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Terms and Conditions:

1. The winning influencers will provide us with their follower(s)’ addresses, and we’ll handle the product shipment directly.

2. Prize products can only be shipped to US and Canadian mail addresses.

3. Immediate family members of influencers are not eligible to win.

4. Your unique saving codes work on both (for your American followers) and on (for Canadian followers).

5. Gift cards to will be sent electronically. Please note that only ships to US addresses.

6. Posts should still be clickable and accessible for the duration of the contest to qualify. (Make sure to save Instagram or Facebook stories as highlights.)

7. Posts must be about Purple Ladybug only, not other Sweet Suite products or Toy manufacturers.

8. Purple Ladybug has the right to re-purpose your and your followers’ Purple Ladybug-related content on our platforms.

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