Color In Puzzle Instructions

Color In Puzzle Instructions

Your new puzzles and pencil case come without color and ready for you to color them in with the included markers.



The two puzzles included in this package come ready to color.
Use the included coloring markers to color your puzzle design before using the puzzle. It is easier to color the puzzle while it is still in its frame.
TIP: For deeper color, wait a few minutes then apply another layer of color with the marker.


To decorate the pencil case, use the included coloring markers to color the pencil case fabric.
The color from the markers will bleed a little on the fabric as you color. This is normal. For best results, start coloring in from the middle of an area and work your way out to the edges.


Once the puzzles are colored in, you’re ready to take them apart and build them.
The puzzles can be assembled with or without the frame they come in. It’s your choice!


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