Top 10 Best Spring Activities for Kids [+ FREE Printable]

Top 10 Best Spring Activities for Kids [+ FREE Printable]

Spring is here! Warmer weather, sunny skies, and beautiful blooming flowers are all signs that spring has sprung. And maybe there’s even a spring break on the horizon to add to the fun!

With all this newfound energy, keeping the kids entertained at home can sometimes feel like a challenge. Don’t worry – we’ve got a whole list of the best spring activities for kids to keep them engaged, creative, and having tons of fun throughout the season.

Frame Your Kid’s Best Spring Memory

Capture those special spring moments with this one-of-a-kind DIY photo frame! The Sparkly Photo Frame is a fun craft activity that lets your kids create a dazzling frame to hold their favorite spring memory. They can personalize it and give it as a gift to grandma or a best friend or proudly display it in their own room.

This project is the perfect way to add a touch of sparkle and creativity to a spring afternoon. It encourages your kids to use their imagination and artistic expression, making this cherished memento a fun way to spend quality time together.

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Have a Picnic at the Park

Having a picnic at the park is an awesome springtime activity for kids! It’s simple, enjoyable, and gets the outside in the fresh air. They can run around, play games, and explore nature while enjoying delicious snacks and spending quality time with family and friends.

Whether it’s sandwiches, fruits, or snacks, the food tastes even better when enjoyed in the open air. Your kids can also learn more about nature, observe birds and insects, and appreciate the beauty of springtime blooms. Grab a blanket, pack some treats, and head to the park for a memorable picnic adventure!

Make a Colorful Window Sun Catcher


Turn your window into a kaleidoscope of spring with SunGemmers! These easy-to-use craft kits let your kids use their creativity and create beautiful suncatchers in spring-themed shapes, like flowers, butterflies, rainbows, and more!

Watch their faces light up with excitement as they craft these colorful decorations, turning your window into a vibrant display of springtime joy. SunGemmers is perfect for bringing some sunshine indoors and celebrating the beauty of the season.

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Personalize Your Kid’s Water Bottles


Ditch the boring water bottles and get your kids excited for outdoor adventures this spring with Shrink Wrap Water Bottle craft kits! It’s a win-win – they’ll be busy creating personalized bottles while staying hydrated during playtime.

With 18 colorful spring designs to choose from, your kids can customize their water bottles for a fresh look every time they go out to play. This craft activity helps improve your kiddo’s fine motor skills and spark their creativity. 

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Color Your Own Messenger Bag


The Color-In Messenger Bag is an excellent project for little adventurers who need a bag for all their springtime fun. From carrying treasures found on nature walks to storing art supplies, this personalized bag goes everywhere they do.

With six colorful markers, your kids can express their creativity and personalize their bags to match their style. Whether they use it as a craft bag, gym bag, or an everyday bag, your kids will be proud to show off their one-of-a-kind creations.

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Go a Spring Scavenger Hunt [Free Printable]


Spring is a time for exploration and discovery, and what better way to spark your kid’s curiosity than going on a nature scavenger hunt? Your kids can go on an adventure as they look for all the signs of spring – blossoming trees, chirping birds, and blooming flowers.

As a gift for you, we’ve included a FREE printable scavenger hunt sheet so your kids can mark off their discoveries! As they find each item on the list, they can color it on the sheet. It’s a fun and educational activity that will keep them entertained and instill a deeper appreciation for the wonders of spring.

👉 Download Spring Scavenger Hunt Printables here.

Make Your Own Hair Clips


With spring comes sunshine, playtime, and…flyaway hair! Tame those tresses in style with Clay Create PRO. This fun activity lets your kids create personalized hair clips, perfect for keeping their hair out of their faces during outdoor adventures.

The kit has everything they need to make 15 unique, colorful clips featuring charming flower designs that scream spring! Your kids need parental assistance to use an oven to bake the clay, making this craft a fantastic opportunity to bond and create lasting memories together.

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Make a Bird Feeder

Spring is here, and our feathered friends are back in our backyards! Celebrate the seasons with your kids by making a bird feeder. It’s a fun and easy activity that’s perfect for a springtime afternoon. Your kids get creative by decorating a recycled bottle or pinecone with paint, glitter, or anything they like!

Once it’s ready, hand it outside and watch the birds come to enjoy their tasty treat. Making a bird feeder is a great way for your kids to learn about birds, see them up close, and feel good about helping our feathered little friends.

Plant a Seed and Start a Garden

Spring is the perfect time to get your hands dirty with a fun project – planting a seed and watching it grow into a real plant! Your kids can pick their favorite vegetables, herbs, and flowers. Grab some potting mix, a pot, and a seed packet. Let your child help plant the seed and water it regularly.

Seeing that tiny seed sprout and grow into a beautiful plant is a rewarding experience that teaches your kids about patience, responsibility, and nature. Plus, they get to enjoy the fruits (or veggies!) of their labor later on.

Spring Clean

Spring isn’t just about flowers and sunshine – it’s also a great time to freshen up the house with a family spring cleaning! Even the little ones can help out! Here’s how:

  • Preschoolers (3-5 years old): Put away toys, sort laundry by color (whites, darks), water plants, dust their room with a soft cloth (supervised!), and clear the table.
  • Elementary Schoolers (6-9 years old): Make their bed, vacuum their room, dust shelves and furniture, clean their bathroom (with supervision!), organize their books and toys, and weed and rake leaves.
  • Tweens (10-12 years old): Help clean the kitchen (washing dishes, wiping counters), take out the trash, help vacuum carpets, and clean their bathroom (including the toilet with your guidance).

Spring cleaning with your kids can be a fun bonding experience. Put on some music, make a game of it, and reward them for their hard work! They’ll learn responsibility and how to keep their space tidy.

We hope you enjoyed our list of spring activities for kids! With these ideas, you can create lasting memories and make the most of this vibrant and colorful season together. Happy spring!

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