Your Kids’ Valentine’s Day: Making Everyone Feel Special

Your Kids’ Valentine’s Day: Making Everyone Feel Special

Everyone needs to feel loved – especially our kids. So, while Valentine’s Day might seem like a couple’s day, in reality, love is always something to celebrateValentine’s Day is an opportunity show love to our kids, our neighbors, our friends, our family and yes, our partners in life too. Plus it’s an amazing opportunity for kids to have some fun! 


Our kids feel special when they celebrate with you (even if just part of the day!)It's a great day to demonstrate to them how they can show their love to others in their life and community. 


As we approach Valentine’s Day, talk with your kids about who they love. Talk about what and who makes them feel special and good about themselves 


Did you know that we all show and receive love in different ways?  


This is another great concept to talk to your kids about. Gary Chapman has identified 5 main ways that we as humans love each other and has written several books on this. His “Five Love Languages” are Acts of Service, Words of Affirmation, Gift Giving, Quality Time, and Physical Touch. You can find more about your child’s love language by taking this quiz with them. 


Here are some ways you can show your kiddos love this Valentine’s Day and ways they can show love to others as well! 

Make a special meal. (Acts of Service) 

No matter which meal you choose. Decorate the table with heart cutouts or a red table cloth. Get flowers and have a centerpiece. Then, make heart-shaped pancakes or muffins for breakfast, or lovely spaghetti with meatballs with a pink sauce” -a tomato cream sauce- and you will make them feel special. 

Write letters. (Words of Affirmation)  

Create a mailbox by decorating a box and have everyone write letters or draw pictures for each other. Instead of giving it to the person right away, have them put them in the “mailbox” to be opened Valentine’s morning! Tell each other all the ways you love them and why. Your kids will feel really special and loved reading written mementos from everyone. 

Have them write letters/draw pictures to grandparents or other favorite relatives!  Give them heart-shaped paper and let them go to town. It will definitely make anyone who receives it feel special. 


Give a thoughtful gift. (Gift Giving) 

Think about what makes your child light up and get a small thing that represents that. 

Get crafty with our Shrink Art Craft Kit and make lovely keychains or charms with your kids.  Ask who they could give them to and help them make it happen! 


Take them out on a “date.” (Quality Time) 

In these uncertain times, our kids have been home a lot. Go on an adventure even if you don’t leave your car. Drive a scenic view. Have a picnic in an isolated spot. Leave electronics at home so you can be present and engaged in every moment. 

Another thought is to stay in and have a game night with a funny game that keeps everyone laughing. 


Give hugs! (Physical Touch) 

Wrap them up in a big hug in the morning. Another at bedtime and throughout the day. There is nothing like a good hug. 

Snuggle up on the couch with a good book and read aloud to them. Maybe pick a book with a love theme or Valentine's topic. 


Making our kids feel special is not just a Valentine's Day thing! We can do any of these things year-round, but think how special your kids’ Valentine’s Day could be after a hard year with so many changes. Show them the love they deserve and you’ll find they reciprocate ten-fold!! 

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