Spring Cleaning + Family Time = More Fun Than You Think!

Spring Cleaning + Family Time = More Fun Than You Think!

Spring is in the air! The sun is shining more often and the bitter cold is melting away. This is the time of year when all those jobs you’ve been putting off are really needing to be done. It is always nice to air out the house after being cooped up inside, but the list of chores gets long and daunting. It’s Spring Cleaning time!! 


No matter how old your kids are, getting them to help with spring cleaning might seem like a chore in and of itself. That said, kids are always ready for a fun game and we’ve got a list of games that will make the spring cleaning seem more like fun family time than boring chores! 


  • Speed Trials - See how many items can be picked up in 5 minutes!  The winner is the one who picked up the most (or put away the most accurately).  Repeat until the room is tidy! 
  • Freeze Dance - A variation from school, turn on the music and clean until the music stops and then freeze. (Cleaning to music is just more fun no matter what.) 
  • Dust with “Dust Bunnies” - Use old or mismatched and turn them into bunnies with some permanent markers and let the kids dust the house with them!   
  • A Cleaning Treasure Hunt - Get some small treats or gifts (like our Multicolor Scratch Notebook) and hide them in the mess.  Tell the kids that the more spring cleaning they do, the more prizes they’ll find! 


  • Play Pretend - Have the kids imagine they are someone or something else and clean in character.  Set a time limit and have them switch for more fun!  See what it is like cleaning with a pirate, maid, or dinosaur! 
  • Create a target on the floor - Make sweeping a game by taping a small square or other shape and have your child sweep the crumbs into that spot! 


  • Roll the Dice - Make a list of 6 chores and let each person roll the dice to see what chore gets done next!  Do the task all together if possible and see how quickly the list can get done! 


  • Before and After - Tell your kids you will be taking Before and After photos and judging for your “Better Homes and Gardens” like competition.  Award the best room with extra snuggles! 


  • Break Down the Mountain - Pile all the misplaced things into a giant heap in the middle of the room.  Challenge the kids to “break down the mountain” as fast as possible.  Tell them if they work together the mountain will disappear super fast! 


  • Laundry Relay Race - Have them work together to get all the laundry to the hamper (or laundry chute/room), but only one person can be touching the clothes and you can’t move if you are the one touching the clothes.  A great way to learn teamwork and get the clothes clean! 


Family time together has been plentiful for many of us this last year.  Cleaning together is a way to work together; when the chores are done as a family, there is an opportunity for a shared purpose. When we clean together, we get to joke and make memories.  Cleaning alone can be isolating, but together, the job is more fun and goes by quickly.  

Plus, chores contribute to kids learning responsibility, life skills and self-esteem.  Although it can seem like a struggle to get kids to do their chores, the benefits in the long run as they learn how to contribute, manage their time and do a job well are invaluable. 


When you are spring cleaning, creating a chart can be a great way for everyone to see what needs to be done.  Reward them as the jobs get done with stickers like our Puffy Stickers on the chart.  Having the visual can help everyone see the finish line. 



No matter how to tackle spring cleaning, making it a special family time will make it better for everyone! 

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