New FREE printables + How to Cure Kids’ Cabin Fever!

New FREE printables + How to Cure Kids’ Cabin Fever!

January days often bring a whole lot of time inside. Add in some pandemic-induced separation and you have the perfect recipe for cabin fever.  

Cabin fever is the bane of parents’ existence everywhere and can cause all kinds of mayhem. You might have a case (or two) of cabin fever if you notice: 

  • A lot of complaining  
  • More temper tantrums 
  • More sibling fights 
  • Harder naptimes 
  • Snappy talking back 

The beautiful thing about Cabin Fever is that it is so easily treatable! We’ve got plenty of incredible ideas to help bring some indoor fun to your home 

The best part is these awesome indoor games for kids that will get them up and moving (getting out some of those wiggles & whines!) ... 


  • Indoor Obstacle CourseUsing tape and things around the house, create an obstacle course, and have your kids jump, crawl, and squeeze their way through it! Join in the fun and let them create one for you! If you want to add some competitive flavor, use a timer to time each child and yourself to see who can make it through the fastest! 


  • Freeze DanceThe indoor fun this activity brings comes with a load of health and brain benefitsSo turn up the music and dance! When the music stops, everybody freezes until it starts up again!   


  • Animal Workout: This game for kids lets them get their hearts pumping and lets their imaginations run wild. Let them add animal noises to the motions to create a safari experience you’ll all enjoy! You can even add this to your daily routine to add to the 60 minutes of active play that is recommended for kids 5 and up!   


  • Tape Games: A roll of painter’s tape can go so far in creating games for kids for indoor fun. You can mark off a race track, create hopscotch, make a spider web and so much more!! Let your imagination go wild and your floors will not be harmed in the process.


  • Simon Says and Mother, May I: These classic games are great for improving listening skills and can be as active or quiet as you need.   


  • Hide and Seek:  Another great classic game that goes on for hours in our home, you can change it up slightly by playing another game called Huckle Buckle Beanstalk where you choose an item to hide and when it has been found by someone, that child says “Huckle Buckle Beanstalk” and sits down without saying where it is.  When everyone has found it, the game starts again with the first finder getting to hide the item! 


  • Crab Carry: This game will give your child more skills and work on those core muscles.  Teach them how to walk belly up on their hands and feet while carrying something across the room.  See how long they can hold the item up! 


After all this activity, you and your kids might need a breather. What better way to keep those eyes away from the screen than to get your creative juices flowing with a craft!! Your kids will love our Resin Photo Charms Craft Kit. They will create charms featuring whatever photos they love – friends or family – that can be used as keychains, bag pull zippers or any sort of charm décor!  

Our resin craft kits are awesome for older kids. We include all the protective equipment kids need (gloves and goggles) so they can safely customize their resin with two different mold shapes, and different glitter options all included! 


For younger kids, this week we are sharing more winter-themed printables. Enjoy these coloring and drawing sheets to help kids get their creative juices flowing while you’re spending more time inside! 


Cabin Fever is no joke, but we hope that with these games for kids you will be able to keep the indoor blues and boredom away and keep that indoor fun flowing!! 

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