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Holiday Gift Guide: How To Create a Gemstone Window Suncatcher

At Purple Ladybug, SunGemmers are among our favorite craft gifts for kids. SunGemmers are fun for anyone who enjoys artistic creativity (even adults!), but they’re most popular with girls ages 6–10. 

Let’s learn all about how to make SunGemmers, including:

  • What are SunGemmers?
  • The step-by-step process for crafting SunGemmers
  • Everything you need to know about ordering SunGemmers from Purple Ladybug

What Are SunGemmers?

A suncatcher is a decorative object that reflects or transmits light. Suncatchers use colorful or clear glassy surfaces to “catch” rays of sunlight. Suncatchers can be small ornaments or flat, stained-glass-style displays. 

At Purple Ladybug, our kid-friendly suncatcher crafts are called SunGemmers. 

Our SunGemmers gift-ready kit comes with:

  • Pre-printed design sheet(s) (# varies from kit to kit)
  • 1 color guide per window design
  • Over 700 gemstone sun-catching stickers
  • Double-sided mounting tape
  • Full instructions 

SunGemmers take thoughtful time and attention. However, they’re super easy to use. 

Wondering if a SunGemmers kit might be a fun craft for the youngster that you’re gift shopping for? Let’s review the simple steps for putting one together. 

Step 1 - Place the SunGemmers Sheet on the Pre-Printed Window Design Sheet

After opening up the kit and arranging the materials, the pre-printed window designs can be matched with their corresponding color guides. 

The window designs are clear sheets that feature central printed designs such as a rainbow, a flower, or a dolphin. The color guides are white sheets covered in colored dots that indicate where the gemstone stickers should be placed.

using a window design to make a Purple Ladybug SunGemmers craft

Place the window design on top of the color guide. Seeing through the clear plastic, it’s easy for kids to know exactly where to attach each gemstone sticker. 

To make Step 2 easier, you can use tape on the corners or sides to attach the two sheets together and secure them to your work surface. 

Step 2 - Add the Gemstone Stickers to the SunGemmers Sheet

After lining up and securing the color guide and the window design, the artistic process can begin. It’s time to apply the gemstones to the SunGemmers window design sheet. 

Each kit contains two or three individual SunGemmers sheets, and each of our SunGemmers comes with over 700 gemstone stickers. 

The SunGemmers gemstone stickers come attached to small sheets. Stickers are grouped by color. Kids can easily peel off the stickers and place them directly on the window design sheet, with no glue or tape required.

placing gemstone stickers on a Purple Ladybug SunGemmers craft

Attaching hundreds of gemstones one by one takes time. It’s a simple, meditative process. With each sticker added, the SunGemmers become more intricate and lovely. 

During this process, kids are able to work independently and stay mentally engaged with the project. It’s ideal for kids who love creative projects but work best with helpful, built-in guidelines. 

Kids love taking this craft from start to finish, gradually adding more and more color to each sheet one sticker at a time. The process is simple, but requires time and concentration. The end result is a beautiful craft that makes a young artist beam with pride. 

Step 3 - Display the SunGemmers Using Double-Sided Tape

After SunGemmers are completed, it’s time to show them off. SunGemmers sparkle brightly when they’re on display, catching sunshine. 

using double-sided tape to display SunGemmers on a window

To attach SunGemmers to a window, use the double-sided tape that comes with the kit. The tape comes in small, ready-to-use squares, so there’s no need for cutting or tearing. 

Just attach one tape square to each corner of your SunGemmers, then pull off the adhesive strip. The tape is clear and won’t block sunshine or damage the craft’s appearance. 

What People Are Saying About SunGemmers

There are lots of suncatcher craft kits out there. It’s also a project that some folks like to DIY. So, when we designed SunGemmers, we really wanted them to stand out. To that end, we made sure to develop gemstone stickers that capture light brilliantly, creating an exciting array of sparkles that look spectacular on windows.

Since we launched SunGemmers, we’re thrilled to say that the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive.

In fact, SunGemmers were recently recognized by the National Parenting Product Awards (NAPPA) and The Toy Insider. Here’s what NAPPA had to say:

“This is a nice quiet craft that can keep kids busy for long periods of time, depending on your kids’ attention span. It is very good for honing fine motor skills. My kids were very proud of their finished products.”
– NAPPA Evaluation Comment

It’s always nice to be formally recognized, but it’s even better to hear back from our customers. Here’s what kids, parents, and grandparents are saying about SunGemmers:

  • Purple Ladybug SunGemmers do a better job than most suncatcher kits at really reflecting sunlight and color.
  • SunGemmers are ideal for kids ages 6–10.
  • SunGemmers are most popular among girls, but they’re fun for any kid who loves crafting.
  • The instructions are easy to follow and the crafting keep kids busy for a while.

photo snippet holiday gift guide window suncatcher

"Fun arts and crafts activity with my 7 yr old niece. We both loved doing them."
— A.G., ★★★★★ Tree, Flower & Flamingo SunGemmers Verified Reviewer

"These are awesome. Tons of fun for all ages. The gem designs are beautiful. They look even better in the sun. 🤩"
— W. K., ★★★★★ Mermaid, Dolphin & Turtle SunGemmers Verified Reviewer

"Great craft kit! My eight-year-old loved this kit. It was simple enough for her to complete independently and came out beautiful."
— Janet D., ★★★★★ Heart & Flower SunGemmers Verified Reviewer

"Bought this for a birthday gift. It was a big hit! Great, beautiful colors. Affordable and shipping was quick."
— MaryLee S., ★★★★★ Tree, Flower & Flamingo SunGemmers Verified Reviewer

Frequently Asked Questions

To learn more about Purple Ladybug SunGemmers or to place an order, visit the SunGemmers product pages linked below:

Mermaid, Dolphin, and Turtle SunGemmers

Mermaid, Dolphin, and Turtle


Tree, Flower, and Flamingo SunGemmers

Tree, Flower, and Flamingo


Heart and Flower SunGemmers

Heart and Flower


Sun and Rainbow SunGemmers

Sun and Rainbow


Wolf, Eagle, and Cactus SunGemmers

Wolf, Eagle, and Cactus


Extra Large Rainbow SunGemmers

Extra Large Rainbow


SunGemmers are one of our favorite crafts, but we have lots more kid-friendly gift ideas to show you. 

Visit our full products page for more fun crafts, such as Glow-In-The-Dark Décor, Glitter Tattoos, Scratchy Scratch Paper, and more. We even have a few craft projects for adults and teens.  

For more Purple Ladybug news and how-to guides, visit our blog

See below for answers to a few frequently asked questions about SunGemmers. 

Do SunGemmers make good gifts? 

SunGemmers are wonderful gifts for kids. The kits come in small cardboard boxes that are easily wrapped for gift-giving. 

We’ve been delighted to hear from so many parents and grandparents who had a great time watching kids’ creative process unfold. Best of all, SunGemmers are accessible for all families. They’re a great value and easy to display, as long as you have window space to spare. 

What are SunGemmers’ dimensions? 

It depends on which kit you choose! SunGemmers are either 6” x 6”,  8” x 8” or the extra large rainbow measures 12” x 10”.

How many SunGemmers are included in each kit? 

Each kit contains one, two, three or more unique SunGemmers, depending on which you select. Each kit’s name indicates how many SunGemmers are contained. For example, the Sun and Rainbow kit includes two SunGemmers, while the Wolf, Eagle, and Cactus kit contains three. 

What age group are SunGemmers appropriate for? 

SunGemmers are recommended for kids ages 6 and up.

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