Stained Glass Bird Suncatchers

How Stained Glass Bird Suncatchers Can Help Your Child Discover Nature

Mother Nature is the greatest teacher, and there’s no better way to let your little one explore her wonders than by exposing them to the outdoors. One of the most educational, fun, and engaging nature activities for kids is bird-watching.

Through bird-watching, you can teach your young naturalist about:

  • Endangered bird species and what they can do to help save them
  • The value of each living thing and the role they play in having a healthy ecosystem
  • The importance of taking care of our natural surroundings to maintain their habitat

While the outdoors provides a great opportunity for your child to discover nature and learn about birds, there’s no reason you can’t bring the wild right into your home with creative suncatcher craft kits.

Whether your kid is yet to explore the bird world, or if they’re already a budding birder with their own pair of binoculars, a nature journal, and a favorite bird-watching spot on your porch, they’ll love our bird-themed SunGemmers.

1 - Think Pink With the Tree, Flower, and Flamingo SunGemmers Kit

Tree, Flower, & Flamingo SunGemmers

Flamingos are an intriguing bird species. Picture them gathered in a shallow lake, standing on one leg with their long graceful necks buried in the salty waters; their bright pink feathers a beautiful sight.

Their peculiar feeding habits, distinct feathers, and living conditions make them an interesting subject for young, curious birders. 

If you’re looking for an interactive tool that will help introduce your kid to these mysterious, beautiful creatures in a fun and engaging manner, we recommend our hands-on Flamingo SunGemmers craft kit. 

This easy-to-make suncatcher craft kit comes with:

  • Three pre-printed designs, including a flamingo, tree, and flower: a complete set for your kid to picture the bird in their natural setting
  • Over 700 colorful peel-and-stick gemstones that decorate the designs with a sparkly stained-glass effect
  • A printed instruction manual and double-sided mounting tape to hang the art

Here’s a quick step-by-step video on how to make SunGemmers:

"My granddaughter loves craft projects like this one. It does not appear complicated and produces a lovely picture to hang up." Sue E. Wetterlin, United States

As your little one works their way through their SunGemmers, arm yourself with fascinating flamingo facts to build the foundation of this mysterious bird.

Here are some facts to help you kick off your nature discovery lesson:

  • Flamingos get their vibrant pink-orange color from eating many brine shrimps and algae, which contain large amounts of plant chemicals called carotenoids—the same chemical that gives carrots their bright orange color.
  • Flamingos feed their chicks a special kind of milk produced in their digestive system. Once the carotenoid-rich pink milk is formed, the flamingos spit it down their babies’ throats.
  • Flamingos sleep while standing on one leg. They’re steadier, use less energy, and can easily take flight in case of enemy attacks.

2 - Soar High With the Wolf, Eagle, and Cactus SunGemmers Kit

Wolf, Eagle, & Cactus SunGemmers
SunGemmers Wolf, Eagle, Cactus

Eagles have earned the title of “the king of the skies” thanks to their impressive qualities; such as being a powerful, graceful, independent, swift, and aggressive hunter.

It’s no wonder that the bald eagle is America’s national bird, with its likeness sitting proudly on the Great Seal as a show of power.

Teaching your kid about this versatile bird provides the perfect opportunity to learn about nature and the national heritage—a fun way to hit two birds with one stone!

If you want to teach your kid in an interactive manner, we recommend incorporating our engaging nature SunGemmers craft project into the lesson.

This suncatcher kit has three creative designs: a wolf, an eagle, and a cactus. It also contains hundreds of sparkly gems that’ll take your child quite a while to stick on the pre-printed templates. 

This means you’ll have ample, undistracted time to bond with your little one while sneaking in facts about nature, eagles, and how they’re entwined with the American heritage.

The beautiful gift-ready package also comes with a color guide, mounting tape, and instructions on how to make the SunGemmers.

"I love that absolutely everything is included in this package… Can’t wait to have fun crafting time with my granddaughter!" TF, United States

Learning Tip: Did you know that America’s national bird almost went extinct between the early and mid-1900s because of illegal hunting, destruction of their natural habitat, and lead poisoning caused by DDT pesticides? 

Luckily, the government intervened with bald eagle protection laws. Today, they’re no longer classified as endangered. This is an excellent opportunity to teach your young naturalist the importance of conserving our environment and protecting wildlife.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do SunGemmers make a perfect gift for kids?

Our unique SunGemmers craft kits are perfect for kids who love surprise gifts that match their fantasies.

You’ll love that:

  • SunGemmers come in versatile creative designs, so you’re sure to find a craft that matches your little one’s personality and interests.
  • Your kid can easily make the window art from scratch without help because the kit comes with pre-printed designs, hundreds of peel-and-stick colorful gems, a color guide, and printed instructions.
  • You won’t have to worry about cleaning up after an afternoon of crafting thanks to the mess-free, stick-on gems—unlike DIY suncatchers that cause a mess from spilled glue, paint stains, or shredded paper.
  • Our award-winning SunGemmers are made with high-quality, shatter-proof, non-toxic, kid-friendly materials that meet toy safety standards.

Safety Tip: Beware that the tiny gemstones can be a choking hazard for toddlers - these kits are recommended for ages 6+.

SunGemmers in versatile creative designs

What are the benefits of SunGemmers craft kits?

SunGemmers are educational crafts that introduce your child to various subjects, such as nature, wild animals, and celestial bodies, in a fun and engaging manner.

Besides being an interactive learning tool, these craft kits help your kids achieve important developmental milestones during independent playtime, such as:

  • Fine motor skills — Handling the tiny gems and sticking them on the template requires your kid to engage their hand and finger muscles while coordinating eye movements to get the design right.

    This helps build in-hand manipulative skills and strengthen their pincer grasp.

  • Creativity — Our SunGemmers collection features a wide variety of unique designs and colorful gemstones for your kiddo to decorate with and explore their creative side.

  • Cognitive skills — Before working on the SunGemmers craft, your kid will need to plan their project and understand how to match the gems with the guide.

    This hones their critical thinking, concentration, and problem-solving skills.

  • Confidence and self-esteem — Completing the window art builds your tween’s confidence and prepares them for more complex crafting projects that will enable them to master new skills.

What is the difference between SunGemmers and glass suncatchers?

SunGemmers craft kits contain colorful gemstones you can stick on transparent sheets and hang on a window to create a stunning faux glass. Glass suncatchers are made from clear, stained glass, or painted glass, that reflects sunlight to create dazzling rays.

This table summarizes the differences between the two:

Feature SunGemmers Glass Suncatchers
Safety More kid-friendly because they’re unbreakable and non-toxic Higher risk of breaking from a fall and exposing your kid to broken glass
Freedom of expression Encourages your kid to use creativity to make colorful window art using pre-designed templates and gems Stifles creativity because they come as a complete ready-to-hang art or kit with prescribed directions
Price Cheaper than glass suncatchers, allowing you to buy multiple craft kits at a go Pricier than SunGemmers because of the glass material used

Be One With Nature With a SunGemmer Kit From Purple Ladybug

Kids are naturally curious and exploring nature helps them find answers to their endless questions. SunGemmers hands-on crafts are perfect for reinforcing your kid’s nature discovery lessons in a fun and engaging way.

Whether you want to teach your child about wildlife, sea creatures, vegetation, or the planet, you’ll find a suitable suncatcher kit from our collection, including:

The SunGemmers are packaged in beautiful, gift-ready boxes and make an amazing gift for anyone aged 6 and above.

Browse our shop and gift your young artist a fun craft kit that will inspire them to discover all that nature has to offer.

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