SunGemmers - Instructions

 It’s time to create your new, colorful suncatcher. Let’s get to it!

First, find a table or space on the floor to work. Make sure you have everything you need to create your suncatcher. It’s all in the box!

  • Clear plastic window design(s)
  • Colored gemstones in 2 sizes and various colors
  • Color-coded guide

You have everything you need to create your beautiful design. Let’s grab your materials and set up your space!

  • Choose the color guide for the design you’re going to create and place it on a flat work surface.
  • Line up the corresponding clear plastic design right on top of the color guide. You should be able to see the colorful design underneath your suncatcher sheet.
  • Once you’re all lined up, secure your top sheet (your soon-to-be suncatcher!) using scotch tape or a clipboard (not included) and start placing your gems
  • Peel and stick the colored gemstones to match the pattern.
**Be sure to match both the color and size.**

    And don’t worry if things get bumped — just shift your sheets back to their correct places and keep sticking and creating!

    • Once you’ve placed all the gems from the pattern, you’re done! Beautiful! 😍

    Ready to hang up your colorful creation?

    • Grab the double-sided tape included in your kit and place a piece of tape in each corner or around the design. There’s enough tape included to securely hold your design.
    • When you’ve place the tape, remove the tape backing from the other side and stick it directly onto a window.
    • If your design has multiple pieces, you can use the package images for guidance on placement.

    Hey Parents — don’t worry!

    Our double-sided tape is easy to remove and peel off, but can also withstand the heat of a warm, sunny day. This tape can keep your child’s creation up and on display for months!

    Just for Parents!

    At Purple Ladybug®, we are all about fostering a creative spirit. Though it may be hard to let go of the template and allow your child to just create, it’s fantastic for their creativity and confidence to give them that freedom.

    If your child is younger, talk through the instructions together, help them set up their space, and then ask them how they want to create their suncatcher.

    And once they’re all set up and ready, take that step back and watch their creativity flow! It may not be ordered, it may be messy, but it will be theirs. And that is amazing!

    Check out our blog at PLBFUN.COM/BLOG for more ways to help your creative child grow and learn!

    Happy crafting!

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