Gemstone Suncatcher Craft Kits

6 Gemstone Suncatcher Craft Kits for Little Girls

Your little girl is growing fast. 

She’s mastered coloring perfectly within the lines, stacking blocks in minutes, and even gone through all the paper craft ideas you had. 

Now she’s bored, and you know it’s only a matter of time before she asks for more screen time.

It’s time to come up with more creative craft ideas that will keep her occupied and challenge her in a fun way.

SunGemmers craft kits to the rescue!

These little gemstones come in dazzling colors that can turn any window into magnificent art and make cheery light sparkle in your home! 

If you’re looking for indoor activities that will help develop your child’s motor skills and stimulate their creativity while leaving no mess behind, check out our award-winning SunGemmers.

1 - Sun & Rainbow SunGemmers

girl sticking SunGemmers sun and rainbow stickers on window
Source: Purple Ladybug Instagram page

Sunshine and rainbows! What could make your little one happier?

This SunGemmers craft kit will bring the sunshine to your home with its dazzling rays. It comes with two pre-printed designs—a sun and rainbow—and over 700 colorful gemstones for your child to work with.

The package also includes:

  • Two color guides, one for each SunGemmers design
  • Double-sided mounting tape that sticks the art firmly on the window
  • A pamphlet with instructions on how to make the SunGemmers

It’s an easy craft and your little girl will enjoy making the design come to life in three steps:

  1. Choose a color pattern, and place the corresponding transparent SunGemmers design on top of the pre-printed color guide.

    Use a clipboard or tape to secure the two sheets together and keep the pattern aligned to the guide.

  2. Peel and stick the gemstones on the transparent sheet to match the guide underneath.

    The gems come in many different colors and two sizes. Each transparent gem has an adhesive on one side that sticks firmly to the sheet.

  3. Finally, use the mounting tape to stick the SunGemmers on your window.

    To get the perfect sun catching effect, choose a spot on your window that gets direct light. You’ll love how your home lights up with vibrant colors that travel across the room as the sun moves across the sky.

2 - Heart & Flower SunGemmers

woman and girl smiling; heart and flower SunGemmers on window
SunGemmers: Heart & Flower

This stunning SunGemmers kit is a perfect spring indoor activity to welcome the beautiful season into your home. It comes with two designs—a heart and flower—and multicolored gemstones to decorate the designs with.

Each design measures 8 × 8 inches, making them big enough to stand out in a window and illuminate the entire room with sparkles.

You’ll also get two corresponding color guides and mounting tape to hang the art.

Here’s a step-by-step video showing you how to make the SunGemmers:

Your child will be itching to get her hands on this SunGemmers craft kit.

“... we ordered the flower and heart one and immediately our daughter got right into it even took it her grandparents' house the next day…”Danielle Isaacson, US

3 - Dolphin, Turtle & Mermaid SunGemmers

girl standing in front of a window with beautiful SunGemmers
Source: Purple Ladybug Instagram page

Has your little girl watched Sofia the First a thousand times? If little mermaids and epic underwater adventures enchant her, she’ll love this sea-themed SunGemmers.

This SunGemmers craft kit comes with pre-designed images of a dolphin, turtle, and mermaid. Each design measures 6 × 6 inches—large enough for your child to stick the colorful gemstones without straining.

The three-color matching guides help your child follow a pattern, making the activity fun and engaging. Once she sticks all the gemstones on the sheets, use mounting tape to hang them on the window.

You can also join in the fun and help your kids create a window art you’ll all be proud of.

“I love that absolutely everything is included in this package… Can’t wait to have a fun crafting time with my granddaughter! Such a beautiful unusual craft!”TF, US

4 - Tree, Flower & Flamingo SunGemmers

flamingo, tree, and flower SunGemmers

If your kid is outdoorsy, she’ll adore this nature-themed SunGemmers.

This SunGemmers craft kit comes with a flamingo, flower, tree, and over seven hundred sparkling gemstones, ready for your tiny artist to turn the window into a dreamy park.

Each design measures 6 × 6 inches and comes with a color matching guide to help your child place the gems in the correct position.

5 - Wolf, Cactus & Eagle SunGemmers

wolf, cactus, & eagle SunGemmers
SunGemmers Wolf, Eagle, Cactus

Has your kid been constantly pushing you to take them on a trip to see cacti in real life? 

Take her on a trip of her imagination with this SunGemmers kit. It comes with black pre-printed window designs that include a cactus, a wolf, and an eagle. 

Your little one gets to create a beautiful window art featuring these designs and over 700 colorful SunGemmer gemstone sun-catching stickers. It also comes with 3 color guides and full instructions to ensure she has the most fun creating her SunGemmers.

Crafting Tip: Once your girl hacks the pre-printed designs, encourage her to ditch the guide and come up with her own color scheme. You’ll be surprised at the masterpiece she’ll create given freedom and motivation.

6 - Extra Large Rainbow SunGemmers

Extra Large Rainbow SunGemmers
Source: Extra Large Rainbow Suncatcher Window Diamond

Are you looking forward to enjoying an hour or so of “kid-free time”?

The Extra Large Rainbow SunGemmers could be your guilt-free ticket to this. It will keep your little one busy for at least an hour as she works to create a huge pretty rainbow to stick on her window.

Although this craft kit comes with a color guide, you could let your little girl organize the sun-catching gems into a rainbow from the top of her head. This is especially helpful to boost the creativity and imagination of girls ages 6+ who are already familiar with the colors of the rainbow.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of SunGemmers craft kits?

SunGemmers are a stunning addition to your home décor, but most importantly, the kits play an immense role in your child’s development during independent playtime

Besides, solo playtime for kids means more me-time for you.

Some other benefits of SunGemmers include:

  • Sharpening your kid’s creativity and enriching their imagination

    With over seven hundred multicolored gems in each kit, she will be busy for hours and could choose to create many of her own designs

  • Teaching problem-solving skills

    By starting with a blank template, your kiddo will need to figure out what gem goes where until she gets the SunGemmers sparkling and ready to hang

  • Honing your kid’s fine motor skills

    She’ll need to peel and stick the little gems to match the guide 

    This requires concentration, eye-hand coordination, pincer, and manipulation skills to get it right

  • Building your child’s patience and persistence

    It’ll take your kid lots of patience to peel and stick the tiny gems in place

    Although she may ask for your help, encourage her to continue making her craft and remind her of the beautiful window art she’ll come up with

  • Building her confidence

    Watch the triumphant smile your little girl gives when the little specks of light from her window art fill your home with rainbow colors

Are SunGemmers kid-friendly?

Yes, our SunGemmers craft kits are recommended for kids ages 6 and up.

We ensure our toys meet set safety standards by testing them in an independent laboratory, using high-quality and non-toxic materials. Our SunGemmers craft kits have won two awards:

  • NAPPA (National Parenting Product Awards)—this trusted company uses qualified evaluators, parents, and child testers to ascertain toy safety before recommending them to families
  • The Toy Insider—uses toy experts to gather reviews from parents and uses the research collected to curate toy gift guides that align with the first-hand experiences of users

SunGemmers and glass suncatchers

What is the difference between SunGemmers and glass suncatchers?

The main difference is the material used. While SunGemmers are made from acrylic gemstones, glass suncatchers use clear or stained-glass to make shiny crystals.

This table breaks down the differences between the two:

Characteristics SunGemmers Glass Suncatchers
Durability Doesn’t crack from a fall Easily breaks from a fall
Flexibility Portable, light, and come in multiple designs giving you the flexibility to recreate your custom SunGemmers Most come as a complete ready-to-hang piece with hooks, giving you no room to customize
Safety Safer since it doesn’t crack from a fall Unsafe because you may get cuts from glass pieces when the suncatcher falls
Price Cheaper than glass suncatchers Pricier than SunGemmers

Delight Your Kids With Dazzling SunGemmers

At Purple Ladybug, we are committed to making quality toys that are fun and educational for your child. Our SunGemmers craft kits are a hit with families looking for creative gifts that inspire their little girls to explore and do more.

But don’t just take our word for it.

Besides winning awards, SunGemmers have a 4.6-star rating on Amazon from satisfied parents.

“Easy to use ✔️ No mess ✔️ Over an hour of entertainment ✔️ Portable ✔️ Suitable for all kids ages 5+✔️”Reshma K, United States

Browse our SunGemmers craft kits collection and get your princess a gift that’ll light up her face and your home.

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