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13 Birthday Gift Ideas for Little Girls & Sparkly Sun Catchers

Your little girl’s birthday is coming up and you’re still wondering what gift to give her. You want an interactive, fun, and out-of-the-box gift that won’t be tossed in the overstuffed toy basket after a week.

When it comes to selecting gifts for kids, you should:

  • Choose age-appropriate toys that help in your child’s development.
  • Consider your child’s interests—is she outdoorsy or would she rather stay indoors and craft?
  • Select durable, safe, and kid-friendly toys.

With this in mind, we’ve rounded up 13 gift ideas to inspire you when shopping for your child’s birthday.

Gift Ideas for Tiny Artists

If your little girl lives for art, she’ll love our creative SunGemmers craft kits. These sparkly suncatchers come with:

  • Pre-printed templates with fun designs, such as rainbows, flowers, and sea creatures
  • Hundreds of colorful gemstones and color guides to help her make the SunGemmers
  • Strong double-sided mounting tape to hang the window art
  • Written instructions to guide her in making the SunGemmers

Here’s a step-by-step video of how to make SunGemmers

The easy-to-make SunGemmers are a great activity for filling your kid’s independent playtime and helping her build important development skills, such as:

  • Creativity — Each kit comes with different designs and multicolored gems, enabling your kid to unleash their imagination and make stunning window art.
  • Fine motor skills — Your child will need to concentrate and coordinate her hands and eyes to fix the tiny peel-and-stick gems on the templates.
  • Problem-solving skills — Your kiddo practices patience, persistence, and emotional control when they build SunGemmers on their own.
  • Confidence — Your little girl will be proud of her accomplishment when her sparkly SunGemmers light up your home with rainbow colors.

Check out our unique SunGemmers craft kits for a perfect birthday gift:

1 - Heart & Flower SunGemmers

Heart & Flower SunGemmers
SunGemmers: Heart & Flower

This Heart & Flower SunGemmers is perfect for letting your little girl know how much joy she’s brought to your life. It comes with a heart and flower design that makes eye-catching window art to spruce up her bedroom.

"Bought this for a birthday gift. It was a big hit! Great beautiful colors. Affordable and shipping was quick." —  MaryLee Shantz, United States

2 - Sun & Rainbow SunGemmers

Sun & Rainbow SunGemmers
SunGemmers: Mermaid, Dolphin, & Turtle

Did you know that two people can never see the same rainbow colors? Arm yourself with more fascinating rainbow facts and get ready for a fun-filled, crafty afternoon with the birthday girl and her tiny guests while making Sun & Rainbow SunGemmers.

3 - Mermaid, Dolphin & Turtle SunGemmers

Mermaid, Dolphin & Turtle SunGemmers
SunGemmers: Mermaid, Dolphin, & Turtle

Ocean-themed craft kits are a great way to teach kids about fascinating aqua life. This SunGemmers craft kit will take your kiddo on an epic underwater adventure with graceful dolphins, mysterious mermaids, and endangered sea turtles.

4 - Flamingo & Flower & Tree SunGemmers

Flamingo & Flower & Tree SunGemmers
SunGemmers: Tree, Flower & Flamingo

Your kid will love this nature-themed SunGemmers craft kit that turns your window into a magical park where flamingos, flowers, and trees are covered in glittering gemstones, and birthday wishes come true.

“My 8-year old loved this kit. It was simple enough for her to complete independently and came out beautiful. Looking forward to ordering more kits as gift.” — Janet Decker, United States

5 - Wolf, Cactus & Eagle SunGemmers

Our SunGemmers designs are big enough to stand out on a window and a colorful addition to your home decor. This table shows the sizes of each design:

SunGemmers Craft Kit Size Of Each Design
Sun & Rainbow 8 × 8 inches
Heart & Flower 8 × 8 inches
Mermaid, Dolphin, & Turtle 6 × 6 inches
Tree, Flower, & Flamingo 6 × 6 inches
Cactus, Wolf & Eagle 6 x 6 inches

Gift Ideas for Sporty Girls

There’s no denying the immense benefits of outdoor games on your child’s cognitive development.

  • Spending time outdoors helps your kid build social skills when they interact with their peers.
  • Physical games require muscle, coordination, and balance, which develop your child’s gross and fine motor skills.
  • Unstructured outdoor play allows kids to explore their surroundings and use their imagination and creativity to initiate games.

If your kid enjoys the irresistible outdoors and is always down for active sports, consider getting her a birthday gift that she can take along on her excursions.

5 - Scooter

girl riding her scooter

If your adventurous girl is interested in thrilling sports, start off her stunt journey with a scooter. It’ll develop her motor skills, build her muscles, and teach her how to balance her weight to steer the scooter in the right direction.

Scooter shopping tips:

  • Choose a scooter with adjustable handlebars so that you can set it to your kid’s height.
  • Start off with a three-wheeled scooter to build her balance and confidence.
  • Buy the appropriate safety gear, such as a helmet and knee and elbow pads. 

6 - Emoji Beach Balls

emoji beach balls

Planning a birthday pool party for your kiddo? Surprise her with these cheerful emoji beach balls that can be used to play exciting ball games.

Here are some fun activities to encourage teamwork and healthy competition in kids:

  • Beach ball bowling — Use empty bottles as bowling pins and let the kids take turns knocking the pin bottles down.
  • Beach ball race with water guns — Hand each kid a water gun and let them compete to see who gets the beach ball first to the finish line.

7 - Stunning DIY Water Bottle Craft Kit

Teal Gemstone Water Bottle
Teal Gemstone Water Bottle

Keep your little one hydrated when they’re out and about with this colorful water bottle from Purple Ladybug. This gift package comes with a plain, sturdy teal bottle and 7 sheets of sparkly gems for your kiddo to glam the bottle with.

The BPA-free bottle also comes with a carabiner to easily secure it to a bag or belt loop. The lid also has a silicone seal, making it leakproof and easy to carry around in a backpack.

“My mom sent my daughter one of these for her birthday, and she absolutely loved decorating it.” — Rabbit, United States

Gift Ideas for Budding Chefs

Kid Chef Eliana wrote her first recipe at only 4 years old. Today, the 22-year-old is a celebrity chef with several awards, cookbooks, and cooking shows under her name.

It’s never too early to steer your little budding chef towards culinary stardom. Besides, cooking with your kids helps them:

  • Develop fine motor skills — cooking involves mixing, stirring, or chopping ingredients, which requires her to use eye-hand coordination
  • Build receptive language skills by following step-by-step recipe instructions
  • Increase their attention span — cooking is a sequencing activity that requires focus to get the steps right and a sweet meal at the end

Here are some birthday gift ideas for girls who love the kitchen:

8 - Baking Set

colorful kid’s baking set

Surprise your junior baker with a colorful baking set that includes all the necessary materials she’ll need to make her first brownies.

When shopping, look out for:

  • Utensils made with BPA-free and food-grade material
  • Dish-washer-safe utensils to make it easier for you to clean up afterward
  • Kid-sized cooking tools that are easy for tiny hands to grip

9 - Kid’s Cookbook

kid’s cookbook

Get the upcoming chef a kid’s cookbook that has tons of easy-to-follow recipes that will build her cooking skills and confidence in the kitchen.

Look out for books from accredited authors that include recipes that emphasize healthy eating.

10 - Cooking Classes

cooking classes for kids

If you want your aspiring cook to learn from a professional, sign her up for cooking classes. There are numerous virtual classes that are designed for kids with fun, kid-friendly recipes that will keep your little one occupied on weekends.

Better yet, you can enroll her in physical classes where she can learn with her peers and pick up social skills.

Gift Ideas for Glamorous Tweens

If your sassy tween daughter loves to experiment with your makeup and is attracted to all things shiny, she’ll adore these glamorous gifts from Purple Ladybug.

Allowing your kid to experiment with kid-friendly makeup:

  • Encourages self-expression and individuality
  • Boosts her creativity and imagination
  • Builds her confidence and self-esteem

11 - Hair Chalk & Glitter Style Set

Hair Chalk & Glitter Style Set
Hair Chalk & Glitter Style Set

Our Hair Chalk & Glitter Style Set is the perfect gift for bold tweens who want to add life to their hair with a pop of color.

It comes with 12 colorful hair chalk pens, an applicator wand, and a small comb to make the application mess-free. The gift package also includes a sheet of temporary glitter tattoos, a pot of body glitter, and a brush; everything your little princess and her friends need for an afternoon of playing dress-up.

12 - Mermaid Glamour Make Up Kit

Color In Messenger Bag
Mermaid Glamour Make Up Kit

birthday girl and her friends can use to glam up before the party?

This kit includes bright lipsticks, shiny lip gloss, an eye-shadow palette, two bottles of nail polish, blush compacts, a large hair bow, and a mermaid-themed wrist pouch.

Perfect gift for an 8 year old girl! …makeup is safe and non-toxic.”
Schmidt18, United States

13 - Color In Messenger Bag

Color In Messenger Bag
Color In Messenger Bag For Girls

Add this stylish, yet functional Color In Messenger Bag to your kiddo's fancy collection. It comes with fun pre-printed pictures, and a set of vibrant permanent markers to color the bag with!

This sturdy messenger bag will fit your little girl comfortably thanks to its adjustable shoulder straps. The Velcro closure also makes it easy to open and close the bag on the go.

Find the Perfect Birthday Gift at Purple Ladybug

At Purple Ladybug, we’re committed to making interactive craft kits that boost your child’s development and build their confidence.

Our dedication has helped us bag numerous awards, with the latest being for our fun and engaging SunGemmers.

NAPPA describes the SunGemmers craft kits as ”very good for honing fine motor skills,” while The Toy Insider recommends them as perfect birthday party favors or birthday gifts.

Browse our SunGemmers collection for a stunning suncatcher that will impress the birthday girl.

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