Scratch Gift Bags - Kraft Paper


Product Description

Never worry about a lost tag or card again!

Your gift will stand out of the pile with your customized message written right on the bag in eye-catching rainbow scratch paper!

This kit sets you up perfectly for wrapping lots of presents. Never be caught unprepared with a gift to wrap -- you'll be set with these 24 gift bags, tissue paper and stickers to decorate them on hand!

Each paper bag has handles and a piece of black scratch paper on one side of the front. It comes covered in plastic to protect it. When you're ready to wrap, simply peel off the protective plastic, write whatever message you want!

Scratch paper has a black matte surface with a vibrant fun rainbow drop pattern underneath. Reveal brilliant colors with every stroke of the stylus-style scratcher (12 are included).

Super unique, super fun and super YOU - reflect exactly the message you want to with these customizable bags!

**These bags are so unique, they are patent-pending to Purple Ladybug Novelty. You won't find them anywhere else!

What you get:

  • 24 brown paper gift bags with handles and a scratch note built into the side ready for customization
  • 24 pieces of tissue paper in assorted colors
  • 12 stylus-style scratchers
  • 1 Sample pack of some other Purple Ladybug Novelty products including stickers that you can use to decorate the bags!

Each bag measures 8" wide x 5" deep x 10" high. The handles are 4" from the top of the arch to where they attach to the bag.

Your satisfaction matters to us! Let us know if you're not happy with any order you place with us and we'll make it right!

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Scratch Note Gift Bags are so Versatile!

Gift bags in bulk have so many uses!

Consider them for:

  • Party favors for guests
  • Corporate function gifts
  • Charity thank you gifts
  • Secret Santa gift exchanges
  • Baby shower favors
  • Wedding guest gifts
  • Loot bags

Gift Bags are useful to have on hand

Be ready for any last-minute wrapping

Never be caught without the right kind of gift bag or wrapping paper again! With these bags and tissue paper on hand, you can customize your bags -They're perfect to wrap your gifts for any event!

Why gift bags?

Simply put, they're easy and classy - no fussing with paper, tape and scissors! Simply scratch a personalized note, put the present and tissue paper in the bag and you're out the door with agreat looking gift!No mess, no fuss!

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24 pack of Brown Scratch Note Gift Bags by Purple Ladybug Novelty 24 pack of White Scratch Note Gift Bags by Purple Ladybug Novelty 24 pack of Scratch Note Gift Bags by Purple Ladybug Novelty 7 pack of Brown Scratch Note Gift Bags by Purple Ladybug Novelty 7 pack of Yellow Scratch Note Gift Bags by Purple Ladybug Novelty 6 Christmas Scratc h note Gift Bag by Purple Ladybug Novelty
How many bags included? 24 24 24 7 7 6
How many tissues included? 24 24 24 7 7 6
How many stylus style scratchers included? 12 12 12 4 4 4
Sample pack of other products included?
Everything you need to wrap up many memorable gifts?

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  • 24 Brown Kraft Paper Gift Bags have a scratch paper panel with rainbow drop pattern under the black matte surface -- allows you to scratch a personalized message onto each of the small gift bags!
  • Sturdy paper bags with handles great for gift-giving, party favors, wedding gifts or stocking up so you're always ready with gift bags bulk!
  • Patent-pending, ultra-unique kraft paper bags will make your gift stand out from the rest - never worry about a lost gift tag or card when you've written your message right on the bag as scratch art!
  • 24 Brown Kraft Paper gift bags with handles for easy carrying also come with a BONUS Sample pack of our stickers plus 12 stylus-style scratchers to scratch your message and 24 pieces of tissue paper in 7 different colors -- with these bags on-hand, MAKE WRAPPING EASY!
  • These kraft bags with handles measure 5" deep x 8" wide x 10" bag height + 4" handle drop. The scratch paper comes covered in a protective film so it will not scratch until you are ready to use the bag.