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Gorgeous Gifts Advent Calendar


Magical Gifts Advent Calendar


🌟  Why Choose Our Advent Calendars?

🌟 Thoughtful Curation:
Each product in both calendars is handpicked to ensure a delightful and memorable experience throughout the holiday season.

🌟 Quality and Fun:
Our calendars are not just about the products inside; they are designed to be fun and enjoy the surprise in every widow!

🌟 No repeats!
Every window has their own unique surprise!

🌟 Versatile Gifting:
Whether it's for your kids or a loved one, our advent calendars are perfect for spreading holiday cheer and making cherished memories.

🌟 Limited Availability:
These calendars are in high demand, so make sure to secure yours early before they vanish like a snowflake in the sun.

Safe and High-Quality!

These advent calendars are safe for kids. We test all our toys in third party laboratories; our toys meet toy safety standards in the US and Europe.

Our Gorgeous Gifts advent calendar and Magical Gifts advent calendar is best for children aged 6+ because of the fidget toys, magic trick toys, makeup and jewelry are included as surprises.

They are big, high quality advent calendars. We cover the perforated doors with a protective cardboard sheet to prevent them from opening in transit. The calendar is also shrink wrapped to prevent toys moving in transit and to further protect the advent calendar before it reaches you.

Each toy has been carefully selected for maximum thrill factor for your little one! We include a mix of toys, accessories and craft supplies.

The gifts can use be used for self-expression, thereby building their self-confidence and giving girls the opportunity to experiment with their style in an age-appropriate, on-trend way.

The crafts supplies encourage screen-free fun! The accessories can also be sorted and used for imaginative play -- hours of fun ahead!

Get ready to elevate your holiday season with the Gorgeous Girls Advent Calendar and the Magical Gifts Advent Calendar.

Let the countdown to Christmas begin, as each day brings you closer to the magic, beauty, and joy that define this special time of year.