Help Save the World with Your Kids Using These Earth Day Activities

Help Save the World with Your Kids Using These Earth Day Activities

Every year on April 22, all around the world over a billion people celebrate our planet This year, has themed Earth Day “Restore our World”. The focus will be on saving our world from climate change and environmental destruction.  

Keep reading for kid-friendly and fun Earth Day activities! Your kids will love the idea that they can help save the world. So put on those superhero capes and get out therehave a great time while learning some important lessons about how to treat our planet.  


  • Go to your favorite park or beach and pick up trash 
  • Don’t forget some gloves and trash bags that are small enough for your little ones to carry themselves. 
  • Bring a big bag for the adults to carry.  The little ones can empty theirs into yours.  
  • Talk about ways that we can prevent litter in our community. 


  • Plant a tree or other plants 
  • Trees absorb carbon from the atmosphere through photosynthesis.  
  • Trees also help regulate the temperature in an area; they are natural air conditioners! 
  • Trees are stunningly beautiful and provide a relaxing atmosphere for our families and communities. 
  • Repurpose some household items in fun crafts! 
  • Make a Water Wall out of 20 oz plastic bottles - a great idea from Tinker Lab.  Perfect for upcoming summer fun! 
  • Make a Bird Feeder from used cans - this DIY activity is from And We Play.  This will help birds along their migration paths and give plenty of observation opportunities for the kids! 
  • If you have t-shirts that can’t be donated, you can make these fun bracelets out of old clothes, a cute idea from Hello Glow!  
  • Learn About Recycling! 
  • Make paper! This awesome craft from Tinker Lab is good for any age of child, even toddlers! 
  • Talk about how recycling works and why it is beneficial to our communities. 


  • Get Outside! 
  • Let your kids grab hold of camera and take pictures of the things they are interested in.  This can be around your yard, neighborhood, or favorite nature park. 
  • Get them printed and help them to put the pictures into a journal.  Have the kids explain why each picture was taken and what it means to them 
  • Use our Purple Ladybug Earth Day themed FREE printables to have a stimulating time searching in the great outdoors! 


  • Encourage kids to use Reusable containers including water bottles 
  • By using your own water bottle, you help save the world by stopping the use of single-use water bottles. 
  • Check out this website to find out even more reasons to use your own water bottle. 
  • Decorate our Purple Ladybug personalizable water bottle craft kit so kids will have their own customized water bottle that they’ll be proud to show off to friends!  

  • Make a Family Conservation plan 
  • Research ways to save water usage, electricity usage, and waste  
  • Talk about the ways you can work together to save the world and ensure you put some of your kids’ suggestions into practice. 


  • Teach kids about your Carbon Footprint 
  • These fun craft activities from Kitchen Counter Chronicles both help kids understand the impact of our choices and understand how they can start to minimize our carbon footprint.  


No matter what Earth Day activities you decide on, remember to make it fun. Earth is ours to protect and we need it to survive.  

When you think about the whole entire world and all its problems, it can seem daunting. However, know that you’re in good company with over a BILLION people actively celebrating Earth Day and working to improve the state of our incredible planet.  

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