Iron On Foil Drawstring Bag Craft Kit

Adult Participation Required For Ironing


For more detailed instructions and video tutorials, please

How It Works

This craft kit has everything you need to create your own
personalized drawstring bag. Cut out your own designs and use
the included letters to fully personalize your bag.

Setting Up

  • Set up a work area before you begin. You will need an adult and a standard clothes iron to complete this craft.
  • Lay out the contents of the craft kit so all your materials and tools are within reach.
  • Follow the included instructions. For additional tips and video
  • tutorials, visit WWW.PLBFUN.COM/INSTRUCTIONS

Create your designs:

  • Layout the bag flat on a table so that you can layout your design as you go.
  • The foil sheets have a protective backing. Leave this in place until you are done with your design.
  • To create your designs for your bag, you can use the included stencils or just draw freehand. For best results, trace on the backing side.
  • You can then cut out your design using scissors and set them on your bag to lay them out. DON’T REMOVE THE BACKING FILM YET.
  • The included alphabet sheets are already pre-cut.
  • When you have your bag design all done, get an adult to iron-on the designs onto the bag.

The next steps need to be done by an adult

  • Once your design is laid out on your bag, it’s time to start ironing on the pieces using a regular clothes iron set to medium/high heat (Settings will vary depending on your iron)
  • For best results, quickly iron the bag to smooth out the surface before starting to iron-on your designs.

To iron-on the designs:

  • Peel the backing off the piece and place on the bag.
  • Use a piece of parchment paper to protect the piece and apply heat with the iron for 10-20s at a time. Depending on your iron, you may have to repeat this a few times until the foil sticks to the bag. (You can try to lift the corner to see if it’s stuck on well)

TIP: The parchment paper will help detailed parts of your designs
stick better to the bag. Repeat until you have all design pieces ironed on, and you’re ready to enjoy your new creation.

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Iron On Foil Drawstring Bag Craft Kit