Mermaid Glamour Make Up Kit


Skin Preparation

  • Before applying makeup, use a gentle face cleanser and warm water to wash the face.
  • After washing, some people with dry skin enjoy applying a light facial lotion for sensitive skin (not included). If that’s you, wait at least 30 minutes for the lotion to absorb before applying makeup!

Buildable Coverage

  • When applying makeup, apply in light layers. Our makeup is buildable, apply a light layer, and if you would like a darker look, apply another light layer.

Applying Blush

  • Blush will give you a rosy glow on your cheeks. To apply it, smile! and then apply the blush to the apples of your cheeks.
  • Use the large brush to apply the blush. Apply in thin layers. You can always do more layers if you want darker color.
  • Use soft strokes from the inside of the cheek out towards the outside of your face. Make sure it is even on both sides.

TIP: Try using more than one color of blush and blend together to create a shade just for you!

Applying Eyeshadow

  • The Seashell compact has the eyeshadows inside along with an applicator.
  • There is an extra applicator in the kit as well.
  • Start off by sweeping a light color of eyeshadow across your eyelids and upwards towards your brow.
  • If you want, follow with a darker color in the crease of your eye.
  • Use one of the larger brushes to blend the eyeshadow colors in really light gentle strokes.

Applying Lipstick

  • To apply the lipstick, open your lips in an “O” shape and dab or draw the lipstick onto your lips. Blend it by rubbing your lips against each other.
  • If the lipstick is too thick, dab some of it off with a tissue or the next time, try putting on a light coat of lip gloss before the lipstick.

Applying Lip Gloss

For best results:

  • Apply the lip gloss to your lips with most in the middle of your lower lip and then rub lips together to spread.
  • Avoid applying gloss or lipstick above the natural lip line.
  • Blot any excess on a tissue paper.

TIP: You can apply the lip gloss on its own, or with lipstick. Experiment and find a look that you love!

Applying Nail Polish

For best results follow these steps:

  • Remove any old polish from your nails, and trim/file your nails so they are nice and even and smooth.
  • For a mini-spa experience, take a bowl with warm water and soak your nails in for 3-5 minutes. You can use a scrub to exfoliate your hands for an extra pampering.
  • Moisturize your cuticles and skin with your favorite moisturizer.
  • Have an adult use a swipe of nail polish remover to clean the nail surface of any moisturizer before you start!
  • To apply the nail polish, lay your hand flat on a table, and apply using the brush in the cap.
  • Apply in small even strokes, going from the base of the nail near the cuticle towards the end of the finger.
  • Apply in thin layers and let each layer dry before moving on to the next layer (if needed).
  • If you get some on your skin, you can use a damp cotton swab to clean it up.

Removing Makeup

  • For small mistakes: If you accidentally smear the makeup while you’re applying it you can wipe it with a cotton swab, damp tissue or baby wipe. (Wait for the area to dry before re-applying.)
  • Use a mild cleanser: Choose a mild facial cleanser that is for sensitive skin.
  • Gently splash your face with water and use a pea-sized amount of cleanser.
  • Create a lather by rubbing your hands together, and gently rub on your face.
  • Wash the soap off with water and pat dry.
  • Use gentle makeup remover wipes to remove eye makeup. Close your eyes and wipe the makeup in a very gentle downward motion. Be careful not to get it in your eyes.

Storing The Makeup

  • Make sure all lids are tightly closed, and caps for lipsticks and lip gloss are tightened after every use!
  • Leaving the caps open may cause the product inside to dry out and affect the results.
  • Store all your makeup and brushes in the beautiful shimmery carrying case (included).
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Mermaid Glamour Make Up Kit