and injure your kids during playtime. On the other hand, faux glass suncatchers are kid-friendly and still look as dazzling as their glass counterparts. 

Here are some stunning suncatchers made from old CDs:

colored CD suncatchers CD suncatcher with enchanting butterflies a gem-encrusted old CD suncatcher
dazzling suncatcher made with multicolored gems glued to a CD  two CDs glued together to make suncatchers CD suncatcher with moon and star shapes

You can also use contact paper, acrylic sheets, or binding covers to achieve a striking glass effect.

contact paper and tissue paper suncatcher suncatcher with bright tissue paper adhered to an acrylic sheet colored transparency sheets suncatcher from Buggy and Buddy
rainbow cellophane stained suncatcher by Creative Jewish Mom suncatcher made with tissue paper and black tape window art made from a glass picture frame and food coloring

Found-In-Nature Suncatchers

Send your kids out on a nature walk to collect autumn leaves, colorful flowers, and dried twigs to make these nature-themed suncatchers.

painted leaves and sticky contact paper suncatcher vibrant suncatcher with leaves and flowers enclosed with contact paper Messy Little Monster's nature-themed suncatcher with a popsicle stick frame
leaves and paper plate suncatcher from Crafty Little Gnome fall leaves suncatcher with brown construction paper frame lovely flower mandala suncatcher from The Artful Parent

Beaded Suncatchers

Use translucent perler beads (also called pony beads or plastic beads) or string crystal  beads together to make these sparkly beaded suncatchers.

Note: Melting beads produce a strong plastic smell. Make sure that an adult is supervising the children and that the beads are melted outside the house.

colorful pony beads glued onto a plastic suncatcher kit leaf-shaped melted beads suncatcher from Sunshine Whispers bright rainbow suncatcher from The Cookie Puzzle
melted pony and Hama beads beautiful window art crystal beads and twisted wire flashy suncatcher creative crystal beads with rocks window suncatche

Try Unique SunGemmers Craft Kits From Purple Ladybug

Kids enjoy making DIY suncatchers from scratch. But most of the time, this means that you’ll have to participate in the crafting activities and clean up the mess afterward.

You’ll love that our award-winning SunGemmers are:

  • Easy to make with peel-and-stick gems, making them perfect for independent play
  • Mess-free, which means your kids can have a blast without you worrying about cleaning up

"My 8-year-old loved this kit. It was simple enough for her to complete independently and came out beautiful… Great value." Janet Decker, United States

Here’s a step-by-step video showing you how to make SunGemmers:

If you’re looking for the perfect gift for your little one, browse our collections for eye-catching SunGemmers and more unique craft kits.

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