Free Printable Activity Sheets for Kids

We're here to help keep kids busy!! 

So, we're sharing some of our most loved printable activity sheets here for FREE.

We create these sheets and send them weekly to our VIP email list, but want to make sure that you, and everyone who could use them, can access them easily.

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Teacher Appreciation Day FREE Printables

Honesty Day FREE Printables

Earth Day themed FREE Printables

Birthday themed FREE Printables

Saint Patrick's Galaxy Bunny Maze

Black History Word Search

Food themed Activity Sheets

Winter-themed Activity sheets

Thanksgiving printable

Outdoor Scavenger Hunt

Positive Affirmations Printables

End of Day Jar

Grandparents Day Printables

Back to School Printables

Summer Camp Printables

Bedtime Routine Checklist

Travel Bingo, Passport printable and A-Z traffic hunt

Summer Learning and Book Checklist

4th of July Activity Sheets

Father's Day activity sheets

Camping themed activity sheets

Mathematics FREE Printables

PLBfun Boarding Pass & Passport Printables

Memorial Day Printables

Active Family Challenge Template

A-maze-ing Race, Fortune Teller Template & Color by Number

Mother's Day themed activity sheets

Thank You Card & World's Best Teacher Template

Family Tree & Earth Day Color & Draw

Spring Bucket List Template & What Comes Next Game

Easter Printables

April Fools Day Sudoku & Word hunt

Spring Scavenger Hunt

The A-Maze-ing Race and Counting Sheep!

What time is it? & Clock reading activity!

Complete the Pancake & Word Puzzle

A Kindness BINGO & Cut-out Notes

Valentine's Day Mandalas, Word Hunt & Coloring Sheets

Weather Coloring Sheet & Word Hunt

Shadow Matching & Coloring Sheets

Color by numbers & The A-Mazing Race

2020 Weekly Planner & Word Hunt

Count your blessing list template, Draw the Turkey & Count all the Acorns

Word Hunt & Coloring Sheets

Kindness Bucket List template & Kind certificate

Halloween themed activity sheets

Name the Flags

Pasta Maze & Count the Pasta

Word Hunt, Complete the Pizza, Number Detective & What's comes next?


Teacher's Day Award & "Thank you" card template


Word Scramble, Word Challenge & Tracing Sheet

Tic-Tac-Toe, Trace & Color & Word Scramble

Grandparents Certificate, Describe Granny from A-Z, Word Hunt & Coloring Sheet

Labor Day themed Cross Word Puzzle, Draw the other half, Color & Label Activity Sheet

Draw & Color the other half

Kiddie & Adult Coloring Mandalas

Kindness Dice Game, Quotable Quotes & 10 things I like about YOU template

Camping Day Activity Sheets

Summer Emoji Code Breaker

Fruits & Vegetable Coloring Sheet

Emoji Code Breaker

Sunglasses cut-outs & Maze

Picnic themed coloring sheets

Father's Day themed activity sheets

BFF Card template

Carnival Fortune Teller 

Fruit Squishy Maze

Nature Scavenger Hunt

Mother's Day themed activity sheets

Teacher's day card template

Earth Day Coloring Sheets

Easter Activity Sheets

Birthday Card Templates

April Fool's Day Word Search