Hair Chalk & Glitter Style Set


Applying Hair Chalk

  • Inside this set, you’ll find 12 hair chalk pens, an applicator wand (the big flat one), and a small comb. You will need these to chalk your hair.
  • We recommend you start with a test patch. Color the last 2-4" of a chunk of hair to test how the chalk appears on your hair type and color. Lighter shades of hair will show color more brightly than dark hair, and since everyone’s hair is slightly different texture, results will vary from person to person. You may find the chalk applies easier on recently washed hair.
  • First select the chalk pen color you’re going to use, and remove the cap. If you’re thinking of blending colors, it is always best to start off with the lightest one first and work your way through to the darker shades. Starting with darker colors will muddy the lighter ones when you apply and the results won’t be as clear.
  • Hold the Applicator Wand (the flat black one in the kit). The Applicator Wand serves as a backing to help you get more color on to the hair. Take the Wand, place a section of hair on it, and then use the chalk pen on the hair. If you want the colors to be truly separated on your hair, we recommend that you rinse the wand between colors, and dry off with a paper towel.
  • When the hair is lying on the wand, you’re ready to apply color! Rub the color on your hair in a downward motion with the chalk pen (The same way you’d brush or comb it). Never rub the chalk upward as it won’t apply as easily and could damage your hair.
  • Apply the chalk until you have the desired amount of color on your hair.
  • Once you have the desired amount of color on your hair, take the small comb and comb out any excess build-up. Removing the excess this way will prevent it from transferring onto your clothing.
  • To cover a bigger area with the same color, move a new section of hair onto the wand, and repeat the steps above.
  • If you’re ready to add a new color, clean off the applicator wand, and repeat the process for that new color!
  • The hair chalk color should last about a day on your hair, and if you want to clean it out of your hair, a quick rinse with water (and maybe a little shampoo) will clean it up. Easy to apply, and easy to clean up.

Note: Hair Chalk can stain pillows and clothing. We recommend you always comb out the excess and wash off the chalk before bedtime.

Cleaning Up

  • Our hair chalk is easy to clean. You can easily rinse it away with just some water, and a little shampoo/soap if needed. latex gloves while applying it, and not wear clothing that could get stained.

Practice, Practice, Practice

When starting out, try out simpler color designs on your hair. Decorate smaller sections of hair with fewer colors until you’re familiar with how the chalk appears and lasts on your hair. The more you experiment and practice with hair chalk, the faster you’ll get and will achieve more colorful styles.

Here are some ideas you can try:

  • Chalk just the bottom 2-4” of your hair
  • Chalk a couple of highlight sections from top to bottom and let them mix in with your hair
  • Try an ombre effect using 3 or 4 colors in bands
  • Plan out a braid, and chalk each of the strands a different color.
  • Tie your hair into a ponytail and chalk the tip of the ponytail

There’s a world of possibility for creativity ahead! Keep experimenting and share your style on social media. We’d love to see your fun hair chalk styles! Tag us @plbfun

Glitter Tattoos

Follow these steps for best results when applying our temporary glitter tattoos.

  • The base of each tattoo acts like a double-sided sticker.
  • First you remove one backing, stick it to your skin, then peel back the top protective backing, and then brush glitter over the tattoo sticker.

Applying the tattoo design

  • Start off by cleaning the area of skin where the tattoo is to be placed with water and soap. (Any moisture, sweat, body hair, lotions or dirt will affect how the tattoo appears and lasts)
  • Using scissors, cut out the desired tattoo design from the tattoo sheet. (The tattoo designs have a slight pink tone to make it easier to see and place – this
  • does not affect the final tattoo appearance).
  • Carefully remove the white layer from the tattoo and discard. (You’ll be left with the tattoo sticker on the clear backing.)
  • Flip over and apply to skin. Press and rub the clear layer so that the tattoo sticker adheres to the skin.
  • Gently peel away the clear top layer to reveal the sticky tattoo. (be careful not to touch it or rub it, so it doesn’t lose its stickiness).

Applying the glitter

  • Open the glitter color pot (be sure to keep it right side up!). TIP: On first use, remove the small plastic layer inside the pot (used for shipping only)
  • Using the small applicator brush with a scooping motion, scoop the desired color of glitter onto the sticky tattoo surface. You can apply more than 1 color to each tattoo sticker!

TIP: do not brush sticky tattoo surface without any glitter on it, it may reduce the stickiness.

  • Use the applicator brush to spread the glitter over the tattoo design. TIP: Gently dabbing with the brush will result in great coverage.
  • Gently blow on the tattoo to remove any excess glitter or very gently and carefully, sweep away excess with a tissue.

Body Glitter

  • The body glitter included in this set is a gel-based glitter and is ready to be applied to your skin right from the container. (It’s the container with the larger flakes of glitter.)
  • To apply, gently dip in your fingertip, and use it to spread the body glitter on your skin.

Cleaning Up

  • To clean up, simply wash with soap and water!

Show us your stuff

We love to see your creations. Share them on social media and tag us @PLBFUN! We regularly give prizes to our fans that share their creations. When you share, you’re entered.

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