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Unique Advent Calendars 2022: 5 Must-Have Qualities to Look For

‘Tis indeed the season to be jolly!

Wait, what? Halloween is over and the holidays are here already?! That’s right - it’s time to get your kids their Advent calendars once again.

But before you rush to the nearest toy store and grab an Advent calendar for your kids, consider gifting thoughtfully.

It’s the act of giving a gift that excites, flatters, and surprises the recipient, and you can only achieve this with a unique and thoughtful Advent calendar. You definitely want to awe your little one with the daily surprises inside!

Today we’ll share five essential qualities to look for in a unique Advent calendar 2022 and explore:

  • How the age of your child affects the play activities they’re involved in
  • How to build character traits with an Advent calendar
  • How little surprises build anticipation for Christmas

1 - Unconventional, Vibrant Colors

The traditional Christmas colors used in most Advent calendars and gift wrappings are green and red, which are linked to holly and an advertising campaign.

Ancient Romans used holly to decorate their houses since they believed its dark-green, vibrant color preserved the beauty of the earth during winter.

The red color originated when a giant company put Santa in a red suit for their holiday advertisement.

But that doesn’t mean that all gifts given during the holiday season should come in only these two colors.

A unique Advent calendar has outstanding colors other than the common red and green, which makes it special. The colors used must grab your kids’ attention and leave an impression.

For instance, the Purple Ladybug’s unique Advent calendar is primarily purple and pink. Pink represents emotions, playfulness, and femininity, while purple imparts a sense of royalty and curiosity.

Combined, these two colors make a vibrant box design that your little girl will be eager to open.

2 - Fun and Entertaining Gifts

A unique Advent calendar should have entertaining gifts that keep your child busy with imaginative play during the Advent season.

So, what makes a gift fun for kids?

Well, that depends on the age of your child. Children enjoy gifts and toys that are particular to their developmental stages.

For example, kids under 5 years old are exploring the world while learning new skills, such as drawing, writing, and coloring. They also like to copy activities adults are taking part in, such as cooking and cleaning.

Entertaining gifts for such children need to grab their attention for at least 30 minutes while helping them fantasize about real-world objects and activities. Such gifts include:

  • Coloring books
  • Imaginative play sets
  • Games

The table below lists ideas for entertaining gifts for children of different ages.

Child’s Age Amusing Gifts
3 to 5-year-olds
  • Coloring book
  • Drawing board
  • Gardening toys play set
6 to 8-year-olds
  • Suncatchers
  • Craft kits
  • Modeling clay
9 to 12-year-olds
  • Lip balms
  • Journal
  • Puzzles

Ensure that the Advent calendar you pick for your child fits into their play preferences and developmental stage.

3 - An Element of Surprise

gifts in Purple Ladybug’s unique Advent Calendar 2022

While themed Advent calendars are fun and delight your children who’re interested in that theme, they’re also predictable, which might quickly bore your children.

Take, for example, sugar-themed Advent calendars. All your child will get for the 24 Advent days is some sort of candy or chocolate. By the time they open the fourth gift, they already know what to expect from the other unopened doors.

This will reduce their excitement of discovering a gift on the calendar every day. They might even eat ahead and consume the chocolate early, which defeats the whole point of getting an Advent calendar.

A unique Advent calendar must have toys and gifts that surprise your little one every day. This will give them something to look forward to every morning and build their excitement as they count down to Christmas.

Pick an Advent calendar with a variety of gifts, not just toys based around one story or topic. Craft kits, beauty accessories, and stationery, such as markers and journals, are examples of diverse gifts in a unique Advent calendar.

A variety of gifts will build your child's anticipation for Christmas and surprise and delight your child every Advent day.

The Purple Ladybug Advent Calendar contains a variety of gifts that’ll surprise your little one every day.

Here’s a list of some gifts in our unique Advent calendar:

  • Hair bow
  • Ornamental Clay
  • Scratch mini-notes
  • Gemstone stickers
  • Butterfly choker necklace

It also includes a “parent-only” insert with details of all the gifts, so you can peruse through the gifts and know what’s coming in advance.

Check out what one of our customers said about our unique 2019 Advent calendar.

“I bought 4 toy calendars this year, and this one was for a 6-year-old. Out of all 4, this one wins hands down. She has gotten brilliant quality hair clips, necklaces, bracelets, and this morning got a bracelet twisty pet.” - Allico

4 - Art and Craft-Based Activities

Unique Advent calendars need to have craft and art-based activities, which are a cool way to educate and entertain kids.

Art and craft-based activities encourage play-based learning, creativity, and cognitive skills. Involving children in them (craft activities) stimulates their drive to explore and discover more about the world.

It also helps build character, since making crafts requires focus, concentration, and patience. This will help them gain essential skills they need while growing up and even in adulthood, like:

  • Problem-solving skills
  • Spatial evaluation
  • Creativity
  • Perseverance

Here are some craft-based activities that can develop such skills in your child:

  • Painting
  • Building
  • Manipulating clay

Look out for such crafts in an Advent calendar as they’ll keep your little one occupied while actively learning during the Advent season.

5 - High-Quality and Safe Gifts


One of the best ways to build your young one’s confidence and self-esteem is through independent play.

Independent play is when your child plays alone without your guidance. It helps them learn and explore more about themselves while also encouraging them to learn from their mistakes.

The safety of your child is, however, a major concern with independent play. You don’t want to leave your kids with objects that are unsafe

The age-appropriateness of the Advent calendar is another way to confirm its safety. Ensure your child fits within the age range marked on the calendar.

But don’t just look at the safety of the toys. What about their quality?

Getting high-quality toys and gifts will ensure the gifts last longer and remind your child of their favorite holiday throughout the year.

Our Advent calendar has over $80 worth of high-quality products that has been tested in a third-party laboratory and meets toy safety certifications. Our non-messy crafts and high-quality products have also won two awards from the National Parenting Product Awards (NAPPA) and the Toy Insider.

Choose Wholesome Family Fun That Entertains and Excites Your Girls

Unique Advent calendars must‌, all in all, provide wholesome family fun while educating and entertaining your little ones.

Purple Ladybug specializes in creating and putting together high-quality, creative, and fun gifts in our Advent calendar for girls. All the toys and crafts included in this outstanding calendar will encourage independent play.

Some more of the incredible gifts and crafts include:

  • A scented watermelon notebook
  • SunGemmers mini crafts
  • Seashell hair clips
  • Sequin flap bracelet
  • Fidget spinner

“I bought it (the 2021 Advent calendar) for my 11-year-old. Fun and good quality. From hair bows to crafty stuff, not baby-ish. I will look into what they offer as an Advent calendar in 2022.” - Amazon Customer

To ensure the safety and integrity of the packaging, we shrink-wrap our Advent calendar so that none of the gifts open or fall out during shipping.

Fill your girls' holiday season with fun, surprises, and memories that they’ll cherish with our unique Advent Calendar 2022.

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