6 Ways To Have Fun Raising Kids

6 Ways To Have Fun Raising Kids

Raising kids is a serious responsibility, but it doesn’t have to always be stressful. You can find fun and joy in daily parenting duties. Being a parent can be incredibly rewarding and fun! \Having children is a journey that takes dedication, creativity and commitment. You can make it fun too - let’s talk about activities you’ll all enjoy together!

From arts & crafts projects to board game nights, there are many things you can do together that not only strengthen your bond but also help your kids develop mentally and emotionally. It's also important to make sure everyone in the family puts aside some time for themselves, so don't forget to schedule short breaks for yourself throughout the day (and try to take them!).

These breathers will give you the energy you need for more playtime with your children. Whether it’s getting crafty with weekly art projects or squeezing into winter gear for some outdoor exploration – read on for lots of inspiring ideas as well as handy tips to help make sure parents and kids get the most out of every activity. 

Eat meals together

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Eating together as a family is a great time for parents to teach their children the special meaning of family time. It's also a powerful opportunity to practice the art of active listening. Your kids could learn through your example that sharing thoughts and feelings is safe, that problems can be discussed without fear of reprisal, and that the value of being heard should not be taken for granted. Truly taking the time to listen – not just hear, but really take in what’s being said – demonstrates both care and respect. As parents, we can model this behavior, teaching that communication is a two-way street.

Here are some tips to make your family meals enjoyable: https://raisingchildren.net.au/school-age/nutrition-fitness/family-meals/family-meals-tips

Read books or tell stories with your child

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As a parent, reading books with your child at bedtime is an opportunity for you teach literacy skills and communication, while spending quality time together. Reading to your little one helps stimulate language development and increases their attention spans, while helping them develop a love of knowledge and an inquisitive mind. Remember to pick books that your child will enjoy. Check comprehension and engagement by asking questions throughout about the characters, illustrations and story. 

Here are the reasons why reading is important for babies and kids: https://www.readingrockets.org/article/reading-your-child

Make fun arts & crafts!

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Making a craft together will allow your kids to express themselves creatively plus give your kids a sense of accomplishment and self-satisfaction. Arts and crafts activities can not only keep them occupied and help develop fine motor skills, but also provide an excellent way to bond with your children!

Purple Ladybug’s SunGemmer Aquarium is a perfect arts & crafts activity with your little one. You can check it out here: 


Do a pen & paper activity together

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Working together on an activity sheet will also help children develop their motor and cognitive skills while improving concentration and hand-eye coordination.

By spending time going through a worksheet, parents can help create a fun and educational experience that could also be a learning aid, adding to what they’re learning at school or other skills that you are working on at home.  Working on paper-based brain teasers, word puzzles, number games or even coloring can also be a great way for kids to develop skills such as problem solving, hand-eye coordination and definitely their math. We have so many free printables for you to do with your kids or for them to do alone. Everything from coloring sheets, to word searches, to dental hygiene, to pet-themed, educational sheets about events in history, women in STEM and our kindness e-booklet

Play Games

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Board games like 'Snakes and Ladders', dominoes, or even a straightforward game of cards can lead to a sense of togetherness. Playing games such as board games and card games can be exciting and fun for the entire family. Though the laughs, encourage your child to practice patience, strategy and good sportsmanship.

Additionally, it gives our kids an opportunity to learn how to take turns and play fair. A great opportunity for family fun away from screens!

Do chores together with your kids

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While chores aren’t the most fun thing to do, we all do them, and your kids can help. Chores can be a valuable way to teach your kids responsibility, time management and house pride. 

And if you’re not keen on the ‘chore’ of teaching your kids chores (!), you might be encouraged to know that studies show that kids who do chores do better in life, and in the short term, develop better memory and self-reliance. Now that’s research we can get behind!

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