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Gifts for Girls: 6 Awesome DIY Kits You Will Love

What awesome gift will you get to treat your daughter this year? She will probably really enjoy a craft kit! She’ll enjoy creating items, developing her creativity, and collaborating with others.

Craft kits are loaded with entertainment and skills—exactly what we aim for with our DIY kits at Purple Ladybug.

Kids enjoy our craft kits because they keep them engaged. Each box of fun is a small activity; they stay busy making quality items like lip balms similar to mom’s.

With Purple Ladybug craft kits, kids have the opportunity to:

  • Customize jewelry boxes with colored clay
  • Decorate their backpacks with shimmery foil
  • Create shiny hair clips by baking clay shapes
  • Make sparkly bracelets from glitter and gems

The fun keeps on going with Purple Ladybug’s DIY craft kits. Kids express themselves through creativity and experience pride in showing off their finished creations.

Check out these engaging DIY craft kits you can give as gifts for girls:

1 - Hair Clips Craft Kit

girl with colorful clips in her hair

Little girls feel great about themselves when they like their style. They’ll spend loads of time getting their look just right.

So, how about giving your daughter a Hair Clips Craft Kit showing her how to make hair clips from scratch that she can wear, too?

Our Clay Create Hair Clips Craft Kit lets kids express their creative skills by making hair clips with star, rounded, and square shapes.

Kids will mix and match the colors however she wants. With 15 hair clips available, your daughter can make all sorts of beautiful combinations.

Clay Create hair clips craft set is recommended for girls age 6 and up and contains:

  • 15 hair clips ready to be decorated
  • Seven colors of polymer clay blocks
  • One clay mold tray with four designs
  • One high-gloss glaze
  • Craft adhesive
  • Instruction manual

Simply mix and match the polymer colors to create different patterns, then put them into the clay mold tray, and remove before baking them in the oven.

The next step is to apply high-gloss glaze to the baked creations to give them an amazing shiny look. Finish off by gluing the designs onto the hair clips.

Creating hair clips is a fun and immensely satisfying activity that sharpens children’s creativity skills.

2 - SunGemmers Craft Kits

Make the sun sparkle with hundreds of colorful SunGemmers stickers in SunGemmers craft kits. The majesty and beauty of light shining through SunGemmers is impressive.

The array of colors streaming into a room through SunGemmers will feel like someone plucked the rainbow from the sky and displayed it on a window.

Each of our complete craft kits for creating sparkly windows includes:

  • Templates
  • Clear SunGemmers printed suncatcher designs
  • Over 700 gemstone stickers
  • Double-sided mounting tape
  • Full instructions

The table below represents the number of template designs and color guides included in each SunGemmers craft kit:

SunGemmers Craft Kit What’s Inside
Sun and Rainbow SunGemmers Two pre-printed templates and two color guides
Heart and Flower SunGemmers Two pre-printed templates and two color guides
Mermaid, Dolphin, and Turtle SunGemmers Three pre-printed templates and three color guides
Wolf, Eagle, and Cactus SunGemmers Three pre-printed templates and three color guides
Flower Garden SunGemmers Five die-cut templates and five color guides
Aquarium SunGemmers Six die-cut templates and six color guides
XL Rainbow One extra large rainbow-shaped SunGemmers sun catcher
XL Unicorn One extra large unicorn-shaped SunGemmers sun catcher

The pre-printed designs and color guides make it simple and fun to fill in the SunGemmers. Just place the transparent template sheet on the color guide and use the stickers to decorate the SunGemmers using Purple Ladybug sparkly gemstone stickers.

Join in the fun and create SunGemmers together with your kids!

3 - Purple Glitter Gem Water Bottle

water bottle with glitter gems

The Purple Glitter Gem Water Bottle craft kit allows kids to add some bling to a water bottle with so many sparkly glitter gems stickers.

As a bonus, we’ve included a carabiner to hang the bottle from a backpack or another hook.

It’s super fun arts and crafts for kids with many sheets of sparkly rhinestone glitter gemstone stickers. The bottle comes in an attractive ready-to-wrap box you can give as a gift.

Decorating the water bottle is fun and simple. Simply pull off the glitter gem stickers and stick them on the bottle in your desired pattern. There are even glitter gems shaped like your favorite designs: hearts, unicorns and more!

You’ll be proud to give this fantastic gift for Christmas, Easter, birthdays, and on any occasion to your children. It’s recommended for ages 6 and up.

4 - Advent Calendar 2022


Help your daughter, granddaughter, or niece count down to Christmas with a fabulous new toy every day inside this Advent Calendar 2022 festive gift.

The box is big with colorful images that will make an impression on kids even before they open it—we’ve made sure to seal it well so items don’t fall out and ruin the surprise.

There are doors to each gift and inside each door, you’ll find a holiday trivia question with the next day’s door. How exciting!

Our big and colorful box contains 24 fun gifts, including:

  • Clay crafts
  • Jewelry and makeup
  • Hair accessories
  • SunGemmers
  • Writing accessories

These high-quality products will outlast other festive advent gifts, like candy and chocolate, and your little girl will delight in the imaginative and mess-free gifts.

We update our Advent calendar each year with the coolest, on-trend gifts. The Purple Ladybug 2022 Advent calendar is the best one yet!

5 - Jewelry Box Craft Kit

jewelry box customized with clay and gem stickers 

How do you help organize a child’s treasures, keepsakes or accessories?

Many kids love to keep a collection of little knick-knacks. A Jewelry Box Craft Kit will be very useful to them to keep their precious treasures in one place.

“I bought this jewelry box for my granddaughter. She loved it. It’s perfect for little girls who enjoy making crafts. I’ll buy this again.” - Happy customer

The jewelry box craft kit contains a wooden box measuring 3.5” × 5.5” × 4”, which kids can decorate and transform into a colorful keepsake box.

There are five colors of air-dry clay that will keep kids busy as they mold the clay into different shapes and stick them onto the box. There are also four sheets of glitter gem stickers to accessorize the clay shapes.

A sculpting tool is included to trim away extra clay and keep the shapes neat.

It’s a fun and thoughtful gift to surprise your little one that will allow them to maximize their creativity and self-expression!

Our jewelry box is an awesome gift for birthdays, Christmas, Easter, or any occasion when you would like to give a lovely thoughtful gift to an adorable little child in your life.

6 - Lip Balm Kit 10 Cases

girls showing off their homemade lip balm

Bring out the scientist in your kid with the Lip Balm Kit 10 Cases of high-quality lip balms. The mini-science experiment shows kids how science is part of everyday items they use.

If your daughter often rummages through your makeup and applies your lip balm, it’s time to show her how to make her own, complete with pointed tips like yours.

The experiment is an excellent way to build her confidence as she realizes she can create her own products at home.

This STEM project uses all-natural products. We’re conscious of what your kids put on their bodies, so we use 100% natural beeswax, shea butter, and olive oil as the primary ingredients for the lip balm. There is an option to add flavor: we include mint and lemon.

Other items in the package include a mixing cup, scoop, pipette, and stir stick.

The mini-project kicks off by mixing the beeswax, shea butter, and olive oil in the mixing cup. When the mixture is firm, use the pipette to draw it out and fill the lip balm containers.

Make science fun for your kids by letting them see how this experiment applies to everyday life.

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Purple Ladybug DIY Kits: Fun and Skills-Building Gifts for Girls

We provide fun and high-quality craft kits that promote kids' development and creativity. You’ll love purchasing Purple Ladybug craft kits for girls.

Is your daughter always styling her hair? She’ll have fun making her hair clips.

A STEM mini-science project like making lip balm will delight her if she's into mixing, stirring, learning and tactile learning.

Our award-winning business specializes in safe, fun, and simple-to-use products. Whenever you need to buy gifts for girls, reach out for a Purple Ladybug craft kit.

We promise that a world of creativity and enjoyment awaits within every Purple Ladybug box.

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