• A Complete Craft Kit for Teens and Tweens! Our Craft-Your-Own Pompom Bag includes everything you need to decorate your own bag for girls, including a ball of multicolored pompom yarn, plastic bag mesh, a metal chain strap, an artificial pearl strap, a plastic needle, a ball of sewing yarn, a metal crochet needle, metal magnetic clasps and full step-by-step instructions.
  • A Unique and Fun Gift! This crafts for teens and tweens will make the perfect present for your kiddos. Our make-your-own purse for girls comes in attractive ready-to-gift packaging, so it’s great for birthdays, holidays, or just because!
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Download the instructions HERE.

How to create your Pompom Purse?

STEP 1: For best results, open our "how to" video on www.plbfun.com/pompom and follow along.

STEP 2: Gather all your materials from the kit. You'll also need a pair of scissors (not included).

For this part, you'll need the pompom yarn ball, the plastic mesh grid, the metal crochet hook, and your scissors.
Begin by taking the end of your pompom yarn and cutting off the final pompom so you have yarn at the end. You'll start by weaving the largest section of the mesh grid (excluding the two side flaps), starting with the outer edge. Push the yarn end through the corner square of the mesh (on the smaller end as pictured).

STEP 4: Tie it securely in place around the edge with a simple knot.

STEP 5: Go to the 4th hole along the edge of the mesh grid (in either direction) and push your metal hook up through that hole.

STEP 6: Hook the yarn and pull it down through the hole in the grid.
By pulling it through, you’ve created a loop on the side of the mesh opposite the pompom.

STEP 7: Now you can continue and create the perimeter of the main section by looping the yarn around the edge of the mesh, tying it every fourth hole. Reach your hook up through the loop and count to the next fourth hole along the same row.

Push your hook up through that hole in the mesh.

Grab the yarn with the hook and pull it down through the mesh, through the loop, creating a loop inside the original loop (this is what locks the yarn in place). Pull tight.

STEP 8: You’ve now snuggled two pompoms beside each other on one side of the mesh! Repeat the above steps until you reach the next corner and have your first edge complete. When you get to the end of the row, turn the corner, continuing to count every 4 squares, and keep going.

STEP 9: Continue looping and pulling the yarn through the mesh every 4 squares around the outside of the large rectangle (leaving the two flaps on the side) until you're back where you started.

STEP 10: Once you’ve finished the outside of the big rectangle, you will now fill in the center of the bag.

Start another row beside the first edge row. Each row will start on the THIRD square over from the previous row.

Rows are 3 squares apart. Continue looping every 4 squares down the length of the row.
When you reach the end, go as close as you can to the outside row (without looping into it).
Then count 3 across and start another new row, now heading back in the direction you came from.

Repeat the process and continue until the main part of the mesh grid is filled.

STEP 11: 
Each time you are looping down a row, count 4 squares when looping.
Rows are 3 squares apart.When you have filled the entire middle of the bag, knot the end piece of yarn around the mesh to secure.
Or – if it’s too short, pull the final two loops through and use some of your sewing yarn to tie them together tightly.Then, cut the yarn on the outside next to the last pompom.

STEP 12: ADD HANDLE RINGS Before you cover the sides of the bags with pompoms, you’ll need to attach the handle rings. Thread your needle with the sewing (non-pompom) yarn and get your two “D” shaped rings ready.

STEP 13: 
On the sides, you will sew them onto the pompom side of the bag. Place them 2 squares from the outside of the bag and center them on the flap.

STEP 14: Secure one ring on each flap with a few stitches. Knot the yarn afterwards.

STEP 15: 
CREATE THE SIDES OF THE BAG Next – you’re going to loop the sides! This is the same process as the main area.

Start with the edges, then fill in the middle. Start by tying the pompom yarn on one corner of one of the flaps. Loop around the perimeter of that flap, again, counting every four, pulling your hook through and looping the yarn.

Then go down the middle – you will only need one row in the middle, so loop this row down the center of the flap, ensuring you don’t cover your D ring with a pompom!

Finish the same way you did for the body of the purse.

Repeat the process on the other flap. Once the main body and side flaps are covered with the pom-pom yarn, you can sew the sides and form your purse.

STEP 16: Cut a long piece of the sewing yarn and insert it into the eye of the needle.

STEP 17: Line up one side flap with the body of the purse. Push your needle through the top two squares to pull the two pieces of bag together. Tie a knot.

STEP 18: Sew down the sides, putting your needle through squares on both bag sides and pulling the yarn tight so it disappears under the pompoms. 

STEP 19: Knot at the other end.

Repeat 3 more times to sew the bag into shape.

STEP 20: Leave the top open. ATTACH THE CLOSING CLASP

STEP 21: Position one side of the metal clasp inside the bag lid.

Take the other end of the clasp and position it on the other side, making sure they align properly when closed. Secure in place by pushing open the two side anchors behind the mesh.(This could be a little hard to do, ask a parent for help)

STEP 22:
ADD HANDLE AND STRAP Hook the crossbody chain strap and the artificial pearl handle on both sides of the metal loops that you sewed in place earlier.