Jewelry Box Instructions

Create your own personalized jewelry and keepsake box with the included air-dry clay and gemstones. Enjoy showing off your creation!



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Our Jewelry Box craft kit comes with air-dry clay and gemstone stickers you can use to personalize and create your own keepsake and jewelry box.

Here are a few tips to help your project turns out fantastic!

Plan your design: Sketch out on paper what you’re thinking of making with the air-dry clay, before committing to doing it.

Clean Surface: Work on a smooth, well-cleaned, non-porous surface. A cookie sheet, clean table surface, wax paper, or a plastic tray/lid are all good options. This will keep the clay from picking up any dirt or debris or sticking to the work surface.

Small Amount: Since the clay is made to air-dry, try to only pull out what you need, and leave the rest sealed in the bag, to prevent it drying out. Take out more only as you need it.

Feel it: Working and kneading the clay with your hands is a good practice. It will give you a sense and feel of how the clay works and shapes.

Work it: Knead the clay before shaping it to your creation. This will warm it up and make it easier to work with, and easier to spread and shape.

Shape it: You can use your hands, the included shaping tool, or any other crafting tools and materials you may have on hand, to shape the clay into your desired creation. You can create anything you imagine. (Tip: Try different items to shape the clay; a cup to roll it thin, paper clips for pin holes and shaping lines, ribbons for texture, etc. – What else can you think of to use as a tool?)

Creating: As you lay the clay on the jewelry box, it will stick quickly to the wood surface. Make sure you lay it out exactly where you want it (This is where planning your design comes in handy)

Water Rescue: The clay dries naturally when exposed to air. If your designs aren’t sticking very well, use a little water to reactivate the clay, and use it as a “glue” to stick two pieces of clay together. A couple of drops of water will also reactivate and soften the clay. But don’t use too much!

Drying: Once you’re happy with your creation, let it sit for a few hours (24 is probably ideal) to let the design set, before you go and finish decorating the box with the included Gem Stickers.


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Jewelry Box Instructions