Make Your Own Glitter Bracelets - Instructions

With this sparkly bracelet kit, you can easily and quickly create 6 fun glittery, sparkly bracelets for yourself, or to share with your friends!

Everything you need is included in this kit, except for water (from the tap is fine) and a pair of scissors (if you need to shorten the bracelet length to fit smaller wrists)

First, we need to make sure the bracelet tube is the appropriate length for your wrist and cut it to size if needed.

To do this, loop the bracelet tube around your wrist (making sure it fits, and can slide out of your hand). Once you have the desired length, you can trim the excess from one end by using a pair of scissors to cut the tubing. (Make sure the cut is smooth, and not on an angle – this will make it fit better)

TIP: Measure the biggest part of your hand that it has to fit over (around the part where your knuckles and thumb are), not your wrist or else you won't be able to get it on. Don’t cut the tube shorter than 6 ¾” (17.5cm) otherwise it will kink.

Next, you need to install the connecting piece to one end of the bracelet tube.

This is one of the short, smaller diameter, pieces of tubing included in the kit. These slide into the end of the bracelet tubing.

Don’t slide it all the way in! You want to leave half out (This is how you’ll close the bracelet later). It’s a bit of a tight fit (so it doesn’t leak), you may want to push it against a table to make it easier, or ask an adult for help with this step

TIP: If it’s a little hard to slide it in, get the connecting piece wet first. The water will help it slide more easily.


To decorate the bracelet, fill the inside of the tube with any combination of the included glitter and gems.

Take the included funnel and stick it on the end of the tube that doesn’t have the connector. Then use the funnel to add glitter and gems to the inside of the tube.

As you add glitter and gems, don't fill it right to the top of the funnel. Pour in a little at a time and tap the side of the funnel to get stuff to go into the tube. (Adjust or tap the tube as needed to allow more to go in from the funnel).

TIP: Don't overfill the bracelet or else it will clump once you add water. (About half a pack of glitter or gems is about right - or even less as it will float around the bracelet even more!)

There is enough glitter and gems to create 6 bracelets. You can combine the glitter and gems any way you like to create your own look.

Once you’ve added the glitter and gems you want to the bracelet tube, it’s time to fill it up with water. You can do this at any faucet (Kitchen sink is ideal as it has more space to work under)

TIP: DO NOT Use the funnel for this part. You don’t need it here, and if it gets wet you won't be able to make another bracelet before drying it.

Turn the cold water on to a small trickle, and while holding the tube in a U shape (both ends up and at the same level), slide one end under the water trickle to fill up the tube. Go slowly, you don’t want the tube to overflow and the contents to be pushed out the other end!

Once the tube is completely full, you can connect the loose end onto the connector by sliding it on. (Make sure to pinch the other end so you don’t push the connector further into that side – you want it nice and even)

TIP: Do this quickly so the water doesn't fall out. If you don't succeed the first time, fill the water back up and try again. (Or ask an adult for help).

Dry the bracelet with a paper towel and slide it over your wrist. It’s ready for you to enjoy it!



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Make Your Own Glitter Bracelets - Instructions
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