Advent Purple Ladybug: 4 Reasons Little Girls Are Crazy About It

Advent Purple Ladybug: 4 Reasons Little Girls Are Crazy About It

Did you know that the primary color of Advent is purple and not red and green?

That’s right! The most recognized red and green colors used during the holiday season are actually because of commercial influences and only became popular in the 20th century.

Advent is the period when Christians spiritually prepare their hearts and minds for the celebration of Christmas. Since purple (or violet) represents kingship, repentance, and fasting in religious circles, it makes sense that purple is the Advent color.

It’s also a feminine color that girls love, which is why we celebrate our little girls at Purple Ladybug with Advent purple calendars.

As we explore why little girls love our Purple Ladybug Advent Calendar, you’ll learn:

  • Why girls are crazy about purple
  • How an Advent calendar builds excitement of Christmas celebrations
  • How crafts kits can instill values in your little princess

1 - Large and Impressive Purple Box Design

Most girls favor the color purple because it’s the perfect hue between pink, blue, and red.

As your little girl matures, she may start to view pink as too baby-ish and red as too bold. But purple is perfect since it has many shades, each with just the right balance between pink and blue or red and blue.

Purple was also historically recognized as the color of royalty, since purple dyes were very expensive and only kings and emperors could afford them.

So, when little girls see the vibrant purple on the box of our Advent calendar, their moods are uplifted. It’s one of their favorite colors, and it’s connected to a rich history of royalty, luxury, and power.

But purple is not the only color on our Advent calendar box. We also have pink, white, red, and gold decorations, which cheer little girls' spirits and reflect a festive holiday mood.

The big box design also leaves an impression as it’s a promise of lots of “tease“ gifts during the Advent season. 

And who doesn’t love gifts? They express our love for our children, relieve stress, and contain surprises!

2 - Lots of Hours of Girly Fun

Play is lots of fun for girls, especially when it has elements of vibrant color and beauty.

Our Purple Ladybug Advent Calendar contains play items that combine these elements and delight little girls.

Take, for instance, our mini-SunGemmers kits that have over 100 gemstones for your child to make beautiful suncatchers with. The SunGemmers also have pre-printed window designs of hearts and flowers—objects little girls love to draw and craft.

They also include the supplies needed to hang up the designs on a window: double-sided tape squares. When little girls proudly display their hours of hard work and beauty, their brains reward them with feel-good hormones like serotonin.

Serotonin boosts their self-esteem, inner satisfaction, and confidence, and encourages a sense of purpose, which inspires little girls to craft more.

Our Advent purple calendar also have many other fun crafts including:

  • Shrink crafts
  • Ornamental clay
  • Sticker foil transfers

Did we mention these crafts will also boost your young ones' creativity and imagination? They’ll inspire your little artist to think outside the box and help them express their emotions better.

What’s more, your girls will be so absorbed in what they’re doing that they'll learn how to concentrate more on tasks.

3 - Surprises That Create Lasting Memories

Purple Ladybug Advent Calendar contains daily holiday riddles

The Purple Ladybug Advent Calendar has a wide variety of gifts and toys with no repeats! This surprises little girls every day of Advent.

When children are surprised, the part of the brain solely built for pleasure (the nucleus accumbens) is activated. It intensifies the feelings of happiness and pleasure, especially when your little girl loves the surprise.

Feelings of happiness and pleasure activate the brain to release stress-relieving hormones, such as dopamine and endorphins, which inspire focus and creativity.

Not only will they get pleasurable responses, they’re also more likely to remember their presents for longer. A stronger emotional response to a pleasurable surprise imparts lasting and vivid memories.

Surprises in our Advent calendar will help your child have a happier and more engaged Advent season and build their anticipation for the big unexpected Christmas surprise.

From stationery and beauty accessories to toys and crafts kits, our Purple Ladybug Advent Calendar has a wide range of gifts.

The table below lists the first five presents your little girl will unwrap.

Day Present
Day 1 Tri-color lip balm
Day 2 Butterfly choker necklace
Day 3 Shrink crafts
Day 4 Super-scent stickers
Day 5 Fidget spinner

Here’s what little girls loved about our previous years’ advent calendars:

“I loved the idea of this calendar so much for my 7-year-old. She loves bows, stationery, and lip gloss. I am beyond impressed with it so far. We are only on day 4, but she has loved everything inside of it.” - Becky Topnik

“This has been the best calendar my daughter has ever had. In previous calendars, the gifts have gone in the bin as they weren’t great, but this year she has worn beautiful clips to her parties and we’ve made cards from the crafts for her school teachers and nothing has gone to waste as each door has had a lovely gift.” - Amazon Customer

4 - Trendy and High-Quality Gifts


Our Advent calendar has trendy and high-quality gifts that your little girls can accessorize their style with.

Trendy items will ensure your little girl looks fashionable during and after the holiday season. And since they’re high quality, they’ll last longer and your girls will have mementos of their Purple Ladybug 2022 Advent Calendar.

Here are some of the trendy beauty accessories in our Advent calendar:

  • Flip sequin bracelet: This glitter flip bracelet sparkles in the sun and shines during the night, making your girl feel like a princess.
  • Butterfly choker necklace: Your little girl will make a statement in this beautiful and girly choker necklace with a small butterfly pendant that fits well with all necklines.
  • Shimmery tulle headband: This headband has a glistening silk material and a beautiful flower design on the front. It’s perfect for dress-ups, ballet, and weekends intended for fun.

Beauty and fashion accessories are also a great way for little girls to express themselves. They’ll show off their love for the ocean and the holiday season with these themed accessories in our Advent calendar:

  • Snowman hair elastic
  • Seashell hair clips
  • Sea turtle necklace

Your little princess will also get colorful gemstone stickers to use in the craft kits in the Advent Calendar. If they want, they can use them instead or the extras to decorate their own water bottles, lip balm cases, and more; so they can look stylish throughout the year.

we celebrate our little girls at Purple Ladybug with Advent purple calendars

Advent Purple Ladybug: Love, Fun, and Surprises

Express your love for your little princess this holiday by getting her the Advent Purple Ladybug Calendar full of fun and surprises.

Our calendar will build your little girl's excitement during the Advent season by adding a sense of anticipation that things will get better on Christmas.

We take extra measures to ensure our gifts don’t open or fall out during shipping. Our high-quality box has a protective flap and is also shrink-wrapped to ensure all the doors on the calendar remain intact.

All the toys, crafts, and presents in our Advent calendar are tested for safety. This advent calendar is recommended for kids age 6 and over. But that’s not all: our award-winning high-quality crafts are also mess-free, so you don’t have to worry about cleaning up after playtime is over.

Inspire your little girl's creativity and imagination this holiday season with the Purple Ladybug Advent Calendar 2022.

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