Thank a Teacher! Ideas for Teacher Appreciation Week

Thank a Teacher! Ideas for Teacher Appreciation Week

This last year, teachers have gone way above the call of duty. Not only have they continued to teach our children, but they have also had to change the way they teach while enduring the pandemic alongside everyone else. Their innovation, perseverance, and can-do attitude is inspiring to us all. This year, Teacher Appreciation Week is May 3 - May 7, and while it is important every year to thank the teachers in your life, this year is extra special. 


From having to learn new digital systems and policies to the ever-changing health situation, our teachers have had to create and re-create lesson plans, adapt their teaching styles, and find new ways to connect with our children. Many continued to teach in-class even with the risk of exposure to COVID.  

This is bravery. This is love. This is commendable beyond measure. 


Saying thank you seems small relative to the contributions teachers have made to their classes and schools this year. Feeling appreciated can make it all worth it.  


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Here are some ideas to say thank you to a teacher you love. 


  • Write a Thank-you Note  
    It seems simple, but to a teacher, the personal nature of a note goes straight to the heart. The time and effort that it takes is known by the teacher that helped your child to learn to write and if a picture is drawn too, all the better. If your child needs a guide, we have these great printables. (It might be nice for a teacher in your past to receive a note too!) 

  • Make a Personalized Gift 
    You know here at Purple Ladybug we love to craft and this the perfect time to pull out those supplies and make something for your child’s teacher! Use our Decorate Your Stuff to turn anything into a customized present for your teacher! A pencil/pen holder or flower vase is useful and something to display with pride.  
  • Give a Gift Card 
    It can be given virtually or in person. It could be for a restaurant, coffee, or even school supplies for the classroom.   
  • School Supplies 
    We know our teachers operate on a tight budget and sometimes have to buy their own supplies to make our children’s educational experience unforgettable. Get them some stickers to reward hard work and encourage our children to be the best they can be!   
  • Volunteer to help 
    Your time is valuable and teachers know it. Giving your time to help in the classroom is a blessing to teachers and it allows you to connect with another part of your child’s life! 
  • Collaborate with other parents on a classroom gift 
    Framing the class photo with all the signatures of the students is thoughtful for a tight-knit group! 
    Sign a book that the class read together that year 
    Make a banner with all the kids’ drawings 


Help your child to thank a teacher -- they are incredibly hard workers, women and men setting a foundation for the future. They deserve all the thanks they can get! We can show teachers appreciation in so many ways throughout the school year, but this special week can highlight just how much we love our teachers! 

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