FREE Printable: Bedtime Routine Checklist "Bedtime Routines that Work! 😴 "

FREE Printable: Bedtime Routine Checklist "Bedtime Routines that Work! 😴 "

As parents, we’ve all been there: the bedtime battle.  

And with schedules and routines not being as much of necessity during less past 5-6 months of quarantine and social distancing, it’s understandable that many parents (us included!) have let bedtimes and bedtime routines slide. 

But as school is starting up again – either digitally, in-person, or some hybrid – it's extra important to get back into a good bedtime routine. 

We all know just how crucial sleep is for our kiddos. In fact, the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that our teens need 8-10 hours a night of sleep (and younger kids need even more!). 

So, here are some of our best tips for bedtime routine tips that will help you and your kids get their much-needed sleep entering into the new school year... 

😴 Keep it short. - It’s incredibly easy to allow bedtimes to drag on for what seems like an eternity and the longer we put it off, the harder it gets. It’s best to set a routine that is short, sweet and to the point. Brush teeth, read a couple books, give snuggles, and lights out. 

😴 Give your kids some choices. - Many bedtime battles occur because kids feel out of control and none of us like that feeling. While your children can’t choose when or if they go to bed, they can pick their pajamaswhich stuffed animals to cuddle with, and what book to read or song to sing. 

😴 Be consistent, but also keep it age-appropriate. - It’s important to do the same bedtime routine each night – ideally at the same time – but know that as your kids grow and change, their bedtime routines may need to be adjusted as well. 

😴 Help your kids feel safe. - We want our kids to be and feel safe, but at nighttime, it’s especially important to recognize their need for an extra sense of security in the form of a night light, stuffies, or a special blanket. 

😴 Talk about your bedtime routine before bedtime. - Kids like to know what’s happening in their world as much as adults do, so talk to your kids about bedtime before the actual event occurs. Read books about bedtimescolor pictures (if you need some templates for this, be sure to check out our many free printables -- this week we’ve got a bedtime checklist printable for kids!), or find episodes of their favorite TV show where bedtime is featured. 

What’s your best bedtime tip? Tell us about it in the comments and be sure to follow us on social @PLBFun for more tips and tricks! 

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