Mosaic Frame Kit



How it works

Our Decorate Your Own Photo Frame Craft Kit has everything you need to create your very own personalized Photo Frame!

Decorating the photo frame

  • The Photo Frame is made of wood, please handle with care! It can chip or break if dropped.
  • Take care to always place the Photo Frame on a flat surface while working on it, away from edges or areas where it can be bumped and knocked over.
  • When decorating your photo frame, it is best to work on a flat surface with plenty of space around you.

Applying the mosaics

  • Use the spreader stick to apply a thin layer of glue to a small area of the frame.
  • Work in small areas, no more than 1.5” (4cm) square at a time.
  • This ensures the spread glue doesn’t dry before you apply the mosaic pieces.
  • Gently apply mosaic pieces to the area covered with glue. (When applying the mosaics, don’t go right to the edge of the spread glue. This will make it harder to apply glue to the next work area)
  • Repeat this process until you have decorated the entire frame.

TIP: If your glue dries, simply add another thin layer and continue.

Changing the photo

  • To change the photo inside the photo frame, flip the frame over.
  • On the back side there are small metal tabs holding the backing panel in place.
  • These tabs can be folded up with the edge of a spoon or pried off with pliers to release the backing panel.
  • Pull out the backing panel, and then layer the mat (if needed for a 4x6” photo), the photo and the backing panel.

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Mosaic Frame Kit