Why Family Time is So Important During the Holidays

Why Family Time is So Important During the Holidays

During the holidays, everyone is busy shopping, wrapping presents, and running around to complete all their tasks before the big day. It can be easy to forget that time spent with family is one of the most important aspects of the season. Quality time spent together can help strengthen relationships and create lasting memories that will outlast any material gifts or decorations. 

It’s important that families make the time to connect with each other during the holidays, as moments of togetherness help foster stronger bonds and remind us why we have such strong feelings for each other. Start off by having everyone pick activities or games they’d like to do together. This allows everyone to participate in something they enjoy and get excited about, while sparking conversations.

Families could also discuss what activities they want to continue throughout the year. This will help people find common ground among each other's hobbies and interests and frame holiday visits as more meaningful than just an annual catch-up session. Here are a few reasons why family time is so important during the holidays.

Bonding With Family

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Creating a family bond is important for providing children a sense of security and stability. Spending quality time together, whether playing board games, watching movies or having meals with family gives children the necessary safety net that everyone needs – creating an environment where challenges can be discussed, confidences shared and love expressed.

Studies have shown that children with emotionally strong connections to their families are less likely to seek approval externally. Building strong and lasting bonds with our family can help nurture our children and provide them with strength in order to tackle any obstacles they face.

Here are some ways to bond with your family: https://extension.usu.edu/sanpete/files/Strengthen_Family_Bonds_Article_2012.pdf

Teaching Your Kids Valuable Lessons

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As a parent, one of the most important things you can do is to teach your kids valuable lessons. Not only does it set them up for success in the future but it also provides them with the skills and knowledge needed to make tough decisions when no one is around. Your young ones will look to you to show them how to act in certain situations, so it’s essential that they understand your values and rules. You may need to be creative with this task, as a lecture isn’t always the most effective way of getting through. Consider using story-telling or even role play scenarios if your child needs more visual demonstrations on how best to proceed. Teaching valued lessons is definitely a parental responsibility worth investing your time into - once learned, such lessons are sure to shape your kids into happy, responsible adults.

Teaching your kids invaluable lessons is a critical part of parenting. Teaching your children respect, empathy, resilience, perseverance and hard work will equip them with the skills to navigate difficult situations and make responsible decisions as they grow older. In addition to instilling these values in them verbally, take your kids on outings or activities where they can observe and learn life lessons first-hand. It could be taking on simple chores around the house or going out of your way to help those who may be less fortunate than you. More importantly, model the things you wish them to do – when it comes to things like communication, mutual respect, teamwork and problem-solving – so that your children can have healthy role models growing up.

Take a look at this free printable to help children manage their emotions: https://plbfun.com/products/manage-your-feelings-printables

Builds children’s self-esteem

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Children who actively engage in activities with their parents help them to build a positive sense of self-esteem. A feeling of being valued and recognized helps children gain confidence in themselves and boosts their self-worth. Quality family time doesn't mean it has to break the bank, just having fun together is what matters most. It could be a simple bike ride or playing a game; these activities help nurture the bond between parents and children while strengthening their self-confidence. Spending time with family helps children develop greater self-esteem.

Here are some examples on how you can spend quality time with your kids: https://www.parents.com/parenting/better-parenting/positive/quality-time/

It Creates Memories

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Creating memories with your family is a gift that lasts forever. Everyday moments such as cooking dinner, playing games, and reading stories together are some fun ways to build lasting memories. 

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It encourages communication

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Investing time and effort into creating meaningful conversations between family members encourages communication. If a child knows that their parents are receptive to honest dialogue, this boosts their confidence to speak up and talk about whatever is on their mind. Showing your children that you care about what is going on in their life helps create a safe space where questions can be answered without judgment or criticism. Being open and listening attentively to your children will help them feel more secure as they are growing up.

Arts and crafts can be a great way to bond with your child and even inspire creativity. Drawing, doodling and painting can all be fun activities for the two of you to enjoy together! To get started, all you need is some art supplies - like Purple Ladybug's Scratchy Scratch Notepad! With this notepad, you can select a work of art that your child will find interesting, and then draw it out together. This is also a great opportunity to teach your child about different types of art and its many styles. With this notepad, the possibilities are endless - allowing both you and your little one to explore the creative world freely!

Wrapping things up…

The holidays are a special time to be together and capture the moments that we don’t always have the chance to experience during the busier times of the year. The New Year is a fresh opportunity to start over, and it’s an opportune moment to make spending quality family time a resolution. Not only that, but strive for balance between your personal and career goals. Regardless of what might life throw your way, take a step back every once in a while and spend some precious moments with those you love most – especially during this season which holds even more magical memories than usual! Appreciate each other, be present in one another's company, and cherish the memories that come along with making moments. That’s really what it’s all about.

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