Product Instructions

In case you misplaced the instructions included inside your Purple Ladybug product, you can find the latest versions here. 

To find the appropriate document for your product, find its part number (usually located on the back of the packaging by the barcode - or the last 4 digits of the barcode)

The first four digits of the document correspond to the part number

How to make the Paracord Bracelet?

Grow Your Own Crystals Craft Kits

Encourage a love of science with Purple Ladybug's STEM Crystal

Growing Kits! Know more about our Crystal Growing Kits here.

Resin Craft Kits

Resin is a fun and creative craft that allows for an incredible range of self-expression, creativity, and enjoyment.

 Our resin kits are perfect if you have been having fun creating resin crafts with silicone molds and want to make even more!

Know more about our Resin Craft Kits here.

Lip Balm Making Kits

Make your kid feel glamorous just like mom... while experimenting with this STEM lip balm kit.

Purple Ladybug lip balm is made with 100% natural ingredients and Top Holiday Toy for 2021!

Know more about our Lip Balm Making Kits here.

Candle Making Kits

Custom-create your own beautiful soy candles with this kit.

Each kit comes with six tastefully patterned tins, three fragrances and six colors to create your own candles!

Know more about our Candle Making Making Kits here.