FREE Printables: Back-to-school sheets "Distance Learning Success Tips"

FREE Printables: Back-to-school sheets "Distance Learning Success Tips"

No matter how you’re “back to school” this fall, 2020 is bringing its own set of challengesBut just because your kids may be distance learning this semester, that doesn’t mean that they (and you) can’t find great success and even maybe even joy in this type of schooling. 
To help make Distance Learning a success ... 
💻 Find a consistent place for school to happen in your houseSet up a desk for each of your kids in the basement, turn the dining room table into a classroom, have a corner of their bedroomdedicated to school... however it works for your family. But have one place that your child feels like they are “going to school” at home while distance learning. 
💻 If possible, have your kiddo’s school space in a room with lots of natural light. This can help their mood, productivity, and lessen the stress on their eyes of looking at a computer screen. 
💻 Invest in fun headphones and blue-light blocking glasses. These accessories will be a great new addition to back-to-school supplies and help with the distance learning process. 
💻 Speaking of supplies! Have everything else your child needs (crayons, paper, pencils, notebooks, scissors, etc.) ready and available to them – ideally, in the school area of your home. Keep some of our scratch paper or wax craft sticks on-hand to always be ready for an arts and crafts break! 
💻 Set a daily school schedule and stick to it, but be sure to include plenty of brain breaks! Brain breaks need to be screen free - get outside, grab some activity sheetsturn up the music & have a dance party, etc.  
💻 Reach out and ask for help. Connect with your child’s teachers, other parents, classmates, online tutors...if you need help, it’s out there! You are not in this alone. 

Don't forget to download this week's Distance Learning activity sheets!
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