Messenger Bag - Instructions

Are you ready to have some fun and decorate your own Messenger Bag? 



The included PLBFUN Designer Ink markers are designed to be permanent on fabric. 

For best results, follow these simple tips:

Plan your color scheme before starting to color.

Protect Use a cloth or piece of paper under your writing arm to protect your design as you color.

To avoid smearing:

  • If you’re right handed, color from the top left of design towards the bottom right.
  • If you’re left handed, color from the top right of the design to the bottom left.

To avoid colors bleeding:

  • Avoid holding the marker in one place for too long to avoid marker bleeding.
  • Start coloring from center of each section and work out to black lines.

For richer colors, do multiple light coats of color with the markers.

Care Tips

  • Hand Wash Cold Water
  • No Chlorine / No Ironing
  • Do Not Tumble Dry / Hang to Dry
  • Keep this product away from fire.

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Messenger Bag - Instructions