Clean and Organized: It is possible for Your Kid’s Bedroom

Clean and Organized: It is possible for Your Kid’s Bedroom

Ok, Ok. I know you already know that. Your question is probably more like, but for how long? Like most parents, we can probably get our kids to clean their rooms occasionally, but how long does it last? We’ve gathered up some tips for how to get your kid’s bedroom clean and organized and habits to help it stay that way! 

  • Mise en Place: It’s French for "everything in its place" or “in the same place.” When everything in the room has a place where it resides, it is easier for our kids to know where to put each toy when they are done with it. You can get really creative with these Storage Suggestions. 
  • Put it away as soon as we are done playing. When we get into the habit of putting things away as soon as we are done with them, it makes keeping our spaces neat and tidy very easy. This skill will travel with them to adulthood so practice consistency in reminding them until it becomes natural for them to do it on their own. 
  • Work Together: As early as 2, kids are able to help with the cleaning process. Just like we mentioned in our Spring Cleaning blog, cleaning doesn’t have to be a dreary activity. Letting them choose where things go and how they are organized can help them take ownership of their space. It will also cement all those homes for different types of toys and make it easy for them to remember when you aren’t around. The older your kid, the more they need to be involved, but your presence will create a great bonding experience while teaching a valuable skill. 
  • Routine!! - Having set times for cleaning up every day makes keeping it clean so much easier. Making the bed as part of your morning routine or picking up toys that were forgotten before dinner every night will make the next step so much less daunting. 
  • Schedule a time to clean together every week for 5-15 minutes. This way you can check that things are still in the right places and you can give helpful tips on how to get better for the next week! 
  • Declutter! - The more stuff you have, the harder it is to play with and put away properly. It is so important to go through at least once a year (or even as frequently as each season) and find all the toys that are no longer cherished and clothes that no longer fit and donate the good stuff and trash the rest. This guide is great for step-by-step instructions if you are stuck with how to begin. 

 You can also add aesthetic to your kids' bedroom by adding glow-in the dark stickers!

As with everything in parenting, consistency and setting a good example is key. Kids copy what is around them and will strive to please.  Having a chore chart with picking up on it can remind them of their responsibilities. You can reward them with fun stickers and other prizes as they get older. Make sure to point out when they have done a good job even if it isn’t 100%. The skills are being learned and they will want to try if they know they can do it.  


By making the kid’s bedroom clean and organized, your kids will be able to play more easily, read and relax more comfortably, and you will be happy to spend time in their space with them. They will learn the benefits of a room being clean and organized and you will not have to worry about stepping on Lego! 

Also, it’s important for our kids (and us!) to remember that cleaning doesn’t all need to fall on Mom and Dad. Teaching our kids to be helpful and take responsibility only benefits them in the long run!  


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