Hosting a Virtual Party for Your Kid’s Birthday

Hosting a Virtual Party for Your Kid’s Birthday

The COVID pandemic has changed how we communicate and socialize.  By now, you’ve spent tons of time on Zoom and your kids probably know how to use it better than you do!   


Kids’ birthday parties are still virtual, or smaller in many cases, than pre-pandemic. Although COVID fatigue is real, when your child’s birthday rolls around, we’ve got some creative ideas for how to create an interactive experience for kids of all ages. A bonus of virtual parties is that any friends that are long-distance can also attend!  


Make a Craft together! 

  • Pick a craft that can be done together. 
  • Send a kit of the materials with the invitations. Our Decorate Your Own Tumbler craft kits are perfect, since they can alll “cheers” to the birthday child with their finished cups! 
  • During the party, make it together!  Allow for time for everyone to have a turn to show off their art! 

Make it a Costume Party! 

  • Send an invite out to all the friends (virtual or old fashioned snail mail is pretty exciting to receive!). 
  • Tell them to pick their themed costume to surprise the birthday kid on the day of the party! 
  • Pick some fun music and let the kids show off! 


Have a Bake-off! 

  • Send out invites with baking materials or recipes – or deliver large plain butter cookies and some bags of icing and candy before the party! 
  • Encourage the baked good to be done prior to the party, but not the decorating. 
  • Set up the camera in the kitchen and have everyone decorate at the same time! 
  • Show off the beauty and then everyone gets to eat! 


Hire a Host! 

  •  Some amazing companies have created amazing opportunities for a stress-free virtual party! 
  • Lots of choices are available.  There is something for everyone! 


Have a Game-Off! 

  • Host a server for your kid’s favorite video game. 
  • Play a Virtual Board Game together. 
  • Play Skribbl - a virtual picture drawing and guessing game 
  • This is awesome fun for slightly older kids 


Your kid’s birthday will always be a special day. Virtual parties can be just as fun and engaging!  The opportunity for faraway friends to participate will allow for friendships to flourish across the miles. Connections and memories can still be made. Recording and screenshots can make it easy to keep them forever. Stay safe and have fun with a virtual party! 

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