Kids Craft Wax Sticks Instructions

Wax Craft Sticks are a fun and easy way to express your creativity.

They are easy to mold, shape, twist, bend, and let your imagination come to life! They won’t dry out or crack, stick to themselves.

Working with them is super easy and lots of fun!



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The sky is the limit for your child’s creativity using these fun wax craft sticks. Bend them, shape them, cut them. They stick to themselves and can be used to create all sorts of shapes and objects.


Refer to photos at end of these instructions for reference.

  • Peel back the top flap
  • Use a pencil or your finger to start tearing the edge
  • Use the pencil or your finger to split along the edge
  • With the edge split, the sticks are easily accessible
  • You’re ready to peel the sticks apart and start creating!

NOTE: Some of the sticks may be stuck together and look like a thicker stick. Separate them out by the end of the sticks and peel them apart gently.


These bendy wax sticks stick to each other when pressed together. They are wax coated yarn, and they can be bent, cut, and stuck together in many ways. Here are some tips to make the most out of this craft.

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Wax Craft Sticks don’t dry out and stick to each other really well. Just apply a little pressure between them, and they’ll hold together.

Wax Craft Sticks can be cut to any length using normal scissors.

Unless you really mash them together, they can be re-used.

Wax Craft Sticks can be used to create two-dimensional designs, tracing letters and shapes, and even three-dimensional designs, like bowls, cubes, cars, flowers, and more.

Use your imagination to create anything you like.


Wax Craft Sticks are relatively mess-free. If there is some residue after playing with them, collect any loose pieces of wax sticks with a paper towel, then use soap and water to finish cleaning up.


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Kids Craft Wax Sticks Instructions