Scratch Paper Gift Bags

How it works

  • Your new scratch paper gift bag contains brilliant contrasting backgrounds under the opaque surface in the built-in card. Simply what’s underneath.
  • Draw your own unique art and write unique messages.


Remove protective film

  • To personalize your Memorable Moments gift bag from Purple Ladybug®: (see photos for details)
  • Start removing the protective plastic sheet by lifting at acorner.
  • Work your way around the edges to lift the protective layer.
  • Once you get two edges freed up, move towards the opposite edge.
  • Finish removing the protective film and discard.
  • Grab a stylus and start writing your message on the black panel by scratching away the black coating to reveal the bright background underneath. Enjoy!

Write your message

  • Hold a stylus scratcher in your hand the same way you would hold a pencil or pen to write, with the sharp tip down.
  • Use the stylus to scratch the surface of the paper gently, but firmly enough that your movement removes the top layer.

TIP: Try different angles of the scratch stylus and applying different amounts of pressure to get different style of scratch lines.

TIP: If the tip of your stylus gets dull, you can use a sharpener or sandpaper to sharpen it.

  • Occasionally tap the paper vertically to remove any residue left by your scratches. Alternatively, use a tissue paper to wipe away the excess residue. Doing this keeps your work smudge-free and keeps your hands and work area clean.
  • Scratch away! Reveal the background under the opaque layer with every stroke of your stylus!

Tissue Paper

  • Once you’ve scratched your message on the built-in scratch card, you can place your gift in the bag, and use the included tissue paper to decorate it.
  • There are limitless possibilities to what you can create with Scratch Paper from Purple Ladybug®. See our social media channels for more ideas on how others are using PurpleLadybug® Scratch Paper in creative ways. (@PLBFUN)
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