Cooking with Kids: How to Make Family Breakfasts Fun! + FREE Food themed printables!

Cooking with Kids: How to Make Family Breakfasts Fun! + FREE Food themed printables!

Cooking with kids can both rewarding, fun and challenging as a parenting activity 

On one hand, you know in your head and heart that this skill will be useful for the rest of their life. Everybody needs to eat a variety of healthy and delicious meals.  

On the other, cooking with kids is messier, slower and can introduce a host of safety concerns! That said, the mess and safety can be mitigated and largely depend on the ages of your kids.  

With a proper stepstool, some safety lessons and proper supervision, cooking with kids becomes a family memory that you will cherish all your life.  Ican become memories your kids will cherish their whole lives as well. Plus it’s an incredible way to teach and practice important lessons about nutrition, math and science! 

Breakfast is a meal that can happen any time of day. When you make breakfast fun, kids want to be a part of it and are eager to eat what they’ve made! Here are some simple and awesome breakfast fun ideas that you can make with your kids easily!! 


Make silly faces: Whether sweet fruity ones on top of pancakes or waffles like you see at restaurants or savory ones on top of toast, let your kids’ creativity come out as they put together their breakfast.  

Bonus: If your kids are older, teach them different ways to cut the fruit and/or vegetables to make different shapes! 


Breakfast bowls: Often known as “skillets”, these are easily put together and customizable. Eggs, hash browns, sausage, and cheese are common ingredients, but let your kids get in the action and see what other things they might like to add! There are all kinds of alternatives like beans, taco meat, tofu, quinoa or other grains, vegetables, avocados, tomatoes and so much more.  

Bonus:  Little kids can help by shredding cheese and putting on their own toppings and older kids can help cook the toppings! 


Oatmeal Buffet: Cooking with kids has never been easier with this meal! Prepare overnight oats the night before in a slow cooker with the kids, measuring the oats and water and pouring them in.  The morning, have them put their favorite toppings into bowls and create a buffet table for the family to adorn their own bowls with whatever they would like their oatmeal to taste like. Choose a variety of fruits, seeds, nuts, raisins, craisins … even mini chocolate chips if you’re looking for a treat! 

Bonus: This can be a fun breakfast event where the kids “make it by themselves” with little to no risk of safety concerns or work by you! 

Double Bonus: This is super healthy and able to be made for a quick morning just by removing the “buffet” option. 


Breakfast Sushi: How fun is this? Try something new! With no heat needed and lots of healthy options, this beautiful bright and unique breakfast is sure to make your kids smile!! 

Bonus: Super safe! No knife skills needed because bananas can be cut with plastic if needed! 

Beyond the meals themselves, cooking with kids builds relationships and memories that bond us together. 

There is a reason all celebrations are accompanied by food. Food is essential for life, but it is also a huge part of our cultures. Talk about how you did it with your family when you were little! 

Make sure to include setting the table or folding napkins in your meal making explorations.  Make it even more fun for kids by having them use their Purple Ladybug Personalized Tumblers as a part of your special breakfast. Each tumbler comes with multiple inside sheets to decorate so your kids can swap them out. Plus, each has a lid and straw. With their own customized crafts, your kids will find it easy to stay hydrated. Plus, there will be no confusion about who is sitting where and it adds a bright splash of fun color to your table!  

Food and culture are learned and we benefit as much as our kids when we take the time to share it with them!  Have fun cooking with your kids!! 


Check out this week’s FREE printables. They’re all food themed and include coloring sheets for your little ones, word games for slightly older kids plus an awesome healthy lunch planner for your kids and you to work on together!


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