Scratchy Scratch Paper Instructions

Scratch through the black surface to reveal the vibrant background underneath. Showcase your creativity!
Your new scratch paper contains brilliant contrasting backgrounds under the opaque surface. Simply use the included stylus scratchers to scratch it away to reveal what’s underneath.
Draw your own unique art, write messages, or trace the enclosed stencils.


Open the package and select which scratch paper to use for your artistic creation.
Hold a stylus scratcher in your hand the same way you would hold a pencil or pen to write, with the sharp tip down.
Use the stylus to scratch the surface of the paper gently, but firmly enough that your movement removes the top layer.

TIP: Try different angles of the scratch stylus and applying different amounts of pressure to get different style of scratch lines.

TIP: If the tip of your stylus gets dull, you can use a sharpener or sandpaper to sharpen it.

Occasionally tap the paper vertically to remove any residue left by your scratches. Alternatively, use a tissue paper to wipe away the excess residue. Doing this keeps your work smudge-free and keeps your hands and work area clean.
Scratch away! Reveal the background under the opaque layer with every stroke of your stylus!


Your Purple Ladybug® Scratchy Scratch Paper kit may contain stencils to help reveal your creative masterpieces, but have you thought of making your own?
An old cereal box, index cards, and cardstock are all the perfect thickness.
Just be careful tracing and cutting it. This can be useful if you like to draw the same shape many times over!
Or use cans, jars, cups, anything that you can trace around to create fun shapes!


We included the stylus for drawing but consider using other tools to scratch away the surface. A fork, chop sticks, a stick, and a small rock all make good tools.
Give it a whirl! (Just don’t use anything too sharp that will rip the paper!)
Scratch Paper is just paper, so you can cut it using scissors and create fun shapes with it as part of your design.
There are limitless possibilities to what you can create with Scratch Paper from Purple Ladybug®. See our social media channels for more ideas on how others are using Purple Ladybug® Scratch Paper in creative ways. (@PLBFUN)


We love to see your creations. Share them on social media and tag us @PLBFUN
We regularly give prizes to our fans that share their creations. When you share, you’re entered.
For more scratch paper options, including notepads, loose paper, note size paper, gift bags, colored paper, check out our site at

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Scratchy Scratch Paper Instructions